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It appears that Google Web Fonts render pretty ugly on Chrome for Windows. Anyone have tips on how to fix this? Thanks in advance!

Here's a bug I opened:
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I seem to remember using a very light blur effect that takes the edge off, I'll see if I can find a link.
Is there an issue we can star?
Uh-oh! That's not good. I'm in the process of designing a web page and was told to check out these their web fonts. Good grief. What timing.
Thanks +David Foltz, unfortunately, those tricks no longer work with the latest Chrome for Windows. I'm going to track down a windows install tomorrow to see what I can do.
Without OS based anti-aliasing by default, there's not a whole lot that can be done with a reasonable amount of forward/backward compatibility.  And, it just gets worse as you move across FF into Safari.  

+Brandon Donnelson +Seth Ladd I'm not seeing -webkit-text-stroke: 1px transparent; have any effect on a native install either.
-webkit-text-stroke: 1px black;  What do you think of this change. I tried it and gets rid of some of the jagged edges on the Build HTML5...
It only really changes the context of the problem by increasing the size of the characters, not really it's presence.  Also, it totally changes the typographical presence of the title...
Good point :) I suppose that was my work around for covering up the issue for the moment. I can take some more time after work to explore. 
Seth, they aren't anti-aliased, but otherwise are very sharp. Win7-32 Chrome 20.0.1132.57.
Seriously? I've been using it on a site with some skills matrix to advertise since I am now freelancing, I assumed it looked the same on Chrome on windows as it would on linux, oh well :P
I'm impressed, I see devs already moving on the issue. :)
Woo, I discovered the same problem. Also plus one for RIT at Google, lol.
Not sure if this helps anyone, but I only experience the issue if my Chrome Web Tools are open. If I close them and refresh the page, my fonts look great. (I'm using Open Sans)
+Gene M I think we know what the issue is, but my impression is that there's quite a lot of work due to some pretty low level changes. I don't know the day to day status of this issue, unfortunately.
Use typekit instead? It's unfortunate, but as of now I've found typekit to work marginally better than google fonts, and I personally dislike cufon
Hasn't this problem been around for like 3 years now? It seems like such a basic thing! Best luck I've had for a workaround is using @font-face and making sure svg comes first. It looks like the google web fonts page is using woff exclusively, but I've never tried it myself
It's now 7 months since the ticket was filed for this problem, the mods locked the post to further comments, and I don't see any discussions anywhere about solving this. Font rendering in Chrome is inferior to that of every other major browser and should be, IMO, one of the most pressing issues to resolve. Does anyone know if there is progress being made on this? It's driving me mad.
Seriously, this needs to be fixed ASAP. Chrome is the most used web browser and the best in my opinion, but it's unbelievable Internet Explorer renders fonts perfectly while Chrome is still struggling with this bug for more than 3 years. Inexcusable.
i just had a problem similar to the one desribed about. It started when I installed the google web font on my machine locally, so it seems like this is causing the problem? anyway, instead of using the default google font-face CSS file which sets both local source and an url source for the font, i just deleted the local from the CSS font-face src, so that browsers are forced to download and render google's online WOFF. This solved the problem for me right away.
i am not sure but maybe when the font is loaded locally (on a Windows machine I installed it in .OTF format) and then the font is declared format('woff') in the standard Google css this may cause Chrome to not render correctly. Also looking at the above fix posted by Tristan Chaika it looks like the bug is triggered by incorrect css settings on the font-face, play around with it and you should be able to get the font to work
Google fonts look great in chrome on OS X and Android.  This is just a Windows problem.  And the reason Internet Explorer renders fonts so beautifully is because of its Direct Write engine.  Give Chrome a break though, I'm sure if it ran in its own native operating system that people widely use (oh, it does, Android!) it would work fine just like IE does. (and it does) ;)
Adobe webfonts are served by Typekit which often suffers the same problems in Chrome as Google fonts. At small to medium sizes the fonts can look like crap. On the upside, there was finally an update to Seth's original ticket... and it looks like we might finally see a fix to this problem with the implementation of DirectWrite (yay!!!).
Edge Web Fonts from Adobe are good, however, they are not free and the ones that are free are the same as Google fonts.  Either way this still does not fix Chrome's rendering problem.

