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This is encouraging news for a guy jumping off the deep end into self-employment. More evidence I'm on the right path is always welcome!
LITTLE FALLS, Minn. — The enormous ceiling lights flash on as Tom Elbert walks through the 260,000-square-foot former Crestliner plant in Little Falls, and they turn off as he leaves each area. He ins...
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Hello Seth,
Just noticed your post and read a little on your blog. Looks like you're really into embracing life, which is cool. Noticed you worked for Digital River. I have not idea how big that company is, but did you by chance ever cross paths with a Sheila Leppala? I work with someone by that name, and she mentioned working at one time at Digital River as a contractor. 
+Patrick Garmoe I am not familiar with Sheila Leppala. I only worked at Digital River for six months before moving on. It's about 1,500 employees, a little too big for me heh.
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