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No I have to tell people I am putting my left foot in front of my right foot RIGHT NOW!!!
'...just been knocked down by a car..."
Hahaha......Hilarious....sadly true though
I need to obey this sign....I have almost walked into so many things while checking my facebook.
I heard a news report a couple of years ago about a young woman who was texting, listening to her ipod and walking. She walked right into the path of a freight train.
I think it is scarier that the city has to spend taxpayer money to make signs for common sense. Any ideas what the next sign will look like?
Caution: Walk at your own risk!
*Cameras are recording for the next Darwin Award.
super picture !!!! Meaningful statement
they were only talking about this on the news in Sydney Australia, not long ago.
LMBO... this is so true!!
For those lacking the brain power to multitask.
he cant concentrate when he is on facebook. he should be changing his status to im about to be hit by a car
Leo T
Google+* status update...
Definitely. I nearly ran somebody over just this morning because he was looking at his iphone while crossing the street
All this sign is doing is reminding people that they haven't updated their facebook status in a while. This for me would more likely have the opposite effect, except of course i'd be checking up on Google+.
Yeah but...who will actually see the sign??
...and just think of all the paperwork you and others will save.
I agree on this it really can wait
Facebook is becoming an addiction for majority of users.
they need to have those signs everywhere
Reads this while walking across the street "What kind of IDIOT would update their--" Gets hit by a car

.... Google Plus can wait as well
No my status can't wait i'm seeing what happens to Barnea
Wouldn't you have to be paying attention to see the sign to know that you should be paying attention.
If they are looking down, they can not see the sign.
LOL. but they even not noticed this sign, I think.
Haha awsome! I would also like a sign that says "Move out of the way when the subway door opens so everybody can get past you. Please. Pretty please. With sugar on top. Get the fuck out of the way!! thanks" wouldn't that be nice?
if they don't 1st run into while walking on the sidewalk
there should be one that says "stop facebooking when you are with your friends"
its Darwin's theory in action. survival of the fittest. get rid of the less "fit"(stupid) ones and the "stronger"(smarter) will survive.
you mean that texting and walking dont work together lol , but nice sign
I absolutely agree but walking in the street can be combined with texting (I hate Facebook), because when you walk, you do nothing with your hands...
sure do but keep your eyes on the road!
You may do nothing with your hands when walking, but unfortunately, it also requires the use of your eyes.....
Frank M
I almost ran over some chick with my car as she was texting and crossing in the middle of street between cars. Dumb bitch.

I personally like to bump into people that walk and text too. I notice them and I keep walking straight, intentionally not avoiding them. Keep your head up, eyes and ears open retards.
Bigger sign needed for those that drive and do this DUMBASSES
Haha, höll på att halka på en isfläck när jag läste denna! Borde ta rådet! 
Today I saw a man step out in front of truck completely unaware it was moving towards him because his eyes were locked on his phone.

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