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Lord Hanuman is immortal and it is possible to meet Him. All you need to do is shift from realm of mind to realm of soul.
Lord Hanuman is immortal and it is possible to meet Him. All you need to do is shift from realm of mind to realm of soul.

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Join 1 year Sadhana program at Setuu Hanuman Bodhi

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Setuu Hanuman Bodhi: A realm where a soul can meet Lord Hanuman

When you get bored of your daily routine, you plan a holiday to ‘relax and refresh’ yourself. You leave your usual place and travel to a different place, and it does miracles. You get a new energy merely by travelling to a different place.

Similarly, if you desire to meet the immortal Lord Hanuman, you need to change your usual realm and shift to a different realm. You cannot meet Him in the same realm in which you meet ordinary people. What is that higher realm where you can meet Lord Hanuman and how can you go there?

Usually you live in the realm of ‘body-mind’. Your office, home, society etc. are in this realm of ‘body-mind’. When you do meditation or prayer, you leave the realm of body-mind and rise towards the realm of ‘soul’. In this process, you feel divine energy flowing through you. You remain in that ‘higher state’ for a few seconds or a few minutes. After that you fall again to the realm of ‘body-mind’ and get down to your usual business. This ‘higher real of soul’ is where Lord Hanuman lives. You cannot meet Him merely by rising a little towards that realm. You can meet Him only when you reach that realm and stay there.

In order to reach that higher realm, you need to destroy what is pulling you down continuously towards the realm of body-mind. Suppose you are praying and a neighbour starts playing loud music which distracts you and doesn’t let you rise higher towards the realm of soul. In that situation you have two options:
(1) Leave the place of noise and move to a peaceful place to do your prayer.
(2) You realize that your mind is hearing the noise, not your soul. Therefore, detach yourself from the mind. Let the noise enter from one ear and goes out from second year. Do not respond to the noise.

Same is the case with all worldly activities. These worldly activities keep you in the realm of body-mind. You are left with only two options in such a situation:
(1) Leave the family and society and do Sadhana at a peaceful place under guidance of a Guru.
(2) Live a usual life of a householder, but learn to detach yourself from the worldly activities. Only Brahma Gnan or supreme knowledge can help you remain at higher realm in Grahstha life.

If you choose first option, there is no better place to do Sadhana than the Setuu Hanuman Bodhi in Piduruthalagala mountain.

You can join 1 year Sadhana program of Setuu if you are free from family responsibilities. You should be physically fit so that you can live a minimalist life at Setuu Hanuman Bodhi. You shall mostly have fruits and vegetables as food. Therefore, you should not have any medical condition which requires you to have complex food habits. You can join this Sadhana program only if your soul is deeply connected to Lord Hanuman. In first 6 months of Sadhana, your ‘sense of I’ will be completely dissolved. You will start recognizing yourself as a ‘soul’ and not a ‘body’. Sincere Sadhakas will also learn how to leave a body and enter into another body.

After 6 months of Sadhana, you will be allowed to attend the Sakshat Hanuman Pooja. Setuu masters will take a decision whether you are eligible for that or not. Otherwise, you will be put under rigorous Sadhana until you become eligible to attend the Sakshat Hanuman Pooja. In the Pooja, you shall meet many beings which live in the realm of soul. You will meet the Surrahs and Asurrahs. An ordinary human being cannot attend the Sakshat Hanuman Pooja because it may lead to problems related to mind. You shall also meet Lord Hanuman in His Divya form in Sakshat Hanuman Pooja.

After completion of 1 year of Sadhana, you can either stay back for advanced level of Sadhana at Setuu Hanuman Bodhi, or you can go back to materialistic world to live a blissful life.

If you have family responsibilities, you can rise to the real of soul by reading Lord Hanuman’s Leelas being published by Setuu. Setuu publishes a chapter of Lord Hanuman’s Leelas almost every month on their website . Every chapter takes you one step closer to Lord Hanuman.


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Setuu Hanuman Bodhi, a Hindu spiritual organization based in Sri Lanka, has opened its meditation centers for general public. Eligible devotees can submit their request at

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Setuu Hanuman Bodhi, a Hindu spiritual organization based in Sri Lanka, has started special meditation program for corporates. Individuals who are planning to take a career break can join meditation at Setuu Hanuman Bodhi in the foothills of Piduruthalagala Mountain.

The extremely mechanical and stressful life of corporate world makes people slaves of their minds. They lose the purpose of life. To overcome the emptiness in life, a soul must realize its true nature and start mastering the mind, instead of being a slave of the mind. Meditation under the direction of Setuu Masters will help the Sadhakas connect to the supreme power and enlighten their souls.

The minimum duration of the meditation program is 6 months. Sadhakas have to remain detached from family life for this period. Therefore, they should not have immediate family responsibilities. Only those Sadhakas are eligible to apply for this program who have grasped the Leelas of Lord Hanuman being published by Setuu on their website, Interested individuals can submit their requests at “My Experiences” section of their Setuu account. They must write about their family background, their soul connection with Lord Hanuman, and summary of what they have learnt from the chapters of Lord Hanuman’s Leelas.

This program will impart the supreme knowledge to Sadhakas. This supreme knowledge will help them in mastering every aspect of life. Success and failure come in a single packet. This program will teach the Sadhakas how to extract success and discard failure from this packet. Similarly, opposites like happiness-sorrow, leadership-slavery, riches-poverty, etc. come in a single packet. This program will teach how to extract positives and discard negatives in order to live a fulfilling life.

After completing this program, Sadhakas can either go back to their materialistic life to prosper or join higher Sadhana at Setuu Hanuman Bodhi. If a Sadhaka completes higher Sadhana, they will be able to understand secret knowledge of universe like flying out of body, going to parallel worlds, conquering Time and so on. Eventually they will be able to have Sakshat Darshan of Lord Hanuman, the Yogi who is alive since ages.

Qualified Sadhakas who complete Sadhana of 1 year or more can also become organizational members of Setuu. They can help in deciphering and translating the logbooks and secret texts that contain the supreme knowledge meant to be communicated to general public.
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