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Seth Duncan
Web Developer, Musician, Guy
Web Developer, Musician, Guy

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I felt bad that I raged at my teammate last night, so I made this to smooth things over. #sorry

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My daughter is Kurt Cobain 

Man, I'm never buying a VW again. For real. 

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This might be some of the best music to come from a movie in 2015. #MadMax   #FuryRoad   #JunkieXL  

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This is slightly outside my norm for musical-taste, but I really like it, I think. I could see it being one of those albums I listen to a few times then drop it because it's a bit too "niche" but it's a fun listen.

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I'm gonna need this.

December is proving to be more problematic than I want.

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+Matt Neth thoughts?

Seeing the Mythbusters last night was actually a really nice reminder to stay on top of my long-term goals. I really appreciate those guys.
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