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Millions of Americans oppose SOPA and PIPA because these bills would censor the Internet and slow economic growth in the U.S.. Two bills before Congress, known as the Protect IP Act (PIPA) in the Sena...
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Thank you for putting this on your front page. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance so I suspect the pressure will have to be kept up.
I'm impressed and pleased with Google's support and action in this protest. Well done Googlers!
Thanks for putting this on the front page! I wish it wasn't necessary.
On behalf of the internet community, I would like to thank you for your support.
why SOPA is dangerous : ██████ ███ █████ ██████ because ███████ #internet ███ #censorship is █████ ███████ ████ ████ █████ ...
+Sergey Brin Thank you so much for standing up for the internet. I know that this law would effect you, but for a giant like yourself to take a stand says alot.
You can bypass the Wikipedia block by stopping the page load before it redirects you. I wonder if they did this on purpose.
PIPA -- the US Senate counterpart coming up for a vote this week.
It's hard not to find it amusing that the acronym for Stop Online Piracy Act, SOPA, translates into TRASH in Swedish. Just saying..
is there liberty without piracy?
DEAR ████████████████████ INTERNET ███████████████████████ SOPA ███████████████ IS ████████████ WRONG ████████████████████ AND █████████████████ A █████████████████ MISTAKE. ███████████████ TELL EVERYONE.
Its a very sad news.....:(
I think you should inform people globally about SOPA, while only US citizens can stop the congress, the rest of the world should also become aware of the problem.
People are. Atleast among my friend (I'm german), people know and support anti-SOPA initatives.
@习近平 That might be correct. Does China export organs harvested from executed criminals? Does China oppress Tibetan minority? Does China allow appalling working conditions in their factories?
That little comment is really not what I had hoped for, it's a shame Google changes it's logo for every other dead poet bloke and then can't do it in support of the very freedom that has made it what it is, this is much more important than 90% of the normal logo changing events!
Great job! We'll probably need help in other countries as well!
Yep, in Germany there was an attempt to create a "three strikes"-Law.
+Niklas Schnelle pick a great point
A doodle is much importantly required for black day

I'm from Republic of Moldova (Europe). The petition form does not accept my zip code ???
+Niklas Schnelle +Himanshu Sagwal the logo change is visible to users of the US version of The main push is to get US voters to speak out on the issue, since it is our elected representatives in Congress that are embarrassing us with this bill.
The danger I see in this as a non-US Citizen, are the possibilities it might hold for the rest of the international community's citizens when their governments start taking a liking to these authoritarian laws.
China I believe already censors the internet, India is threatening with changes. African countries host a lot of governments who fancy Socialistic laws and it scares me (South African) to imagine the loss of Web freedom and freedom of speech we might suffer if our government takes a fancy to these kind of atrocities. Anti-Piracy itself I support fully, but don't use it's power to abuse other non-threats.
Even if the effects are only served in the US, by implication, it will still adversely affect the international community through loss of connectivity and data losses, etc.
+Neil Hoskins its not local,if it passes,every country justifies its own censorship by SOPA/PIPA around the world and those not having censorship will create their own version of censorship.
+Neil Hoskins ಠ_ಠ apart from, you know, the US Gov/most US companies holding root DNS and being forced to comply even if the site is, you know, not in the USA...
It's the first time ever we can't read "Google" in a doodle, right ?
Please consider joining the 24 hour site blackout in protest, replace Googles home page with a message about sopa.
+Neil Hoskins that was a community decision supported by majority of their users. Nothing happens in Wikipedia just because Jimmy wants it. Yet he could abuse his power easily.
Limited Liberty or unlimited Liberty?
Blind Liberty or Blank Liberty?
Defined Liberty or Indefinite Liberty?
Any kind of liberty can not be allowed to bind communication. Because:
That is human right.
Accessory of life or life style.
Especially, when it is "The Natural"
lol nvrm just saw they did blackout somewhat just missed it under my theme on google
Sergey, let's be brutally honest here. The decision of congress will depend on the highest bidder. That's how its been for a long time. The American people have come to accept that, for better or worse.

