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¡Nuevo fichaje!
El Wileyfox Swift 2 Plus acaba de llegar a la tienda 👏
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Why did you guys reduced the compatibility with other older Xperia Devices? I signed up for the Xperia Weather app beta as any normal person would do, and installed the app from Google Play. 
Now, since the update you pushed yesterday, it says my device is not compatible, but it is, as it's a Xperia M2, currently on Android 5.1.1 (18.6.A.0.182). 

Please, reconsider the device compatibility it again.

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New MultiRecovery update! 

 Changelog (from 0.7):
- Support of multimedia LED (D230x)
- Now detects if it's a 4.4 or 5.1 installation, using the same script for all.
- Optimized byeselinux
- Now we have 3 installers: PC, Flashable and Mobile (aka Emergency).
- Maaaaany bugfixes

Mobile (emergency):

Mobile installer steps:
Just download the Zip, extract the contents to your SD card or your Internal Memory, download a TERMINAL EMULATOR app, and execute the following commands.
cd /storage/sdcard1/

cd /storage/emulated/0


Good night guys! Today I'm bringing you some Headphone Quality Improvements for the Xperia M2.

I'm using a lot Spotify on my device since weeks ago, and I just compared the sound quality to my SHIELD tablet and it sounds somehow better, so I just had a look and modified some values thanks to some Dolby mods out there, and here's the result: Crispier sound + little louder.

[NEW LINK] Grab it from here:

Just flash thorugh recovery and enjoy ;)
And before anyone else asks... Yeah, it should be compatible with 4.4 as well as 5.1 (which works for sure since that's where I modified the files)

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MultiRecovery 0.8 Preview

Good night guys, just a quick post to show you some of the innovations and improvements related to our new MultiRecovery for M2 LBL and UBL, version 0.8.
In the video, as you can see, the bottom LED now turns on at the same time than the notification LED, using the same colors. (Sorry M2 Aqua owners, that's not going to work for you)

Also, some other improvements are the new installer, that now detects if you're on 4.4.4 or 5.1.1, no need to use a dedicated entry for 4.X and 5.1.1 installer separetly, and, we just need to improve TWRP so that it's able to make TA Backups and more. Once we got that, we'll publish it.

+Android File Host How can I, as a developer, add people to a certain group so that they can access a restricted folder? There's no 'Add' button :(

Z5 S.T.Y.L.E. Beta Releases Announcement

Today, I’m glad to announce a new beta program for Z5 S.T.Y.L.E. Inside it, I’ll be publishing more regular updates (latest stable release hasn’t been updated since it was published), to let users try experimental features and receive feedback from them. This implies that users that request join into the beta program need to be active, and have some minimal knowledge of Android.

– How to join
To join, you can just send me an email to sergiocastell [at] gmail [dot] com, or send me a PM. PS: I won’t reply any email non-related with Beta Program access requests.
Since we’re going to work in AndroidFileHost you’ll need to register there, and then, you'll need to follow me [] so that I can add you to the Beta group (AFH has been notified about this bug). To communicate between testers, we’ll use Google Hangouts. I’ll provide more info soon.
Of course, you’re not able to redistribute the beta packages, nor share them. If anoyone you know wants to join in, then redirect them here.

– The milestone
The goal of the project right now is to fix any errors from previous releases, and to bring back again some features that were removed. This will start from Z5 S.T.Y.L.E. 4.5b1 (Beta #1), and then, start adding new features in upcoming beta releases. Once we arrive to a state where everything seems to work as intended, it’ll be published to everyone, including those out of the beta release.

– Why?
As I said earlier, this can help both you and me. I get constant feedback from you, and you get the latest release as soon as I compile it.
So, hope you guys understand it. I’m waiting to hear from you.

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New Xperia Z3 MM Concept launcher. Supports Icon Packs made by Sony. Extracted right from the system. Flash via recovery and enjoy.
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Enjoy Cm13. Compiled by freack_v for D2302, so you need a patch in case you own a D2303, D2306, D2406, D2403.

Mirror in MEGA:!mtZRgBpS!2HrXpjyjdSVzvjK-8oXcednd7obDPAbeo347gqYTVFs
Download GAPPS from here:
Download LTE devices patch:
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