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All you wannabe rock stars...just give it up now! It appears that we've finally found the last true rock star. Noel Gallagher from Oasis declared it so it must be true.

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Oasis guitarist also talks upcoming plans, collaborating with Damon Albarn during Reddit AMA.
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As long as he's happy in his own little world!😴
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Seth Meister

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This doesn't look like a pretty story. Get well soon BB KING.

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Patty King claims her father's manager has stolen money, withheld medication.
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Thinking about bb . what an amazing and talented man. I saw him three times and i met him on his 80 th birthday . You and your family are always in my ♡

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Seth Meister

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Stand By Me singer, Ben E. King has passed away. RIP. Follow the link to give the song a good listen.

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WASHINGTON — He was known for his 1961 R&B hit “Stand By Me.” Now, legendary musician Ben E. King has died at age 76, according to the BBC. King began with the 1950s group The Drifters, before turning solo…
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Seth Meister

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I LOVE The Beatles.

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Just spent a couple hours watching Beatles "Making of" for a number of their albums on Youtube.  Probably should be "recommended" material for music aficionados.   I never realized the Beatles were actual people...
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Seth Meister

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Happiest of Birthdays, #WillieNelson !
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Happy Birthday Willy, I have listen to much of your music for years.
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10 years ago today!


2005, Coldplay became the first British band to have a new entry in the US Top 10 singles chart since The Beatles. Coldplay's latest single 'Speed Of Sound' entered the chart at number eight, only the second time a UK band has achieved the feat. The Beatles managed it with 'Hey Jude' in 1968. 
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you r the boy, who can do everything. \m/
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Seth Meister

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Barbara Streisand's dog bites flight attendant. That's ruff!

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+Bob Wardell Neither a liberal nor communist. I like to parody things. The shot at Fox was simply that here in Australia, some of what they consider news items and the spin is bleeding obvious that a non independent angle is being pushed rather than being unbiasedly reported. But you get that in any media these days. In any event, I'm not trying to say, "look at me me me" when I post a comment. It's all about having a bit of fun. Life's too short to be too serious. I am biassed as is everyone. I'm biassed to good food, nice people and humour.
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Seth Meister

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Ouch. Stone Temple Pilots ex-frontman Scott Weiland delivers a sub-par performance.

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My girl thought it was some random karaoke video she couldn't believe it was the original performer of the song! Man, think he had more than s couple drinks though wouldn't you say? 
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Seth Meister

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So the new Jay-Z music subscription service, #Tidal  has just raised their rates!

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30% price increase for in-app purchases of premium and Hi-Fi plans.
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Hahaha $25 per month..
Does it come with a pair of lossless ears as I've got a beep in one ear and high frequencies are gone as well
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Seth Meister

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According to Joni Mitchell's website, she is neither unresponsive nor in a coma.

Legendary singer-songwriter has been hospitalized since late March.
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That was a positive comment btw. I don't know her music but she looks great. Sorry for the cutsies.
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Live music lover, recordist & archivist.
I attend between 250-320 concerts per year.  Since 2007, in the spirit & tradition of my hero, field recordist extraordinaire Alan Lomax, I make high quality audio recordings of every concert I attend.  These are strictly used for non-commercial, archival & historical purposes only. 

My audio recordings & photos are shared here freely and are yours to enjoy.  Add me to your circles to get regular updates & links to many of my recordings past and present, the latest on my upcoming concerts and the most relevant of photos.

I'm also active in discussing music industry copyright & piracy issues, privacy & digital rights (ACTA, SOPA, PIPA, Bill C-30) as well as recording/playback technology, the Loudness War and related.

Some of the 700 or so bands that I've recorded by request or with artist's permission:
  • John Butler Trio (multiple recordings - on the Archive)
  • Warren Haynes (Allman Brothers/Gov't Mule - on the Archive)
  • The Tragically Hip (multiple recordings - private archive)
  • JJ Grey & Mofro (multiple recordings - on the Archive)
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  • Gogol Bordello (multiple recordings - private archive)
  • Dave Matthews Band (multiple recordings - private archive)
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  • Deathcab For Cutie (on the Archive)
  • Sam Roberts (multiple recordings - on the Archive)
  • Steve Kozak (multiple recordings - private archive)
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  • Matisyahu (on the Archive)
  • Iron Maiden (private archive)
  • Ani DiFranco (private archive)
  • Wilco (on the Archive)
  • Joe Bonamassa (private archive)
...and many more.

Your feedback, comments, ideas & requests are always greatly appreciated and thoroughly considered.  I'm happy to discuss any and all things music, recording techniques, audio tech tips & tricks, etc..

If you're in a band, and would like to get your concerts archived & shared worldwide in a strictly non-commercial environment while maintaining complete control over all aspects, please consider joining the thousands of other taper-friendly artists by adding yourselves to the non-profit organization Live Music Archive.

Here's a tiny list of some well known taper friendly bands (most on the LMA):

Grateful Dead
Smashing Pumpkins
Black Crowes
Allman Brothers Band
Warren Zevon
Cowboy Junkies
Ryan Adams
Black Keys
Ziggy Marley
Blues Traveller

Here's a HUGE, much more complete list.

Getting your band name out there and your music heard are only some of the advantages of being on the LMA.  I'm happy to discuss all aspects and help get you in if you'd like no matter what the size of your fan base.  The evolution of the music industry now is such that having your live concert recordings freely available is an excellent business model.

As an experienced taper & recordist living in the Canadian West Coast, I'm always available to record your shows - free of charge, of course.

I'm honoured to be added to your circles.  Some that I might fit in to are:
-Recordist/Taper/Audio Gear
-Anti-ACTA and all things censorship
-Copyright reform
-Jam Bands


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