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Sergio Redondo
Intenta no volverte un hombre de éxito, sino volverte un hombre de valor. - Albert Einstein
Intenta no volverte un hombre de éxito, sino volverte un hombre de valor. - Albert Einstein

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A new question:

If I have a webpage where I speak about an organization, for example a broadcasting company, what property should I use to reference to its official website, 'sameAs' or 'url'?

Note: I'm using 'mainEntityOfPage' to reference to my webpage about that organization.

Thanks in advance!

A question that is part of reflection, part of doubt:

When using 'sameAs' property addressing an external URL like a Wikipedia or IMDB token, I imagine it's not compulsory to have this URL in our content, as 'sameAs' property is indicated to deambiguate entities.
Am I correct?
The doubt arises from the fact that everything that we include in our markup, in theory, must be in our content, but I understand that in the case of 'sameAs' is not necessary.

One question:

Google recommends to use 'telephone' property for LocalBusiness markup. Indeed, if you check your markup without this propety, SDTT gives you a warning.

I understand this but, what happens when you use 'contactPoint' property to markup your corporate contacts (where 'telephone' is requiered)? In this case is a nonsense to use again 'telephone' property outside 'contactPoint'.

Some light about this?

Thanks in advance!

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SDTT starts to show 'url' related errores in separated containers.

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Well, it seems SDTT continues giving errors for LocalBusiness (and more specific types), this time for 'image' property. All errors I found are always required properties for Restaurant markup. A bug or should we prepare for a future update?

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Hi folks!!!

What do you think about this:

Probably a new bug in SDTT? I don't see nothing about it in Google documentation about structured data for Local Businesses:

Image is required for Restaurants, but not for LocalBusiness (as shown in post example). And I can't found anything about priceRange.

I'll be waiting for your comments.

Hi All!!!

One question: for companies like Airbnb or Wimdu, which is the correct entity type? Organization? LodgingBusiness? I don't think something like RealStateAgent could be appropiate, couldn`t be?

What's your opinion?

Hi All!!!

Is this markup correct?

"contactPoint" : {
"@type" : "ContactPoint",
"telephone" : "+ XXXXXXXXXX",
"contactType" : "customer service",
"hoursAvailable" : {
"@type": "OpeningHoursSpecification",
"closes": "19:00:00" ,
"dayOfWeek": ["","","","",""],
"opens": "09:00:00"
"@type": "OpeningHoursSpecification",
"closes": "18:00:00" ,
"dayOfWeek": [""],
"opens": "09:00:00"

SDTT tells me that 'closes' and 'opens' properties cannot be duplicated.

Thanks in advance!

When marking up a page, can I use two entities as types for indicating the mainEntity of this page?

One example: Imagine I have a bookstore and I want to markup a book page. I use 'ItemPage' for marking up this page and use property 'mainEntity' to indicate waht the page is about (its main entity, of course). But here, I have my doubt: Can I use both 'Book' and 'Product' like this:

<script type="application/ld+json">
"mainEntity" : ["Product", "Book"],
"name" : "Title of the book",
"offers" : {
"@type" : "Offer",
"price" : "22",
"priceCurrency" : "EUR",

Or should I use only one of them?

Thanks in advance!

One question: In order to have the possibility of winning a KG panel for an organization, is it compulsory to have an individual Organization markup (or more specific type) in one of our pages or it can be inserted as a property inside another markup of any other page (for example ContactPage >> Publisher (Organization))
Thanks in advance!
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