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Seth Dochter

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Out at sunrise taking a little drive. Very beautiful with all of the fog.

#Sunrise #HDR #lancastercounty #pa #DiscoverLancaster
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Seth Dochter

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Yesterday +Stephanie Reichwein and I attended the #TreyUSA Photowalk with +Trey Ratcliff in Philadelphia. It was a total blast! Today was only stop 3 in DC, so check out the Tour site and see if they're going to be in your area

Here is my #treyusaselfie!

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That is so cool!
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Seth Dochter

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#fact - i have been accused of being a sun worshipper
#false - Amish sun worshippers use their super Amish powers to summon spirits of rain
#fact - i'm totally not Amish

posted by @seth #ocho
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I also have been meaning to ask what do you truly think of my photos I only started about two years ago I would appreciate any advice I also would like to try to sell them to make some extra money but not certain if they are good enough 
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Seth Dochter

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So as part of our +Indiegogo campaign for our Grand Lancaster Adventure Kayak Tours we offered a perk to sponsor Jr.ExplorARS. Since this is a new project we're working on we hit the river to tell folks about the Jr.ExplorARS at

It just so happens the #uswomensopen was in town and the River runs through Lancaster Country Club. So we did a little guerrilla marketing to help spread the word lol. Here's a shot of Steph and I with the flotilla of terror as I called it haha (Saturday was a bit of a disaster).

If you're interested in sponsor our Jr.ExplorARS we would love for you to checkout the campaign at
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Seth Dochter

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Good morning! We had some gorgeous skies over Lancaster County, Pa this morning.

#sunrise #HDR #skyscape #cloudscape
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Gorgeous colors and very relaxing!
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Seth Dochter

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Gorgeous sunset to round out a gorgeous day in Lancaster County, Pa.

#sunset #hdr #countryside #lancastercounty #pa #lancastersnow +Discover Lancaster +LancasterOnline
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Very nice
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Seth Dochter

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Good morning everyone!! My last couple of photos were from the #TREYUSA photowalk in Philadelphia, so I dug into the trove this morning to find something a little more country haha.

I just added this one to my +Fine Art America gallery at Be sure to check it out for prints, t-shirts, bags, and more!

#fineartamerica #ExplorARS #sunset #OnlyInLancaster #DiscoverLancaster #HDR #myfavpicoftheday #Arcanum
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+Trudy Grossman​ - Thanks so much dear Sis!💜
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Seth Dochter

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One little look out the window this morning and I knew I wanted to go for a walk. Glad I did! You can see my neighbors in the photo enjoying the shade for a moment. There is plenty of shade around, but that's where they happened to be grazing.

#landscape   #haze   #HDR   #Horses   #goldenhour   #countryside   #LancasterCounty   #PA   #countryside   #rural   #pasture   #tree  
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Thanks +Jessica Zahn! I always love a solitary tree shot, but I thought it was cool having the horses in there too :)
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Seth Dochter

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Playing with some clips on my phone. Still looking for support on our Indiegogo campaign. Get ur kayak on or sponsors a youngster at

#indiegogo #kayaking #tours #travel #amishcountry

posted by @seth
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Seth Dochter

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I hate to be the "look at my blog" guy, but I'm still trying to get over how cool this was.

Can lightning strike the same place twice? I captured my own proof haha!

#lightning #science #weather #storm +I fucking love science
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+Seth Dochter I would believe the theory of multiple discharges in a single circuit. Three separate circuits being made to the same point and following the same path through the air seems impossible to me. 
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Seth Dochter

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I found this little gem on one of my SD cards this morning. I loved the power lines.

Processed with Topaz Black and White Effects 2. I am loving this plugin. Check it out for yourself at
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Seth Dochter

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I think I already do +MeL K. I'll take a little drive ;)
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