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Team driver Scotty Gray, USA

Info We are proud to announce that USA top-driver Scotty Gray joins Team Serpent America in onroad. Scotty will work closely together with Paolo Morganti and the team at Serpent America. He will be racing mainly 1/10 EP and GP cars, as well as GT 1/8 and GP 1/8.

See below interview for more details.

Team Serpent Interview.
Hello Scotty , its great to have you on the Serpent onroad team. Below a few questions for you:
Team Serpent: when did you start rc racing and with which car ?
Scotty: I started racing around 2000, my first car was a hpi rs4
Team Serpent: Which cars you will run for Serpent ?
Scotty:: the 748 natrix, 411 eryx, cobra GT, and a little 1/8 here and there.
Team Serpent: Where is your local track located ?
Scotty: my local track is homestead rc raceway. It is a really nice track with permanent pits and a great facility.
Team Serpent: What has been your biggest national and international result so far ?
Scotty: 2014 I won 17.5 and 13.5 at the EP U.S. nationals, finished 16th at the EP world in Kissimmee, and 2nd at the U.S. Nitro cup in Sedan.
2015 2nd in 1/10 sedan at the GP nationals and the winternats in Fort Myers.
Team Serpent: What is your age and occupation ?
Scotty: I am 27, I work in the HVAC industry at Airguide MFG, doing customer service and purchasing.
Team Serpent: Which races do you plan for coming season ?
Scotty: The Pan Am GT8 race, Winternats in Fort Myers, both EP and GP US nats. The US Nitro cup, and all the Florida state races.
Team Serpent: When and where will be your next race with Serpent ?
Scotty: race #5 of your Florida gas state series at homestead rc raceway, 1/9-10. the Pam Am GT race is also at homestead rc raceway the week after 1/15-17.
Quote: thanks to Serpent for providing me with this opportunity to be part of the Team, and hope to be successful in the years to come.

Team Serpent

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Spyder SRX4 Review just released in Racer Magazine, UK
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Team: Shin Adachi joins Team Serpent 1/8 buggy (28/12/2015)
By: Reporter

Serpent and Shin Adachi join into an agreement in which Shin will run the soon to be released brandnew 1/8 GP buggy as test and team-driver.

Shin brings along a tremendous amount of experience in racing and development, and will coop with main designer Billy Easton and the factory to develop the Serpent 1/8 buggy cars to even higher levels, and support Serpent drivers !

Below an interview with Shin Adachi.

Team Serpent Interview

Hello Shin,

Its great to have you on the Serpent offroad 1/8 team.

Below a few questions for you:

Q: when did you start rc racing and with which car ?
A: I`m start racing 3 years old with Tamiya Hornet

Q: Which car you will run for Serpent ?
A: I will be driving the new 1/8 scale GP buggy which will be ready early 2016.

Q: Where is your local track located ?
A: Futaba Buggy Track. This is many time use Japan nationals

Q: What has been your biggest national and international result so far ?
A: Japan nationals finalist, Neo finalist

Q; What is your age and occupation ?
A: I`m 35 year old. I`m contract Yokomo as engineering 1/10th off-road and team manager . Now I also joined Serpent 1/8 buggy team as test driver for development.

Q: Which races do you plan for coming season ?
A:we have World Championship 2016. I will try help for team and improve the car as well as possible

Q: When and where will be your next race with Serpent ?
A: I think my first race will be in USA. Hopefully soon

Your quote:
I`m verry excited join Serpent 1/8 buggy team. I`m confident and cannot wait to 2016 season. I would like to provide everything that I have learned and experienced from my long R/C racing experience to the team. Thanks to Serpent team to allow me this chance !

Thanks for the interview – answers and we hope to see you do well with Serpent .

Team Serpent
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The Natrix 748-WC also has new larger pulleys to free up the transmission even more, together with a new size side belt. The new supersmooth and effective bigbore shocks and new carbon shocktowers complete the package for the 748-WC.
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500475 Antiroll bar rear 1.7 SRX
500496 Diff pulley balldiff 51T alu SRX
Serpent introduces 2 new optional parts for the Spyder 1/10 buggy range of cars.

500475 Antiroll bar rear 1.7 SRX
A harder, coded, springsteel 1.7mm rear anti-roll bar, which will be mainly used on high traction tracks.

