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You've got a business to run. Leave the techie stuff for the geeks.
You've got a business to run. Leave the techie stuff for the geeks.


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Yes, change is frustrating, even for those of us who deal with it (and Google) all the time. It seems Google moved their Send Feedback link to a deeper menu.
If you are one of those helpful types that actually tries to help the Google Gods with fixing things, look for your 'Send Feedback' option under plain old 'Help'.
Google Help
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Though I (Brian) work mostly with Joomla, the same premise fits. Free software and cheap hosting has many extra costs that are often ignored by businesses.
Unfortunately, too many businesses ignore the maintenance needed in modern web software to keep them secure.
Don't shop by price. Shop for long term value and support.

Thank you +Ralph M. Rivera for this and many of your straight-talk articles.
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It seems that for about 6 minutes today (if anyone noticed), some of the servers were not reachable.  Nothing wrong on the servers though. It was the connections to the data centers.
As per the data center:
The Networking team is working with the provider to restore service to the affected links as quickly as possible. However, the provider has identified that a fiber cut is responsible and that technicians have been dispatched to correct the issue.

Due to the reduction in overall network capacity between the data center and backbone network, while these links are out of service customers may experience higher than normal network latency and some packet loss from customer server and/or customer virtual server instance in the affected DC

We now return you to your regularly scheduled surfing....
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Please, if you have a website running WordPress or Drupal, update NOW. (yes, bold and all caps)
This does not just affect your website, but also other accounts on the server.

You are online, you are responsible for your actions and inactions.  If you have no idea what anyone is talking about, hire someone to help you manage your Web Properties.

#wordpress    #drupal   #websitesecurity   #vulnerability  
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You update your wordpress site regularly, right? You keep up to date on such stuff, right?
Having a website is a lot more work than people let on to believe. Most think you just put it up and make fresh content. Most don't bother learning or listening to the need to stay updated.

It's going to be a busy day for responsible web developers and web maintainers, and server admins.  And if you don't think you small site is going to be noticed, think again. There are lists of all the wordpress sites, AND their versions, so the hackers know.
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Where do people search the web?
Well, so many websites seem to think Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are where people will find them. (I'll add Pinterest in on this, even though the image didn't have it).

Google? What's that? I heard no one is on that Google+ thingy, so why would I care?

Well, maybe, just maybe, it might be a good thing to let the biggest search engine in the world know what you are up to, considering that's where most people do their 'searching' rather than 'playing'.

Even if you are not updating a G+ page often, at the very least give the gatekeeper of knowledge a little info on what you are about.

Nevermind... stick to what seemed to work (it didn't) back in 2009. Oh, and good luck with that.
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While we tend to deal with Joomla more, the points the Geekspeak Guides make are true for most websites. If you have a website that you know needs some sort of update, whether WordPress or Joomla or Drupal, watch this pre-show trailer now, and then watch the live show on Monday.

If you have any questions, please let them know. No question is dumb.
Geekspeak Guides - Selecting the RIGHT WordPress Theme: Learning how to vet the designers

This time we'll be covering one of the most crucial aspects of your WordPress website....your theme.

We will be answering questions like:
- Why should I buy a theme?
- How to vet a theme developer?
- What features should you be looking for?
- What is responsive?

Make sure to watch the pre-show and submit your questions, tips and funny stories in the comment section!!!

join the community:

watch the pre-show:
join the event:
watch mobile:

Your Geekspeak Guides:

+Yvonne Heimann   - Your “Can Do” Geek
After countless calls from business owners that have lost control of their web site,Yvonne put her main focus on customized WordPress sites, helping clients take charge of their online presence.Her refreshing openness will provide you with knowledge and resources in areas like Social Media, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, WordPress and Search Engine Optimization.


+Susan Finch   - Marketing, PR & Web Pro for DECADES! 
With a background in public relations and advertising since 1986, Susan is a "gentle guide for clients trying new venues online." She engages those skills as she helps create an online presence that will appeal to existing and future clients and/or investors. All these factors are considered before she constructs a suggested plan for clients. It goes way beyond an online presence.


Find all previous pre-shows and shows:
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Want your request for tech support to go well? Here's a few tips.
Take just over 10 minutes and watch this video. 

Both +Susan Finch and +Yvonne Heimann explain so well why it's important to ask for support the 'right' way.  No matter who you are asking support from, this basic tips can speed up the process so much that you'll wonder how anyone was ever able to help you before.

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Maybe email encryption will finally get easier.
With Google announcing they are working on a browser add-on for email encryption, hopefully it will become easy enough so that security can start to catch on with the 'normal' people.

And it's not just for Gmail. This should work, reportedly, with any webmail service.  If your email is in a browser, you can encrypt it, whether Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, or if using Squirrel Mail or Horde. The key is the browser, Chrome.

#emailencryption   #security   #secureemail   #saferemail  
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Need a few tips for using Google Apps?
Or just gmail and other Google services?

I just received an email from Google with a link to a cheat sheet.

This brings you to a public Google Docs file with plenty of info. And an added benefit is that it will stay in your Google Drive automatically, and get updated automatically should there be any change.

If you don't want it in your Google Drive, just delete it. It will only delete it from your drive, NOT the rest of users viewing it.

Reminder: Files in the Google format of Docs and Sheets do NOT count towards your available storage.

#GoogleApps   #googleappstips   #GoogleAppsForBusiness   #googletips  
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Gurus and Ninjas, your domains are ready!
I still think .com names are the way to go, but maybe you finally want that recognition for being that super-duper Ninja Guru in whatever you do.
Myself, I passed on the .photography name. I felt more comfortable with than BrianShea.Photography. But, maybe these names interest you. If so, you can get them here:

#domainname   #webaddress   #newTLDs   #getYourNinjaOn  
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