My thoughts on Penn St and Joe Paterno:

Can we now admit that the sanctions against USC for a guy 7 years ago taking gifts from future agent prospects was overkill?  I mean throwing an almost death penalty (forfeiting 2005 season/championship/Heisman, 2 years without championships, 2 years of scholarships etc, etc)  at USC for one guy taking some cash?

Honestly, I don't care what happens to Penn St. in the eyes of the NCAA because it isn't going to change what has already happened. That being said, the last USC loss that I watched first hand was the 1996 Kickoff Classic vs. Penn State in which the Defense was coached by Sandusky.  

#7 USC vs #11 Penn State - 8/25/96 - Kickoff Classic

Obviously that's now a win for USC using the above 'logic'

But the bigger picture: Now that we have perspective on the severity of the USC 'infractions', we need our scholarships back IMO.
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