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Before opening the Uber app, check Sidecar. I've snagged a 45min ride for $20 in a Land Rover that would have cost $55 with UberX. This is because Sidecar lets drivers set their own fares for different routes, so when an Uber driver takes a passenger from LA to Orange County, he will sometimes use Sidecar to set his fare to get back to LA at 50% of the normal rate to get something instead of nothing for the return trip to where he lives.

The Sidecar app is way better than Lyft and Uber. It's generally 10% cheaper, and you can see the fare before you ride, so it saves even more money during rush hour because the fare doesn't go up when you sit in traffic. You can select the car, which includes cool 2 door sports cars that you won't see elsewhere. They give you a $2 credit after a morning ride to use on the same day, and they drop free money in your account periodically. And if the cost of your Sidecar is more than a similar UberX ride taken within the previous two weeks, they’ll give you Sidecar credits for 2x the price difference.

Use Lyft for extremely short runs. I've taken several $3 rides that were $4.50 with UberX. Sidecar's minimum fare is typically $5.

Update 10/9/2014: Lyft just revised their pricing to be 10% cheaper than Uber in LA, the same as the default Sidecar driver rate.
Sidecar signup code: SETH143
Lyft: SETH576
Uber: yk795

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London cabbies are causing a massive traffic jam by parking in the middle of the street outside my house, protesting the existence of Uber and other private car services. Cabbies have all had to do three years of training to memorize the city, which was very nice for tourists in decades past, but unnecessary since the advent of GPS. Rather than get undercut by Uber, who realizes this training is no longer important, they want to legislate private drivers out of business by making ridiculous claims. Fortunately, it looks like they are failing due to the political clout of Uber, who is backed by Google and Goldman Sachs.

We are just at the beginning of a major trend where technology will cause the loss of 2 billion jobs in the next 2 decades. Those threatened by it will lobby the government to institute protectionist measures to preserve their obsolete professions.

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Now you can bid to immediately nab a metered parking spot! This app is great for the rich, but probably not for society.

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This printer is so tiny it has to drive around on the paper in order to print. The Kickstarter just hit the fundraising goal to start production, and the buy window is about to close, so snap one up for $200. If you don't need this, you don't travel! 

Now you can get $163 flights from the US to Europe.  Norwegian Air runs nonstops from Los Angeles, Oakland, New York, Ft. Lauderdale, and Orlando to Oslo, Stockholm, and Copenhagen (also London, but airport taxes make it a rip-off) .  You can generally fly any of these routes for $163-$250 each way, which means the west coast of the US to Scandinavia is under $500 round-trip, sometimes even without buying far in advance. 

A lot of analysts think Norwegian will go out of business like every other airline that has tried low-cost trans-atlantic routes, so get it while it lasts.  Travel websites don't index the fares, so go to to search them with the fare calendar.

It's a low-cost airline, so meals and checked bags aren't free, but there's no charge for carry-on luggage. You can potentially combo this fare with other low-cost airlines to get between most cities in the US and EU for a very low price. By the way, Norwegian also flies from Oslo and Stockholm to Bangkok for under $250.

UPDATE:  WOWair has started flying discount routes from the Boston and DC to Iceland and London as well

Here's the single most important piece of information I got from the Latin American Bitcoin Conference:

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How to get $1000 donated to your favourite charity in ten minutes:
1) Have the charity sign up at for an account
2) Add "donate with bitcoin" button next to the paypal button
3) Tell me, and I will have the $1000 donated

I am one of 100+ people called the Bitcoin100 who have pledged to donate money to any charity organization that adds a Bitcoin donation option to their site.  Bitcoin is really great for charities because it allows international donations with no fees.  In January, I helped MyRefugeHouse, a charity that rescues young girls from sex trafficking, to start accepting bitcoin donations.  80 bitcoins were donated by Bitcoin100, and each bitcoin was worth about $12 at the time.  The charity director had BitPay convert 30 of them into cash in the bank, but for some lucky reason she left 50 of them sitting in the BitPay account.  Since the value of one bitcoin is now $130, that is $6500 in donations.

Bitcoin100 has trouble giving away the free $1000 because it sounds like a scam.  "You won $1k!  Just sign up for this new service and edit your website code.  Then you will receive newfangled cryptomoney!  If you want that converted, just give us your bank account details...."

Obviously, charities are going to be reluctant unless you know someone personally who will trust you when you tell them that Bitcoin100 is just trying to give away money.  So help out folks.  It will make you feel good.  Especially if they leave the bitcoins in the account and the value goes up.  Also, thanks to BitPay for doing charity payment processing for free!

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Why you should replace your couch with a +Lovesac :

The sac is much more comfortable
You can wash the sac
You can change the cover and color of the sac
The sac will last much longer
Everyone wants to sit in the sac once they see it
Everyone wants to buy a sac once they sit in it
The sac is fun to sleep on
You can sit in more positions on the sac
The sac ships compressed in a duffel bag
The sac makes the room more unique
You can get a sac in a super soft "phur" cover (mine is foxphur)
The owner of Lovesac is a better salesman
You can get a used sac on craigslist for a huge discount
You can fly a supersac out of the US with you if you pay an overweight/oversize bag fee ($130 on taca air)
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