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Dart Synonym is back! Updated for #dartlang  M1, with a bonus C# synonym. This is a fun way to learn +Dart by mapping what you know about JavaScript or C#

Major thanks to +John Evans, +Matthew Butler, and +Bernhard Pichler for contributing to this re-launch.
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Looks great, but import prefixes shouldn't be in 'quotes'. 
This is cool! Very revealing too.
Thanks +Kasper Lund, I submitted a pull request for that. (Should have caught it previously but.. you know. lol)
+Seth Ladd sorry to steal the thread, but I was wondering where I can find information about what is the most appropriate use case to use dart as a server side app..thanks in advance. I did go thru the whole dart site but I couldn't find anything convincing.
+Akash Ramani you would use dart on the server side anywhere you might use node.js for example. The idea is that the same language, may be used on the back end as the front end. Possibly even sharing some libraries between the server code and client code.
To my knowledge there are also hopes to one day extend isolates to enable a more 'dart-ish' approach to client/server communication. Thon at this point it is not implemented.
Thanks +Matthew Butler! Because Dart has its own VM you can run it on the command line, and thanks to our dart:io library, you can access files, sockets, threads, and more.
+Matthew Butler thank you. So I take it that it is not apt for large scale applications? But rather something with single point non blocking high traffic application is it?

The reason i asked was coz I have a web application written in ror, and we are thinking of rewriting the entire server, so trying to decide whether dart is even an option to consider at this stage
+Akash Ramani Dart, the language, is designed to scale up to large scale applications. It's structure and optional types really help you build bigger apps with larger teams.

The server libraries are still in their infancy, but should do fine if you put a load balancing server in front of 4 Dart VMs (as one deployment example)

RoR has a much more mature server framework. But, we believe the future is in client-side apps, thus the server becomes a series of JSON RESTful endpoints (something Dart can do naturally).
I see, so client-side heavier apps are better with Dart is it?

Also, how are provision of restful services naturally empowered by Dart? I did not seem to come across anything like that.
+Akash Ramani the community is working on server side frameworks now. Check to find a package that might help. I look forward to more work in this area. 
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