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Seung Kye Lee

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Hellestø 9
Hello, everyone! As some of you might have noticed, I`ve been off-line for the last 8 months. There`s not one, single reason for this, but rather a culmination of several things where photography project/collaboration work, a ski injury in the mountains and a strong, growing need to live/work without internet (which can be a hassle rather than enjoyment, at times) made me go off-line for almost 8 months. In short, I got burned out and felt totally empty whenever I logged on G+, my blog etc.

It was a long process to get to this point, and it wasn`t easy for me to prevent because I haven`t ever experienced this before and didn`t know what signs to look for. Now I certainly do! One thing led to another and instead of listening to my needs, I kept on working and keeping dead-lines for what I thought that I was supposed to do. I thought I was doing well, though often tired when waking up and did not clearly see what was slowly happening to me. Well, it`s a well-known pitfall that practically anyone can experience and it`s easy to push on until it`s too late. Like me. Who would believe (certainly not me..until recently, that is) that one could be so exhausted that answering emails, giving a workshop presentation or even writing a few words on-line becomes an impossible mission? Well, it`s true. The whole ordeal took me several months, but I am fine now and things run smoothly again! By the way, thanks to everyone who sent me concerned emails, and so sorry for not answering them! I hope you now understand why.

Instead of writing a lengthy post about this (alert: a blog post might be made soon though), I would rather like to share one of my photographs from Jæren, on the western coast of Norway. The square format is certainly not my usual MO, but for this series, 1x1 was the one and only after a lot of work with compositions and cropping. These, or similar, subjects have been a personal project of mine for several years now and it`s a great joy every time I return to this place.

And, ladies and gents, as a final word; listen to your heart!
Don`t be judgemental of yourself whenever you need a break from what you`re doing.

*Feel free to look at my recent work on my website: where I will start to upload more new photographs quite soon!

Best Wishes
Seung Kye
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Hjertelig takk, +Hanne Rognerud! Dessverre ble jeg rammet av Bell`s parese (ansiktslammelse) kort tid etter jeg skrev dette innlegget...nå, 3 uker etter å ha fått BP er jeg fortsatt ikke istand til å bruke pc lenger enn 10min. før jeg får hodepine. Er på bedringens vei ihvertfall, så det går rette veien:-) Ha en fin helg, Hanne! Vi snakkes!
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Seung Kye Lee

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Hellestø 3
This is the featured fine art print for March and is one of four photographs in a small series that I made on Jæren, western coast of Norway, in June 2010.

See a large version on the website home page →

#monochromemonday   #bwfineart  +Black and White Fine Art Photography Gallery by +Joel Tjintjelaar  #Jæren   #Norway  
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Thank you very much, +Johan Peijnenburg. Happy to hear that you liked it!
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Seung Kye Lee

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4 A.M.
As always, when I go spend some days at Jæren (western coast of Norway), my mind enters a state where all I care about is lines, shapes and light.

I`m writing on two blog posts tonight where one of them will speak more about how I think when photographing places like this. Have a wonderful Monday, everyone!

Canon 5D Mark II, TS-E 24mm f/3.5 L II, Lee graduated neutral density-filter.

#landscapephotography  +Landscape Photography by +Margaret Tompkins 
#Jæren   #Norway   #tiltshift   #seascapes #visitnorway  
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Thank you very much, +Christian Louw Pedersen.
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Seung Kye Lee

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Geiranger - Norwegian Fjords
I photographed this back in July 2008 during a hike with the most beautiful woman in the world, who later became my wife on 12.12.2012...I digress (and want to keep on digressing, but..). The hike up to Skageflå was a memorable hike with a stunning view (..I`m still trying not to digress). We had arranged for the boat (tourist cruise), which you see in the photograph, to pick us up later that day and I remember how we just made it down again in time. The place we got dropped off is not a regular drop-off spot and had to be arranged beforehand, so we were happy to get back in time.

Some of you might have seen this before on my website, but recently I re-processed it. You probably won`t see what I did with the new version because the changes are quite subtle yet made a big difference on print. Especially, when comparing the old print with the new print side-by-side. Anyway, I hope you like it and wish you all a wonderful Monday!

+Mountain Monday  #mountainmonday  by +Michael Russell  #monochromemonday   #bwfineart  +Black and White Fine Art Photography Gallery by +Joel Tjintjelaar +Landscape Photography by +Margaret Tompkins  #landscapephotography  
#UNESCO   #Geirangerfjorden   #Skageflå   #Norway   #visitnorway  
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Indeed +Seung Kye Lee I could feel the great potential of the place but the number of tourists makes this place so diffcult to bear. I will return to Norway for sure
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Seung Kye Lee

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Norefjell - Explore
This one is from a sunrise in the Norefjell mountains on a morning back in Dec. 2008. I still remember that particular morning as one of the coldest, windiest mornings I`ve ever woken up any mountain. The wind had already been howling at least 2 days prior to that morning and created many interesting sastrugi-scapes, one of them used as a visual invitation to Ranten Peak (1419m./4655ft.).

