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I needed a quick way to inspect ScriptDb contents for a recent project so I did a viewer which some of you might find useful too.
How often do you guys use ScriptDb in your scripts and what are your thoughts about it so far? Please share in the comments.

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Cool beans! How do I test this? Do I need a doGet() somewhere? Apps Script community desperately needs a way where we can showcase our projects. Web Store is not ideal... I'm thinking of a GitHub for Apps Script...where you can fork and submit pull requests... and star a project... and also maybe have a README and an issue tracker. That would be awesome!
+Luca Matteis This was designed for spreadsheet-attached scripts. But you can turn it into a web app as well.
This community could be yet another place for a showcase.
I personally find Gist the best way to share and version script sources.
That is neat. I wish I had not made my object so complex. I am actually using script db to provide user properties for documents while hoping that properties other than description will become part of the mainline google drive . Transactions , backup and recovery in script db need a bit of best practice ideas.
Very useful- thank you. Here it is implemented as a webapp.

I use scriptDb all the time, , and had something exactly like this on my list of things to do. 

Here's a way of publishing, or expressing as json or jsonp, the contents of scriptdb

for example

Thank you again - im going to use this a lot.
+David French Yeah, the viewer treats the object like key/value pairs set. To visualize the branch structure, it's probably a good idea to add a tree view. Regarding file properties in Drive, I think Apps Script is the way to do it. I wouldn't expect custom metadata support in Drive API.
+Bruce Mcpherson Can't access your script as you haven't shared it.
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