Since this decision will obviously hurt your investments, specifically YouTube among others, why can't Google just outbribe whoever it is that wants SOPA to be passed?
+Jacob Burrell you can't bypass the blocking even after stopping the page loading event. Even if you are getting 1st page only stranded then what is the use of that. You need to get the contents which you can't get anyway.
+Neil Hoskins If that were true, yes, there'd be a lot less to worry about. However, the proposed measures in SOPA/PIPA would have global effect; no website would be immune to their actions. I think it's very important that awareness of this issue is raised globally, not just within the USA.
not only economic growth in the U.S also other countries
That's wrong thing.....make a noise all over the world not only in US..
Freedoms are compromised in small portions.
we have just had al our copyright laws updated to include the internet in NZ and no one know what is legal to download now and there is a lot of uncertanty
DUSH ...thanx ..also other countries yaa ..esp middle east ..
Way to go guys !
Totally support this opposition to SOPA+PIPA from India, where the govt. is trying to do something more ridiculous by restricting content in the web. May be there is relation between all these happenings.
not only the web Blackberry .. also ..
i mean we are the victims ..
To protect yourself can you injure wohle the world ??????????????????
The USA can make black laws because she is the super power and "The might is right"
SOPA is not a "local policy dispute", as it would limit access to foreign sites or domains registered outside the US. Also, only the English language wikipedia is blacked anyway.
no we are not the victims.. we have a choice... question quesiton question.. always... always never be a victim! That is what empowers these stupid laws...
I'm not Americos, but also against ! Internet is socialism. Do not let yourself eggs pinch !
If it happens, it's time to create a new internet.
+Andrew Gerrand thanks for the info, I can only see German Google and even when switched to English it doesn't show the doodle, nice to hear it's in place even though I wouldn't oppose to it being shown internationally as this law will affect companies and people all over the world and there are is probably at least one similiar law in the works for every country in the world
SOPA/PIPA isnt about copyright/piracy its about destroying distribution models those companies dont control
no artist with any brains has sold their copyright to those leaches in years the music industry in CA has seen a 25% increase in $ spent on music in the last 10 years but the recording industry profits are down 20% (there is a difference between music industry and recording industry)
the reason is simple, artists dont need them anymore, the water monopoly is broken and the only artists you see on their side are 50-70 year old former coke addicts who havent made a record since, well when records existed...
a nice initiative +Sergey Brin ... (though i'd have liked something a bit more dominant on the home page) ... maybe if we all stick together we can do something about these ill-conceived bills ... i therefore decided to black out my profile (and that of +Cool Language Classes) too, to raise awareness amongst my hundreds of followers ... ;-) ...
Here in Spain the "Ley Sinde" (Sinde Law) is almost approved, it's the same as SOPA, but almost nobody knows or complains T_T
+Steven Swartz How are you ever going to stop other bad things with mass internet awareness if SOPA will pass and probably spread like cancer throughout the parts of the world that aren't being censored right now? But what you are talking about (these other things) are really bad and people should be aware of them as well and fight against them (well, I think most people know about the great firewall of China already). The thing about China and it's government is that they usually don't listen to the masses so it'll be a very very tough fight (even impossible without some drastic changes).
Great to see Google opposing SOPA. Let's hope that the US government isn't so corrupt that when it's clear the majority of people are against this, they actually stop trying to pass it through various means and don't just copy/paste it on the back of other legislation.
Dear Sir
+Sergey Brin
(Inventor,Co -FounderOf Google)

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I am a great fan of Google since long. I am very much interested in various apps of google. I have studied most of the services and apps Provided by google. I like that google appreciates the suggestions from the users from all around the world. I would also like to provide some suggestion for improvement if allowed. I have 101 Great Idea about Google Apps. This is the new like invention type.

