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Ever been to Tokyo? Did you visit the famed Tsukiji wholesale fish market? Remember that awesome early morning chaos followed by a sushi breakfast?

At some point in 2014 that opportunity will be but a memory. The Tsukiji market is closing as a new, larger, modern facility is being built. I'm sure the new facility will be great, but it won't have the same charm. The crowds, jostling for space between stalls and dodging the trucks in the aisles. A sad day, indeed.

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Hey Seth, sorry we have a policy against links in this community unless they are answering a question. Since it's Friday now though, you can also reach this community by posting this on your own profile with the hashtag #travelfoodiefriday

I'll also create a discussion topic on here inviting people to share their food related posts, etc. and you'd be more than welcome to add it in there as a comment.
Wh'ev. Just trying to create some activity in the community which has none.

I do now see that rule posted, just not particularly conspicuously on my screen since it is so far down the screen.
Yeah, with more categories, it really gets pushed down. I'm hoping G+ provides some better ways for posting housekeeping information like this.. There's now a topic under the TravelFoodieFriday category where this would be more than welcome. 
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