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Serving You with tools and tips for your online business. Cloud hosting services on 3 continents.
Serving You with tools and tips for your online business. Cloud hosting services on 3 continents.

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Now you can add a free Let's Encrypt SSL-certificate to your website with 1 click! Make your visitors feel secure today ⤵️ #SSL #LetsEncrypt #webhosting

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Did you know that Google Chrome now warns visitors to websites that does not have an SSL-certificate (if the website has forms).

Here we show you how to migrate from http to https-address for your WordPress website.

We'd love to hear from you if it helped!
#WordPress #SSL

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We have tested and compared three popular image optimizing plugins for WordPress: WP Smush, Imagify and ShortPixel.

Which one is the best, and what will they cost you if you have lots of images to optimize? Let's sort it out.

#WordPress #plugins #SEO #performance

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Did you know that 40% of internet users said that they will abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load?

That’s of course very bad news for you, if your website is among the many that are slow loading.

It is bad not only because you loose those 40% of your visitors. Probably even worse is the fact that Google is recording that visitors bounce off your site, and will be punishing your website in the search result.

Here is 10 doable steps towards a faster #WordPress website that you can start doing today. Enjoy and share!


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Today we're sharing an inspiring #infographic with 16 cool ideas how to use WordPress for other presentations than just blogging, from a professional resume to a comic strip or your own social media platform.

The infographic also gives you a pointer in the right direction how to do it, what #WordPress #themes and #plugins to use.

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I'm so happy to present our WP SuperCloud solution - the finest #WordPress cloud hosting INCLUDING one hour of SEO consultation per MONTH by Strindell - a top of the line SEO consultant with more than 11 years of top position achievements on Google and Bing search results.

We've also added #WordFence configuration and free update services to this package, to make sure it be the safest place to host your WordPress website.

Start Your Free Trial Now ➜ #webhosting #SEO #cloudhosting #hosting #managedhosting

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Some of the best collection for business / corporate portfolio web design! 

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Short and good comparison between WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. Read it and add your experience!
What is the Right CMS for You?
Three major #contentmanagement platforms that have a greater hold on advanced techniques for developing websites, lets check out those content managements systems here:

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Learn about the new Joomla 3.4 Google ReCAPTCHA feature in this #YouTube video. 
Support for the new Recaptcha (also called as the No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA) means a faster and hassle free form filling experience for end users of Joomla sites without any compromise on spam protection for admins.
#Joomla #Google #recaptcha   #webhosting  

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Very useful: Restore backups yourself without having to ask customer service! 
Regardless if you are a blogger or a web #developer , if you host a website, you need to make backups. Whenever a new  #WordPress  update arrives, you should backup your #website  before you update. With most #webhosts  you need to ask customer support for help to make an extra backup, and even more if you need to restore a previous backup.
With our hosting control panel, you just can browse available backups and restore them with a click. 
#easyhosting   #betterthan   #cPanel   #webhosting  
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