Request for feedback: Try out new 'pub deploy' command. It's still in development, but you can try it with the latest SDK/Editor.

What is it?
'pub deploy' is a new command that creates a deployable directory from your Dart web app.

What does it do?
It creates a new deploy/ dir, copies static files into like (e.g. dart.js), runs dart2js and dart2dart on your app, and creates a deployable directory without symlinks.

How do I use it?
Get the latest Editor/SDK download (Dart Editor version 0.5.9_r22879) and ensure pub is on your PATH. Then, try `pub deploy` from the root of your project.

How do I send feedback?
Bugs or feature requests should go to Questions on how to use the command should go to Stack Overflow.

Is it finished or stable?
Nope! Just the beginning. Comments most welcome.

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