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Seth Scoville
Karma is a bitch.
Karma is a bitch.

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Reneé Lasswell was tagged in Seth Scoville's album.

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Hahaha wow
I thought nothing brought out the Stupid quite like a post landing in What's Hot... but I hadn't seen barely-literate, mouth-breathing, cranked-up-to-11-and-divorced-from-reality Birther Stupid until a political post of mine landed in What's Hot.

Today, I understand why Right Wing Hate Radio is so profitable, and Rush Limbaugh can work his listeners into a frenzy by claiming that The Dark Knight Rises is part of a huge conspiracy to discredit Romney because (I am not making this up) the main villain is called Bane.

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It really pisses me off when I go through a drive thru at 10:55pm only to find out they've already closed the place down, when the official closing time is 11:00pm. I know the guys want to go home the minute the place closes, but if this is going to be the case they need to change their official closing hours. I also know McDonald's is a shitty job, but you can't just shut the place down early because you feel like it.

Soy Lattes from +Starbucks Coffee are so tasty.

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Accidentally left my iPhone in the car and now I've got the dreaded Temperature warning. I've got it in the freezer right now.

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