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Bittu Gandhi
(Researcher, Web Developer, Author, International Record Holder)
Google is always ahead and so be it .We should respect Privacy and Liberty along with Freedom.
I think Google should blackout too :)
Replace "IP Thief" with "Communist" and you will find yourself back in the 50's with McCarthy.
SOPA is a little head. Say NO now, cause it doesn't have shoulders.
Hey, I was wondering if you guys would consider joining Wikipedia's protest efforts and blacking out Google for a day. It would be more more hard hitting than their site doing it since so many people per day visit, check email, etc. Under SOPA's regulations, had they been in existence when Google was founded, you might not have gotten as huge as you are. Censorship is completely unConstitutional and SOPA is very thinly disguised censorship under the guise of anti-piracy action. Please consider joining the protest efforts!
Blacking out Google for a day is like life without electricity!!!Our life would be like in the prehistoric era!
Social Media helps spread awareness, but the main Google search page.... So many visitors and so few aware.
well said....instead of war on poverty, racism and injustice, they r waging war free speech, liberty and freedom of information...pretty abusive
G+ is useful, Nate. Social Media is spreading the awareness quickly. Look at all the people asking wtf wikipedia on Twitter. I'm sure someone explained it eventually to the intelligent ones. However, the amount of people who use their homepage compared to the amount of people aware of SOPA is a very interesting ratio, and I think their blackout mark is pretty awesome. I'm glad they're throwing in thei support!
Ben Rey
Spend out tax money on real problems. This is a waste of time.
All digital media should be free, this way there would be no need for piracy.
The Internet IS links. These bills fundamentally oppose the way the Internet itself works. It is not unlike when publishers tried to outlaw copy machines fifty years ago, or the ability to have a record button on a radio. Problem is, that this time they are winning, almost our entire Senate agrees with the lobbyists.
( █ ) ███ ██████ ██ ████ ██ ████ ██████ ██ ████ ██ ████ ██████ ██ ████ ██ ████ ██ ████ ██ ████ ██ ████ ██ ████ ██.
This comment has been found in violation of H.R. 3261, S.O.P.A and has been removed.
Only YOU can help prevent the spread of politics. Don't forget to have your politicians spayed or neutered.
Hello ....... And as an American I would like to say ........... and.... would.... of..... naturally.... one...... That said G.... bless A...
Information wants to be free!The same applies to humans. The so called concept of "piracy" is dubious to its core. Humanity is not in danger because of "piracy". It is in danger because of corporation greed, corrupted politicians, rampage militarization, ecological destruction, mass poverty, software and gene patents, monstrous bank system to mention a few really negative factors among others. But because of "piracy"? Piracy is a name that is given to the free flow of information by some multinationals with huge profits. As a blowback, it is time for Pirate Parties to flourish worldwide!
I'm australian. I'm here for your support. And whilst I agree piracy is wrong. This isn't the way to go about it. This actually stops America's first Amendment. "Freedom of Speech." And if this is passed Places like Wikipedia, IGN, Facebook, YOUTUBE could be shut down is seconds. This has a gigantic effect on the rest of the world.
how about call your congressman/woman instead of signing something that they will not count.
I do agree that piracy is wrong. But as long as they put down the copyright, not just it tell the creator but also a media of promotion. I hope this problem will be resolved in a good way. :)
Glad to see the major tech companies supporting the cause. Google ftw.
How about shutting down google search for a few days, that would show character!
Доброго времени суток, уважаемый Сергей Брин. Не много не по теме, но я уже долго безуспешно пытаюсь к вам достучаться, а так есть шанс, что люди заметят и расскажут вам, а может и вы сами прочтёте. В общем это идея идеального интернет приложения, которая долго разрабатывалась мной и моей компанией.
Каждая перспективная, развивающаяся и уважающая себя компания заботится о собственном процветании, стремится к совершенствованию, к новым идеям, способным вывести компанию на все более высокий уровень, и именно поэтому я предлагаю Вам рассмотреть следующую идею. Я, Новоселецкий Александр ,будучи рядовым пользователем интернет-услуг, а конкретнее - услуг, предоставляемых компанией Google, заинтересован в удобстве и практичности. И идея, которую я предлагаю Вам рассмотреть, поможет добиться практически полного удовлетворения потребностей рынка, что на позиции вытеснит Ваших конкурентов как из Российского, так и из мирового рынка. А это в свою очередь еще больший доход, более высокая популярность среди обывателей и не двусмысленный намек на монополию Компании Google. Идея носит название " Google Racer " и состоит в следующем. В данное время существуют пожалуй сотни тысяч программ которые заявляют что они ускоряют интернет соединение, но ни одна из этих программ не могла бы похвастаться абсолютной популярностью, а компания Google ассоциируется у большинства пользователей со скоростью, поэтому необходимо создать принципиально новую программу, с громкой заявкой "интернет ускоритель от google", но в отличии от других ускорителей "Racer" будет иметь массу преимуществ, во первых , сторонние ускорители зачастую буквально навязываются вместе с необходимым пользователю файлом, а если файл скачивается из непроверенного источника, возникает подозрение, что файл заражён вирусом. "Google Racer" абсолютно безопасен! Во вторых ,большинство ускорителей не пользуются спросом по всего лишь одной причине к ним нет доверия, большинство ускорителей, сразу после скачивания и установки просят внести деньги на счёт без пробного периода, это мягко говоря вызывает не доверие. Не известная компания выпустившая неизвестный ни кому ускоритель не будет пользоваться успехом. К ускорителю Google, наоборот, доверие абсолютное. В третьих, большинство существующих сейчас ускорителей, действуют только по принципу тонкой настройки операционной системы, такой принцип приносит мало видимый результат, от чего компания Google только выиграет. В "Google Racer " помимо тонкой настройки операционной системы ещё при его установке, будут действовать ещё несколько принципов ускорения. Эта программа будет своеобразным загрузчиком, который ускоряет скорость загрузки файлов и с которым будет ассоциироваться любая загрузка на пк пользователя. Все файлы перед скачиванием загружаются/копируются на сервер, и раздаются пользователю через Вашу программу. Так же необходимо сделать "Racer" "полезным" для всех пользователей пк, путём ускорения не только DSL подключений, но и 3 и 4G подключений. Первый принцип ускорения - многопотоковость, этот принцип используется и в других загрузчиках ,но у "Google Racer" есть ещё масса преимуществ. второй принцип- беспорядочная загрузка файла с проверкой контрольной суммы, третий принцип-можно сделать что бы сами пользователи раздавали полученные файлы друг другу, как в протоколе BitTorrent, но в отличии от этого протокола не нужно будет искать файлы определенного типа, для успешного скачивания, любой файл который пользователь захочет скачать будет идти через "Google Racer".Во-вторых при отсутствии раздатчиков файл будет скачен довольно таки быстро, что тоже не маловажно. Третий принцип это упрощенная встроенная поисковая система Google, которая в ответ на запрос пользователя будет выдавать только файлы с информацией о них, используя при этом что то наподобие робота Googlebot-Image, только специализированного на файлах . Также большинство людей пользующихся безлимитным доступом в интернет, зачастую не знают что они хотят скачать, поэтому необходимо сделать встроенный каталог самых новых и популярных фильмов, музыки, игр и программного обеспечения, с удобной сортировкой по жанрам, а так же сделать на главной странице сайта Google вкладку Racer где можно будет скачать сам Racer и выбрать интересующий файл из каталога. Так же в самой программе необходимо сделать кнопку "тест" при нажатии которой пользователю наглядно будет показана скорость закачки без Racer, соответственно скорость закачки с Racer и скорость закачки которая будет если пользователь подключит кнопку "турбо"(о которой изложено ниже) и показать пользователю на сколько эффективней будет работать программа в процентном соотношении. У данной программы будет несколько недостатков, с точки зрения обычного пользователя. Первый это медленно открывающиеся страницы в браузере, поскольку программа будет расходовать почти весь запас скорости интернет соединения. Второй, это замедление online игр. Все эти недостатки можно устранить двумя функциями в программе. это игровой режим и пауза, в первом случае программа ускоритель будет автоматически ограничивать весь поток трафика при открытии пользователем online игры, во втором случае, соответственно загрузка приостановится. В совокупности всё что я перечислил позволит создать принципиально новый, эффективный и безусловно популярный ускоритель интернета.
Так как реализация этой идеи потребует существенных затрат, а с помощью рекламы не возможно будет быстро вернуть все потраченные деньги, необходимо сделать премиум доступ к этой программе, т.е. сама программа скачивается пользователем бесплатно, он пользуется ей абсолютно бесплатно, но за не большую плату он может получить ещё большую скорость, такой премиум доступ можно назвать кнопка "турбо" или что-нибудь в этом роде . Он позволит пользователю увеличить скорость скачивания за счёт увеличения потоков с вашего сервера, и снятия ограничений самой программы . Например пользователь DSl подключения использует безлимитный тариф с ограничением по скорости 1 мегабит, средняя скорость его загрузки будет составлять например 100-200 киллобит в секунду, с помощью вашей программы она повысится к примеру до 400-500 киллобит, а при подключении кнопки турбо, скорость будет на максимуме возможностей подключения. Компании это принесёт дополнительный доход. Если к примеру в России установить стоимость премиум доступа 10-15 рублей за один час премиума, то очень многие пользователи решат купить его. Можно также сделать несколько тарифов премиум доступа, например ночной и сделать его доступней, например 50-70 рублей, этот ход дополнительно увеличит рентабельность этого проекта. Также премиум доступ можно использовать в качестве вознаграждения по договорённости с различными торговыми сетями и online играми, так например при покупке компьютера в одной небольшой сети компьютерных магазинов,в моём городе, покупателям дарят два месяца пермиум доступа в игре Wrld of tnks. Это очень хороший рекламный ход для обеих сторон. Так же можно сделать премиум на один файл в независимости от его размера, например если пользователю необходимо быстро скачать какое либо приложение или фильм, это дополнительно привлечёт к покупке "премиума". Так же необходимо сделать, что бы данный ускоритель шёл вместе с браузером Google chrome, но при этом мог свободно интегрироваться и в другие браузеры, используя опыт проектов Google Chrome Frame и Global Internet Speedup, а при этом ненавязчиво давать понять пользователю, что с Google chrome, "Racer" будет работать ещё быстрее. В итоге всё что я перечислил, при хорошей рекламе принесёт большие доходы компании и позволит выйти на первое место в практически всех сферах интернет технологий.

