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Seth Dodson (Chorazin)
A geek who is known to dabble in fitness.
A geek who is known to dabble in fitness.

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Merry Christmas (or Happy Non-denominational Winterish Celebration of Things) to all of you lovely people! May you unwrap a plethora of rucks to bring you suffering year round!

Well, you know, the good kind of suffering, with friends and beer.

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Santa Ruck Light DC was serious business!

Nah, not really. Hell of a great time with great people for a great cause. 😁😁
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Mr. Business Casual AKA Godzilla is at it again! Everyone keep him in your thoughts because an HTL is no joke. 

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So what did you guys and gals do over the weekend? Sound off!

Happy Election Day, US folks! Our long national nightmare will soon be over. Even if your gal or guy loses this fight, at least the ads will stop! Woohoo!

Get out and vote! I'd be shocked if anyone here isn't planning to vote, but still, this is your reminder that it's your duty as a citizen to make your opinion heard.

May the odds be ever in your favor! 

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I hope everyone has a great weekend coming up! Get outside and do something cool. :-D

Last weekend I spent some quality time with my ruck in the woods!

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Oh yes. Upgraded from a launch model to this sexy beast yesterday!

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Just a few stats for today, 15 years after the tragic attacks. Get out there and do something today, live for those who cannot. If you did one of the 9/11 events, you're extra awesome!

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If you haven't done Zombies yet, you need to next year! Heath, Dustin, and Drew led two awesome events, and then Heath hung around to run the Scav. They shouldn't be missed! Oh and the patches? GORUCK's patch company didn't get them done in time, they'll be sent out to us in a week or so....QUAD PATCHES BABY! WOOOOOO! 😂😂 I also have my You Tough Guy patch from Heath (for doing three events with him) that'll come in the mail in a bit as well, once he gets more in.

Plus then you can hit the beach and relax! 
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Awesome job this weekend everyone! We'll be adding lots more people to the group I'm sure!

Hey, if you tell people about the group: remind them to read the rules and ping the mods. We don't get a list of finishers and sometimes a G+ page isn't so helpful. Thanks!
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