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You Found Me! This is my OFFICIAL personal Google+ page.


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The Famous Chicago Theater
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Seth Goldstein

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So, I'm a second class citizen, at least in the eyes of many app developers. I'm a proud Android user, so this usually means I have to wait for the latest and greatest apps to come to my platform from iOS (there's a reason why I'm not talking about Periscope, sad face). Recently, two streaming apps have emerged on Android, ... Read More
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Seth Goldstein

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Mike Elgan originally shared to Technology:
This looks like an amazing idea.

It's basically an ongoing crowd-sourced alert system where people pick topics they follow, then they're alerted when there's new info in that topic (or you can do the alerting yourself). 

Check it out!
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This reminds me of a scene from an old sci-fi book, "The Tenth Planet", by Edmund Cooper.

"...This goblet -- do you know what it is?"

"No, sir."

"It is the Gagarin Cup, and you will find one like it in every space-port you visit...You know about Yuri Gagarin, of course?"

"Yes, sir. He was the first man in space. He was a twentieth century Russian cosmonaut, and he lifted off from--"

"Cadet, I know the story. Legend has it that, upon safe touch-down, Gagarin's first drink was from such a goblet. As the story goes, he drank chilled vodka. You have made your first shoot, and it is now your privilege to emulate him. You will repeat after me the words I repeated after the son of Neil Armstrong when I had made my first shoot. Then you will drain the goblet in one. Ready?"

"Yes, sir."

"In space, there are no Russians, no Americans, or any nationalities recognized upon Earth."

"In space, there are no Russians, no Americans, or any nationalities recognized upon Earth."

"In space, there are only men, made brothers by danger, united by the desire to carry the seed of man far from the Earth which created it."

"In space, there are only men, made brothers by danger, united by the desire to carry the seed of man far from the Earth which created it."

"In the name of Yuri Gagarin, I pledge myself to this idea."

"In the name of Yuri Gagarin, I pledge myself to this idea."

"Drink," said Captain Howard. "Welcome to the brotherhood."

He drank. The chilled vodka went down easily. He had never drunk vodka before. It seemed quite a gentle drink.

Captain Howard said: "Well done, cadet. Now you are one of us. I will give you a word of advice. Go to your table and quietly finish your beer. If any of our brethren should offer  you another drink, decline with thanks. If any should insist, say that you have taken the Gagarin cup. They will understand."

He was puzzled. "It seemed a real gentle drink, sir. Not like whisky or brandy. I could drink it again."

"Laddie, I have no doubt you could, but you would regret it. You have just taken on board eight ounces of one hundred and twenty proof rocket fuel. In rather less than five minutes you will be ready to blast off. I hope you make a good orbit. Remember my name, and remember the pledge. Some day you will offer the Gagarin cup to a young cadet. Tell him that Jales Howard offered it to you...Dismissed."

He saluted smartly. "Sir! Thank you, sir." Then he walked back to his table, sat down, sipped his beer. HE thought that he was very lucky to have been given the cup by Howard of the triple crown. He thought also that Captain Howard had been over-dramatic about the effect of that cool, smooth, almost tasteless drink.

He wondered why several spacemen seemed to be staring at him strangely, some with broad grins on their faces. Perhaps they thought he had taken too much liquor. Perhaps they were amused by the fact that he was the only spacement present with a single silver star on his breast pocket.

Then the vodka hit.

Later he learned that he had offered to fight two ensigns, a commander, and a full captain. No charges were preferred. It was a tradition that any cadet, having taken the Gagarin cup, was entitled to disciplinary immunity for ten hours thereafter.

I've been reminded of this scene many times in the past. But the page this post links to actually says the same thing as the Gagarin cup pledge.
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Seth Goldstein

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So Facebook's attempt to bring the Web inside Facebook is scary. It means that for some it's becoming the new AOL. A place where it's walled in and subject to rules and regulations that many of us don't agree with. Just be aware of what Facebook is up to. And make sure you follow +Mike Elgan, who is a great pundit on this stuff.
Mike Elgan originally shared to Technology:
How Facebook is building the website to end all websites and the app to end all apps.

(Read my column: )

It's becoming clear that Facebook is systematically taking activities that people do outside Facebook and bringing them into the social network.

Soon, the vast majority of Facebook users will have no reason to ever leave the social network. 

Facebook is becoming a second Internet.

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Seth Goldstein

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Google Photos. Very Neat. Missing Features

Google Photos is great! I love what it can do on my phone and tablet. With this in mind, the Web interface is lacking what Google+ Photos had. When Google bought Snapseed, it seems to integrate it into Google+ Photos and the editing on the computer was fantastic. The stuff you could do was great. Now it's really lacking. I'd love to know what +Bradley Horowitz and +Moritz Tolxdorff can tell us about the future features in Google Photos.