500496 Diff pulley balldiff 51T alu (1) SRX
A hard anodized CNC machined 7075 T6 alu ball diff pulley.
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600698 Ackermann-set Cobra S811

Serpent introduces this new Ackermann set for the Cobra range of cars. The new central alu steering bar has the bearings pressed inside. The Ackermann plates are in tough carbon fibre . The set uses slightly shorter springsteel steering rods with L/R threading. Hardware as needed included.

The new Ackermann gives a more direct steering feel. Topdrivers like Neumann, Easton and Duraes have been using it over past half year already.

Manual online:

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Happy New Year !!
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Worlds report Yuya Sahashi

Team driver Yuya Sahashi, Japan

Worlds report Yuya Sahashi made the 3rd place at the 2015 World Championship. For 1/18 scale GP onroad in Brasil.

Below interview with Yuya on the Worlds and his plans.


Interview Yuya Sahashi

Hello Yuya,

First of all congratulations again with your fantastic 3rd place, bronze medal , at the recent 2015 1/8 scale World Championships in Brasil.

I have some questions below for you to share with Serpent fans

Q: Was this 3rd place at a WC your best ever result in rc car racing ?
A:For 1/8, yes. It was the best result for me. But I have 2nd at GPT WC last year.
This was the highest result at WC.

Q: Is 1/8 scale GP racing your favourite and best class ?
A: Ye, I love it a lot. I think it is Formula 1 in RC racing.

Q: Where do you keep the huge 3rd place WC trophee ?
A: First, I will keep it at Hokusei Circuit that my futher run. Then I wll display it in Asuka Create.

Q: Which optional parts did you use on the car you raced in the final ?
A: Carbon parts for extesion. Also coated clutch housing.

Q: Was the Viper 977 car very good in the whole final, or was it harder on small tyres ?
A: Yes, it perfromed very well from practice days. Well baranced. However, I felt some difficulity at final bucause set up was not perfect.
Q: Who was your pitscrew and how did that go, as normally your brother Tadahiko pit for you, but he was also in the main final.
A: Edoald from Picco for Tadahiko, my brother. Shimazaki, Japanese guy who atteneded WC with us from Japan, and Merlin Depta worked it for me.

Q: How many pitstops and tyre changes you made ?
A: 11times. I changed tyer twice at 20min and 40min.

Q: Your brother Tadahiko also ran the final and landed on place 5, only 0,1 second behind 4th place driver. At the 1/10 scale WC in Thailand in 2014, you also both made the main final. And Tadahiko won the Wc 1/8 title in 2013.
Are you 2 the most successfull brother team in rc car racing history ?
A: I and my brother continusly stood on podium after 2013. We are so happy to do it on big race such as WC. I think thers is no brother like us.

Q: What do you do for a living and how often can you race rc cars ?
A: I do mechanic for real racing cars. I don’t have time for RC recently but I can study and found idea that can use on RC from the work.

Q: Will we see you at the 2016 Wc with 1/10 scale in Italy again ?
A: Yes of course I want to attend it!

Q: Whom you like to thank for help to reach this fantastic 3rd place at the IMFAR WC in Brasil ?
A: Edoald Picco who did back up my engin always dureing the WC, and Paolo M who helped us a lot of things. And, Asuka Create. Also there were a lot of support and back up. That’s why I could do it.
Thank you all.

Thanks for the above interview

Final result:
1. Simon Kurzbuch (CH) – 202L 60:00:506 (Shepherd/Novarossi)
2. Takaaki Shimo (JP) – 202L 60:00:720 (Mugen/OS Speed)
3. Yuya Sahashi (JP) – 201L 60:11:670 (Serpent/Picco)
4. Flavio Elias (BR] – 200L 60:15:239 (Shepherd/Novarossi)
5. Tadahiko Sahashi (JP) – 200L 60:15:354 (Serpent/Picco)
6. Sebastian Recio (ARG) – 193L 59:51:325 (Capricorn/Novarossi)
7. Shinnosuke Yokoyama (JP) – 167L 59:49:810 (Mugen/OS Speed)
8. Henrique Winik (BR) – 143L 44:50:294 (Mugen/OS Speed)
9. Robin D’Hondt (BE) – 119L 36:48:966 (BMT/Picco)
10.Daniele Ieliasi (IT) – 96L 28:43:838 (WRC/Ielasi Tuned)
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