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Seth Brower
Compositor in LA, still amazed to have managed to find myself doing what I love.
Compositor in LA, still amazed to have managed to find myself doing what I love.


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Right, I got something working for my other face, but ... ended up being a bit to busy and not really liking it for actual usage, so ... moving on.

I am working on a new watchface, a variation on the Moto Retrograde face.

I have it working fine for normal things. The seconds hand will tick along from 0 to 60, with its center being at the middle of the image.and then it just disappears and starts back at the start.

I have looked at the retrograte math on a couple other faces, but I'm a bit stumped on the application to this face. 

If anyone who has figured this kind of thing before, I would appreciate any thoughts.

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Hey all, really loving diving through the archive of great creations and advice here, but wanted to throw a question out to you all, as I am starting tinkering and wanted some advice.

I am attempting a relatively basic design, but it is throwing me for a loop. Here is my current roughed out setup.

So the gag being that the scythe is the hours hand, and the luggage is the minutes. And as it moves around it is animating its mouth.
I have it this far, with a 2 frame animation using the ({ds}%6<3 and 100 or 0) string. But my brain seems to throw a gear when I try to figure the math to allow for a 3rd image in the cycle.

Is this the wrong way to be approaching this? or am i just really missing something obvious.

I did have a fully animated .gif that I tried to use first, but due to the layering it would need to be transparent, so that was out.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, it "works" now, but I would love to add that mid-frame pose to smooth out the motion.
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Got a featured blurb/interview on my schools website, kinda nice to be recognized by others for some of the work that I've done over the past few years.
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I went and updated some of the design elements around my work, as well as tracking down my first student reels.

Really proud of the work that I have been a part of over the years.
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So for the past few days, it seems that when I access my feedly account through the web (on chrome) that the "Mark as Read" options seem to not actually do anything.

Anyone else?

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I still say the LEGO series of games, are really a good match to the Doctor Who property. Large variety of characters and settings (Harry Potter/Star Wars/DC-Marvel, LoTR), non-combat & puzzle solving (Harry Potter/Indiana Jones), deep history of storys to pull from and or open range to create new ones (all of them).
Are we one step closer to LEGO Doctor Who?

Many fans have long wished for Doctor Who +LEGO toys, and now the official LEGO Cuusoo website is allowing submissions for Doctor Who.

Their recently updated website explains the previous issues preventing such sets ever becoming a reality:

Sometimes we have to turn down project submissions that refer to specific brands or licensed properties. We do this to avoid getting your hopes up for something we know we aren't able to make. In these cases, we already know the LEGO Group can't secure licensing rights to produce construction toys based on a particular brand or property, due to a conflicting interest with a third party.

If such a conflict goes away, we'll then be able to accept projects based on a particular brand or license.


Resolved Past Licensing Conflicts

We now welcome projects based on the following licenses that used to have conflicts:
Doctor Who - February 2014
Last updated February 25, 2014

This does not mean that LEGO Doctor Who is definitely going to happen, though it certainly opens up the possibility.

Information source:

#DoctorWho #DrWho #LEGO #DoctorWhoLEGO #LEGODoctorWho
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I just spend a few minutes reading this refutation of another even longer article about Frozen and feminism and ... yes, this.

I don't really have any clever thoughts, other than that it is worth a read.
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Still making its way toward its goal. Well worth checking out.
WOW - HUGE news for the KODT Live Action Series kickstarter.

<<d20 Entertainment has received a donation from a local production studio to help with the cost of filming the Knights of the Dinner Table: Live Action Series. Without the cost of renting high-end movie equipment, we bring you a full- length movie at a more reasonable Kickstart Goal.

For $60,000 we can promise 60 minutes of live action footage, and reduce the cost of making a 96-minute movie to just $125k. 

Also, with lower expenses, we can give you more value for your backing dollar. Now we will be able to give all backers who pledge $20 or more a 480p download of the movie. We have lowered the cost of the $50 DVD to $35 — and the $50 package is now a BLU-RAY!!!

Please stop buy and check out the changes! I am sure that this Kickstarter is only going to get more spectacular in the next $20 days!!!>>
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