Идея защищена. По вопросам покупки идеи вы можете связаться со мной
Hi, Sergey, Excuse me, what for you need liberty? Zopka, pipka, anything else ... Money are liberty, what more?..
implementing SOPA and/or PIPA imiplies killing internet...the end of this world WIDER web! :'(
Censor the Internet? Create laws to protect and to serve the public from 'malfeasance,' from abuse, etc., rather than censor the Internet.
(Create economic disincentives 'legally' to malfeasance, to abuse, etc., rather than censor the Internet.)
Le Minh
7 con vật trong lễ tạo ơn (tạ ơn chúa tạo ra Star (trước kia là US) gồm gà, bò tót, mèo, chuột, dê, cừu, lợn tương đương xanh, đỏ, tím, vàng, lục, lam, chàm. Các bang có màu nào thì ăn con tương ứng với màu đó
Did you know that ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) is much worse than SOPA? and the problem is that ACTA just passed in the United States, Australia, Canada, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand, Singapore, and South Korea.
an excellent post! us should look into this.
I spoke to the guy & was amazed at what is going on with human resources business... His business plan does explain the enormous potential in HR sector.
lol, Google plus told my friend that it's a spam filter, which doesn't allow link google plus network, my question is what kind of spam filter allow's you to display post's on your wall but not on another person's wall? hmmm....
How about all organizations opposed to SOPA and PIPA coming out with constructive suggestions to help fight piracy? Enlightened self-interest does not sound as opportunistic as plain opposition does.
i have a idea

