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My thoughts on Penn St and Joe Paterno:

Can we now admit that the sanctions against USC for a guy 7 years ago taking gifts from future agent prospects was overkill?  I mean throwing an almost death penalty (forfeiting 2005 season/championship/Heisman, 2 years without championships, 2 years of scholarships etc, etc)  at USC for one guy taking some cash?

Honestly, I don't care what happens to Penn St. in the eyes of the NCAA because it isn't going to change what has already happened. That being said, the last USC loss that I watched first hand was the 1996 Kickoff Classic vs. Penn State in which the Defense was coached by Sandusky.  

#7 USC vs #11 Penn State - 8/25/96 - Kickoff Classic

Obviously that's now a win for USC using the above 'logic'

But the bigger picture: Now that we have perspective on the severity of the USC 'infractions', we need our scholarships back IMO.
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It is sad.  I am sorry that people were hurt.
I want to know how blind the authorities must be to ignore the literal rivers of cash flowing into the SEC from boosters straight into toys and cash payouts for the players. Not to mention likely steroid use. Vanderbilt sticks out like a sore thumb from the other football-factories.
Boosters exist to try and relive past glory days, hoping to improve upon the past.  Most boosters are moderately more successful than they were when they were merely students at academic institutions.  They want to spread their largesse, likely as much for their own peers' perceptions as for financial benefit from charitable giving forms on tax deductions.  People want to be part of a winning team.  
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