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The value proposition of hotel loyalty programs is crap for many travelers. Yeah, I said it. And I mean it. 

Sorry to everyone who has been squirreling away hotel points, but odds are you've been approaching the situation wrong.
The past few weeks have seen two hotel loyalty programs shake up their award charts in a big way. For members of the Marriott Rewards and Hilton HHonors programs, the points tucked away for some fu......
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Funny the timing of this piece--in conversation with a friend, I just did my own math on vs. even the very best possible return on spend with a major chain, and comes out a good bit ahead. But I, like you, find hotel rooms mostly a commodity--as long as it's reasonably clean and comfortable, I'm happy wherever. I don't need a grand suite with ocean vista, and I'd rather be out seeing (and eating) local things than in a soulless lounge.
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