While Ranten was so fortunate to be kissing and flirting with the first light, I struggled to control my thoughts, and freezing fingers, to work the composition, buttons and filters. But, in the end..I was the most fortunate one.

*from the Monochrome Landscapes-gallery. See all my on-line galleries →

#Norefjell   #Ranten   #Høgevarde   #Norway  

#mountainmonday  by +Michael Russell   #monochromemonday  +Black and White Fine Art Photography Gallery by +Joel Tjintjelaar  #bwfineart  +Landscape Photography by +Margaret Tompkins  #landscapephotography   
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Thank you very much, Thomas!
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Seung Kye Lee

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Featured Fine Art Print for April: Hellestø 9
Another one (also square format) from my memorable trip to Jæren district (southern coast of Norway), back in June 2010, can now be enjoyed large on my website home page.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday, everyone!
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Have a great 2014 my friend ! Good to hear that everything is fine :) and +Seung Kye Lee thank you really very much for your so kind words
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Seung Kye Lee

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Hellestø 6
This is the second photograph in a small series (4 in total) that I made back in 2010 on the coastal sand dunes at Jæren, western coast of Norway.

See the rest of this series (Hellestø 3, 6, 9, 12) here →

Wish everyone an inspiring Sunday!

#Jæren   #Norway   #landskapsbilder   #landskapsfotografi   #bwfineart   #kystbilder  
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Great shot +Seung Kye Lee! By the way, how do you add new photo to existing album and share it? I can't seem get mine to work with new Google+.
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Seung Kye Lee

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Featured Fine Art Print for March: Hellestø 3
This month`s featured print is a part of a small series that I made in Jæren back in June 2010.

Check out my latest blog post to see all 3 photographs and to read some of my thoughts behind them. Hellestø 3 can now also be viewed large on the website home page →

#landskapsfotografer   #landskapsfotografi   #Jæren   #Hellestø  
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Thanks a lot, +Dusty Doddridge!
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Seung Kye Lee

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Photography Is Not Just Photography
I just re-published a blog post which was originally published on my old Wordpress-blog back in Nov. 2011. Most posts on the old WP-blog was already deleted when I got my own blog on my own website, but there were a few posts that I decided to keep and this is one of those: 

Enjoy your Wednesday, everyone!
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Thank you for your thoughtful comment, +Marek Potoma!
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Seung Kye Lee

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To All Photographers!   Which Browser Are You Using?
This post is not about the best internet browser. What I want to discuss is:

1. what browser are you using to upload and view photographs on-line?
2. is there a specific reason (regarding photography) that made you choose that browser (browsers display different colors)?
3. how do you deal with LR/Photoshop → Monitor → Browsers for displaying your photography?

Now, I believe that no one, universal solution exists. But, I would love to hear your thoughts, what you do and how you approach internet color management in your workflow!

Once in a while, I happen to get myself messed up in the vast internet color management universe (Adobe RGB/ProPhoto, monitor, browsers) and always (unfortunately) end up trying to find a universal working solution to how to display my work on-line..for most people. As you know, on-line photographs are displayed in sRGB, even if you use Adobe RGB or ProPhoto color space in your workflow..a fact that can transform a perfectly good color photograph into a over-saturated, or otherwise strange, one once shared on-line. For me, who also uses a wide-gamut monitor, my photographs often look ridiculous if I don`t create a web-version of my master files before sharing them on my website. Example: the red channel has the tendency to shoot through the roof when converted from AdobeRGB/ProPhoto to sRGB. Creating web-versions can be tedious work, and in general, is a waste of time (if you ask me). But...

My personal preferences:
RAW-files in Lightroom (4.2), which has a default ProPhoto (or Melissa RGB) color space, Windows 7 (64-bit) and use an Asus 24" LCD Wide PA246Q Proart wide-gamut monitor. I know, using a wide-gamut monitor only adds to the frustration regarding displaying work on-line (in sRGB), but does have its advantages for fine art printing. I use both IE9 (not color-managed), because that is the browser most used for people/clients that takes interest in my work, and Firefox (color-managed) and I sometimes use a standard, calibrated LCD-monitor (not my wide-gamut) for on-line viewing.
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Yes, a little scary. Like I say, I try not to think about it. :) Best not to lose sleep over something I can't control. These days I do make my prints a little lighter than I used to, assuming that they will have less-than-optimum lighting when hung in someone's home. But that's about all I can do.
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