Thanks for the update Brad!  Good to see them implementing Direct Write if that's what is happening!  It's about time!
Thanks for the update Brad. About time they implemented Direct Write! I hope it doesn't take them too long to have it in a stable version.
Ok, this update to G+ just jacked up my fonts in Chrome.  
As a non-dev type, just plain user of Chrome (by GOOGLE) I don't understand why the fonts have gone back 30 years and look worse than they did on my COMMODORE 64!  If anyone has the fix to this, please advise, meanwhile I'm doing Google+ on IE.  Seems retarded to have to do it this way.
Paul Irish has said that they are working towards fixing this by implementing Direct Write. It's coming. 
Yep, best just to wait because any "fixes" are wrought with their own set of problems. Hopefully it's not too long now.
Still not resolved? The new layout messed up the font. Looks horrible -_-
Good grief. Google+ and Google Music (and others) look fricking terrible. In Chrome This has been true for years now. Doesn't matter that it's a "Windows" problem - Google Developers might have noticed that Windows has been around for a long time. Guys need to take care of this.
+Dave miller Same here.  normal fonts in IE, ugly in chrome.  Started with new G+ update.
To repeat: There is no other web site supported by a NASDAQ-listed company with fonts this bad.  Great rollout team!
Eh, it's a browser rendering issue. It's not specific to Google+ (in fact I don't see any difference between the new site and the old), it effects all sites including every other NASDAQ listed company's. It has been around for years and looks worse when certain fonts are used.

The Chrome dev team are working on it as per the recent previous posts about DirectWrite and the most recent update to the original ticket filed by Seth Ladd, now almost a year old. Everyone just needs to be patient and relax.
You clearly aren't understanding the problem. Facebook looks OK in Chrome, but it could be better. The reason it looks OK is that they are using Tahoma throughout which has very good hinting built in, but compare it to FF and IE 9+ and the anti aliasing still isn't as good in Chrome.
Brad, I agree.  A lot of people are not understanding how web fonts work here.  This has nothing to do with Google Plus.  

To quote schenney at Chromium developers from November:

"I am restricting comments. We know it's bad, we know we need to fix it, and it is in the process of being fixed. Unfortunately it's not as simple as flipping a switch.

There have been plenty of workarounds suggested in the comments already. That's no excuse for us, but it will help you get by until we fix it properly."

It almost seems like the problem here is that Microsoft has not made it easy for Google to port DirectWrite to Chrome whereas Firefox has had support for it for a long time.
Font issue started yesterday with latest version of G+, although I have seen it on other sites.  Checked other machines at home.  ONLY happens on my w7pro-64 machine.  Vista 32 and Win7HP-64 machines are fine.  There is some kind of secondary interaction going on here.
Setting ClearType always on in Windows display settings seems to help. Point it, yes, implementation choices by Google Plus/Music/etc look worse than other sites. I haven't had to randomly set graphic card options to view pleasant fonts for any other web site.
Set Arial font to "Hide" and switched Chrome Sans Serif default to "Arial Unicode MS".  G+ looks normal again.  Now looking for other side-effects of Hidden Arial.
Wow, do my fonts look like crap in Chrome  for the new Google+ / Windows 8 AND Windows XP too... Bad enough to stop using it until someone comes up with a real fix...
Well, I thought I had it fixed but it's back this AM ... sort of.  Now I have the bad rendering in one tab, and good rendering in another.  The tab I opened yesterday is still displaying properly, the tab I opened this AM has the old problem.  This is one strange bug.
Holy cow! Thank you glen schaefer! That did the trick!
glen schaefer thanks a lot! it works perfectly!
Holy Ducks! Thanks Glen. That worked for me as well.
I get an error when I try to get that extension. :/
This page has the problem, I would recommend not using font: normal 13px Roboto,arial,sans-serif; or any font that won't render properly in Chrome on Widnows. That will end the problem. My site renders fine at and my body tag is styled as thus: font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;  Even has the problem so just goes to show how pervasive it is. Good luck.
This worked great for small and medium size fonts in darker colors on light background : 
    -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased !important;
    -webkit-text-stroke: 0.2pt !important;
+Tim Helmer Your page looks fine except for the "Canada's Mountains" title in blue at the top of the page. The rendering there (and on all your blue titles) looks just like mine, which I consider to be "not great".
Jeff, it's a graphic so It should not be affected by Chorme's inability to render certain font's properly. Can you get me a screenshot of my site? I would also like to see your site.
What fixed all for me was actually a settings in Windows, not the browser. Control Panels, Fonts, Adjust Clear Type Text. Turning that on made everything look great in Windows Vista Premium Home. I'm sure Windows 7 has something similar.

