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Introducing SQLScout: a plugin for Android Studio and IntelliJ IDEA that provides support for SQLite, including:

✓ Ability to connect to SQLite databases in Android devices or the file system
✓ Database schema explorer
✓ SQL editor (syntax highlighting, code completion, reference navigation, refactoring, etc.)
✓ Data console to view query results, edit table data, and export contents to different formats
✓ Database diagrams!

For more details (including demos and beta access) please visit

#AndroidStudio   #sqlite   #androiddev  

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What do you think is more properly broken in Android?

The ActionBar / Toolbar / SupportActionBar / Sherlock/SupportCompatibilityFragmentWithToolbar hell,


the internal / external / SD card / preferedInternal / depends on pre-post KitKat mayhem?
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The ActionBar hell
The storage mayhem

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StarUML2 is back and they are raising fundings.

This reminds me of the day to day at the average startup. Instead of releasing a decent IDE to work with, they keep changing the typography and the shadow effects... #io2014 

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We've won (again) the hackathon at busuu!. We've delivered and android app does uses Google's voice synthesis and voice recognition.

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My tiny game for Android is finally live!
If you have and Android phone, please download it and if you like it rate it high!


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Hi people,

I'm about to publish my small, casual game "The Jumplings" for Android.
Before doing so, I've released it to beta testing.

I'd appreciate if you could help me to test it an detect some crashes that may happen.

If you are interested join the Google+ community in this post, and AFTER that, click into the download link.

Any crash report or feedback will be appreciated.

Thank you!
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