Have you tried Google Photos? What do you think of it?

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Seth Goldstein

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Seth Goldstein

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Read now:

Do you use LinkedIn to market yourself?

Want to make it easier for people to find you in Internet searches?

With a few tweaks, you can improve the chances of the right people finding your LinkedIn public profile.

In this article you’ll discover how to create visibility for your LinkedIn public profile.

Read the full post here: -Kim

#linkedinmarketing #smexaminer
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We are now in a cyber cold war. I agree with +Mike Elgan let's make sure it says Cold.
Mike Elgan originally shared to Technology:
The U.S. military returns to a nuclear doctrine from the Cold War for its new cyber strategy.

(Read my column: )

The new strategy contains three very new and very surprising components, which will directly affect every company in the U.S.—doubly so for technology-oriented companies.

Here's what you need to know:

(Pic props: )

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Seth Goldstein

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New Whiteboard Friday addressing some of the SEO world's most infuriating problems:
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Who Is This Seth Guy Anyway?

Seth Goldstein, has been designing Websites in the Philadelphia area for more than 10 years.

Born and raised in Bucks County, Seth first discovered his love for Web Design as a junior in high school. When he went away to college at the University of Delaware, Seth planned on building his love into a career. Although, soon after entering his sophomore year, he got sidetracked by his new found love of journalism. Although his career ambitions changed, Seth still cultivated his Web design skills and  designed sites for a number of professors on campus.

Upon graduation, Seth freelanced for the Bucks County Courier Times until he landed a full-time job at a small evening daily paper in Hanover, Pennsylvania. At the Hanover Evening Sun, Seth covered the night police and emergency beat. He loved his work, but soon burned out from overwork and pure exhaustion.

Seth moved back to Bucks County and started to write again for the Courier Times as a freelance reporter, covering township meetings and local events.

To supplement his meager freelance income, Seth got a job at an international sales company and began learning how to sell products to large corporations and construction firms.

About a year and a half into his new sales career, Seth decided he  had enough of the corporate life and went back to his roots, opening his own Internet marketing agency in 2007.

To build upon his self-taught skills, Seth went back to school for his Web design certificate at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. During this time he began building Websites for companies in the Philadelphia area. And well…the rest is history.

Seth codes in schematic, standards-driven xHTML and CSS. He is a big supporter of the Open Source movement and develops Websites for clients using the latest Open Source programs (WordPress, Drupal etc.). 

As his company grew, Seth began working in another field he loved, Social Media. He has helped numerous companies develop online strategies to build their corporate brands online.

Goldstein Media has become a powerhouse in the suburban Philadelphia market, providing a full range of Internet marketing solutions and services. Including SEO, Social Media and Mobile Web Design.

In March 2013, Seth accepted a position at Telerx as Manager of Content and Community. Here Seth manages the Social Media outreach and community management of not only internal projects, the Social Media engagement for the company's clients.

Organizations and Extra-Curricular Activities

Being very active in the Philadelphia business and technology scene, Seth co-organized the Philly Tweetup and helped organize the Philadelphia SEO Meetup Group

He is an active member of the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce , the Philadelphia Area New Media Association (PANMA), the Social Media Club (Philadelphia Chapter), the Doylestown Social Media Roundtable and many more groups.

On a More Personal Note

Seth is married to an amazing woman. They have an amazing baby boy who amazes them everyday.

Bragging rights
I GET Social Media
  • University of Delaware
    History & Journalism, 2000 - 2004
  • University of the Arts
    Web Design, 2009 - 2010
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The best service center hands down. They are very helpful, honest and competitively priced.
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We went here to meet friends. It is a typical breakfast place atmosphere. The food is very good and tasty. The downside is the bathrooms are a little gross.
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The best health Pizza out there. Absolutely my favorite quick place to get a bite to eat.
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
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Great Place. John is a very nice an knowledgeable guy. Great service. Convenient. My step-brother told me to come here and I'm glad I did.
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16 reviews
Blake and crew do an excellent job repairing broken computers. He fixed my laptop so well it was like new. Thanks for the great work! I will definitely recommend them to everyone I know.
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Amazing Electrician - Tom came today and put hi-hats in our living room and in our kitchen. He was very affordable and did great work. He is very friendly and knowledgeable. I would recommend him to everyone I know.
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Burgers are okay. Nothing to write home about but better than 5 Guys. Manager/owner would not honor special on receipt for free kids meal with adult meal. Very sleezy. Floor was also slippery with grease. Told manager got dirty look.
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reviewed 3 years ago