Strange that the OS would be the culprit. I tired the plugin for Chrome but nothing worked until the settting above.
I've heard the ClearType fix before, except it seems Firefox doesn't have the same issues as Chrome when installed on the same machine with this problem.  

With ClearType adjusted properly on my computer/monitor (at home, and at work), I still have rendering issues -- particularly with Google's new favorite, Roboto.  ('Roboto Thin', especially.)  

I imagine I could tweak those settings and force it to render in Chrome properly, but that might potentially mean throwing every other app's rendering of fonts out of whack.

Wow, still waiting on fix for this ... started to rebuild our site around Open Sans in Springtime now it's Fall, site looks awesome in everything except Chrome/Win7/64. Loading font squirrel versions off our CDN. Hope to see fix by time we roll out full site next month!
How about doing browser/OS sniffing and feeding a non-google font to Chrome/windows 7 users? It's not like you can tell every visitor, please change your settings in Windows or install this extension to see this font correctly, right?
Exactamundo Chris R.  --- was thinking same  thing. Some kind of inline java to load alternate stylesheet for Chrome replacing Open Sans with, oh, say, 'sans-serif' ... although I'm seeing even Georgia renders kind of crappy as a headline in Chrome on Win7/64 ... so, kind of a live with it thing. Tried the sub-pixel blur thing, but that looked like crap, too ... worse than the "unaliased" text. (heavy sigh)   ... moving on with my life. Anybody on Windows will likely use Chrome for security stuff, and IE10/11 for actual enjoyment of the web!
+Christopher Simmons "Anybody on Windows will likely use Chrome for security stuff, and IE10/11 for actual enjoyment of the web!" LOL.
-webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased would fix this, but it is relatively slow.
ive been looking at this for ages...fonts look like crap. Thought there was something wrong with my computer!
My tip is use fonts that render properly and avoid those that don't. You can't expect the client/user to have to do any client side trickery to make it work.
problem is most fonts don't render properly in chrome on windows 7/64
Yeah its a windows/chrome thing.  Google+ fonts even look like crap.  Other sites like, banking, facebook and other non-google sites appear fine.
I'm seeing poor quality using Typekit fonts on Windows 7 64-bit, Chrome. Looks sharp on my phone.
It seems that in Chrome 31 they changed something, so that all fixes/workaround that worked before, no longer work. Well done! :-(

From a developers view I don't really see the improvments in the last months, but the workarounds I have to do only for webkit, and it gets worse.
.customfont {
    -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased;
    text-shadow: 1px 1px 1px rgba(0,0,0,0.004);
+Anthony Calzadilla Just to mention, text-shadow should be avoided on content heavy pages, because it can slow down the browser rendering, especially while scrolling (depends on the browser, hardware acceleration support and device hardware itself)
the webkit font smoothing looks like crap with OpenSans in  Chrome/Win7/64 so we turned it off since small fonts were illegible, as in footer text. Not a real solution, unfortunately.
Any news on a fix Timescale from Google? Cheers.
+Åsmund Wego Thanks alot. That's over a year old and I didn't knew it. I knew the ttf/woff order workaround, but never tried the svg one.
Nope still looks like crap unless the font is roughly around 49px or larger, then it transitions to crisp. Only fix I know is using custom font face with SVG file being first in CSS order. Basically what Asmund posted above.
(esteban); but then it breaks the fonts on IE11 and other places. So not a real solution.
It breaks the font smoothing on IE when you prioritize the loading for Chrome. At least on my Win7/64 machine. We tried that, then decided to go back to the font squirrel method hosting the fonts on our CDN. Not smooth on chrome, but totally legible. But the "trick" to rearrange for Chrome ... messed up the fonts when seen in IE for us. Your mileage may vary :-)
You are right, but it is the only workaround to have good fonts everywhere. Just set a different @font-face rule for Chrome on Windows through user agent. It works well. Useless to say that the problem is the horrible bug in Chrome (and IE 11)... but until they fix it we need a practical solution.
Using svg in chrome does not solve the problem, some fonts still look like shit on windows. WTF why google can't fix this for so many fucking years! >:-(
Alex, do not use svg with Chrome, use ttf instead and fonts will be perfect (you should create different rules for chrome and IE though, because of the IE11 bug...)
Esteban, yes ttf is actually the same as svg, and it gives best result (but in some case oft looks better). The problem is that ttf is not antialised by firefox (at least on windows). So I have to load ttf for window chrome and otf for others. For now I ended up using ttf in chrome on windows + -webkit-text-stroke: 0.25px;
Hmm, tried "text-shadow: rgba(0, 0, 0, .01) 0 0 1px;" in Inspector but it appears to do nothing on Windows/Chrome. 

