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More than 1 Billion Active Users On Facebook.

That's a huge number... 1 billion and now Facebook can tout that it has that many active users using the site.

It's really hard to gasp the sheer size of 1 billion.

What are your thoughts on this milestone?
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My first thought is that quality means more than quantity any day. Facebook could have 2 billion people on their network... but I still find more interesting conversations and posts when I'm here on +Google+. 
It is quite a milestone. 
I think that also gives it quite a bit of inertia.
Yea but I agree with +Emily Vitori the conversation on Google Plus is much better. I hate when people say that Google Plus is a ghost town, because if it is, there's a lot of chatty ghosts.
though not all of them are active ones...Zuckerburg may himself has more than 100 accounts...hehhehe
they're counting "active within a month"
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