Teens and Texting. A Look Inside Their Texting Habits

Call Me Old, But I Don't Get The Alure Of Texting

My younger sister, who is almost 16, almost never talks on her iPhone. She texts. And when I say texts, I mean TEXTS.

I'm only 31, not too old if you ask me, but I've never gotten into using text messages like the young ones us it.

I'll use it occasionally here and there, but mainly I'll use my phone for... gasp.... a PHONE.

Maybe I am old and out of touch. Either way, with the new generation coming of age, we old fogies need to worry about the young ones and how they use their powerful communication tool. Because what they do can have serious consequences.

+Venture Beat's +Jolie O'Dell  wrote up a great piece about teens and their texting habits. It's a must read.
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