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I verified the awesomeness for myself on my +Raspberry Pi 3. Great work!
So we finally have +Fedora Project support for the Raspberry Pi. It's by no means perfect or complete but works pretty well (even if I do say so myself) and it's at the state where we can push out enhancements as we work on them to improve it further as standard Fedora updates. It's 100% upstream kernel, accelerated drivers and 100% Fedora (selinux and all the other fun features)!

There's a little more polish planned between now and Fedora 25 going gold so constructive feedback is very welcome!

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With every Pokemon you catch, you are battle-testing +Kubernetes 

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Check out the enhancements to developer productivity and agility with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 3.3.

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Kubernetes + blinking LEDs! How to write a custom Kubernetes controller in ~100 lines of code

Going about my workday when the internet goes down.

1. ping - fail
2. ping - fail
3. ping <gateway> -fail
4. check link is up - yes
5. go to closet to check on gateway
6. power light on gateway is off
7. my daughter is in the closet where the gateway is with a guilty smile on her face
8. root cause analysis complete

Investigating a problem with the +Kubernetes kubelet not running today.

I clone and build on Fedora 24. Doesn't work. I clone and build on Fedora 23. Works. Something in Fedora 24 changed to break the kubelet? No. The fix was merged to master in the 20 minutes between clones? Yes.

This project moves quick!

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So the Netgear switch uses 12V, the +MinnowBoard uses 5V. You know where this is going. But thanks to my good friend and soldering master Dave, it lives once more! The Turbot Tower is together again!

For the record that is replacing power controller IC (U35) with a Nuvoton NCT3012S TR with a wire to get to GND.
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Get Let's Encrypt certs for your apps hosted in +Kubernetes using Nginx Ingresses, Jobs and ServiceAccounts.

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What a time for the start capacitor on my AC to die. Gotta be at the AC supply store early tomorrow.

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Video series on +Kubernetes basics. Did these demos live at +Texas Linux Fest.
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