Everything looks sweet in Linux. Can't believe such a major issue as this is still occurring.
The main question is why the hell that shit ain't working yet, these bugs exist for years.
what they said:

if you're a designer, this is the fix to controlling how your pages render, especially in Chrome on OS X. 

{ -webkit-font-smoothing:antialiased }

using the * hack didn't work for me, so I added that declaration to my reset selectors in my CSS, and voila, the fonts look good all over : )
This fixes the issue on Chrome under Windows OS, finally:

Open a new tab and type:

Hit Enter, Hit Enable, restart your browser.

Only sure way is to use SVG Mapping. This has nice results across all devices. More setting up though.
Who need this "fix" it's not available for users?
This is just a "fix" for developers (one that they shouldn't even be needing to uses, come on, it's been more than two years) and not a fix for users. Is there a workaround that I can use (as a user)?
How is this not available to users?  Just enter "chrome://flags" in the address bar then scroll down and enable the "Enable DirectWrite" option.  Sure, it may currently only be an experimental beta feature but using the Windows font rendering API (DirectWrite) in Chrome is what solves this issue.
@Alex Ohannes yes, for IOS is not needed. This is a fix for Windows only. I thought that was pretty clear.
+David Mara there needs to be a fix for OSX of course, but that wouldn't help me either. :( I'm a Linux user.

And don't try and say anything like "no one uses Linux on their PCs so it isn't a high priority". If Google didn't care about Linux, why would they release a 64 bit version of Chrome years earlier than they did on Windows?
I'm a Linux user as well :-) Unfortunately it's an awful situation. If you think that it took them 2 years to implement the direct write.. My solution was a quick fix for Chrome on Windows. It simply points out the fix implemented by the Dev team. 
I've tested some fonts on windows chrome:
1) For me it actually doesn't work in chrome 35.0.1916.114 m, it works in Canary (37.0.2040.0 canary)
2) i've tested for oft and ttf it works only for oft. 

Should this flag it work in chrome 35?
+Geoffrey Mattie So you expect 1 million daily visitors to a website to be served that message and then hope they follow the instructions? Not a fix. A big user experience nightmare.
I'm now using the latest version of Chrome and Linux Mint 17 KDE 64bit, and all fonts are rendered as they should be.
Fixed! I was using Remote Desktop from RHEL to Windows 7. Turned on ClearType on Windows and added "-x 0x80" as an rdesktop flag.
I still appear to have this issue in chrome (running chrome Version 38.0.2125.111 m in Windows 7).  The text on this page for example is all pixelated.
this just started happening days ago, ive been using chrome on this computer for over a year
For me, both Firefox and Chrome render fonts perfectly on Linux Mint 17 KDE. On Windows though, Chrome now renders fonts perfect and Firefox is having issues.
I can confirm that this is still a problem. I've been troubleshooting this issue for the past couple days. Sometimes a tab will suddenly start showing fonts like the screenshots above, and then that tab will stay that way until it's closed. +Sage Arbor By chance did you access your box via Remote Desktop at any time, or use any other screen sharing tool?
I do access via remote desktop but am not sure if this starting coinciding with me doing that or not, the laptop I use at home to remote desktop into work does not have pixelated issue in chrome, just my work PC.  Should be unrelated, but the work pc does have display fusion installed for use with triple monitors.
As some people have said above, I was able to resolves this for pages trying to render in "Open Sans" by installing the font into my Windows Fonts folder after downloading from:
the entire point of web fonts is so the end user does not need to install the font locally. What is the point of using them if we have to manually install a font into windows for it to render right in Chrome.
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