Actualmente se puede observar que cada vez, el problema del calentamiento global aumenta y muchos no reflexionan sobre lo que está sucediendo e lo le importa nada, pero la realidad es que si no hacemos nada sufriremos y nuestros hijos en un futuro. por esta razón propongo lo siguiente:

Amigos, somos 7000 millones de habitantes en la tierra, y algo muy creativo podemos hacer como por ejemplo que en el mundo exista una campaña masiva y que todos los seres humanos en un día sembremos por lo menos un árbol cerca del lugar donde vivamos y este día puede ser por ejemplo el día del medio ambiente o cualquier otro, pero lo importante es que en ese día logremos sembrar aproximadamente el tamaño de la población mundial y con esta acción contribuimos a que 7000 millones de árboles puedan absorver una gran cantidad de Co2 de la atmósfera. Ahora si todos nos proponemos a sembrar uno diariamente hasta el mes.

La idea se puede transmitir por todos los canales de tv, radio, redes sociales de todo el mundo, y les aseguro que si insistimos lograremos el objetivo propuesto con una buena voluntad.

2) otra contribución es que partes de multas, comparendos a los ciudadanos sean para contribuir a cuidar el medio ambiente, a aquellas personas que queman basuras y provoca incendios forestales que no vayan a la carcel como cualquier persona que cometa delito sino que se capaciten sobre la importancia de cuidar el medio ambiente y las consecuencias que causa su destrucción.

Que por cada basura que se arroje al suelo, la policía obligue a recoger 2.

Estoy seguro que si todos tenemos la voluntad de hacer lo propuesto, podemos
With my ideas google + earn more advertisers. I'll be straight, have enormous potential to make money by improving the social networks becoming more competitive and profitable. What this is more difficult is to get in contact with those responsible for them. This became a major challenge despite being "network partners".
I think Google is quite clear and open about info collected. But Google is welcome to use our opt-in tracking product, which in addition generates billions of page views, coupons or Google+ notifications to people before they even go on the internet with the ON button. Over 1,000 UCLA students signed up in the first 24 hours. Reach out and always be first! The power to always be first! And who doesn't want to be first?
I am against piracy that's why I have opened my blog on blogspot to share useful information as a student by myself.
Just share information, learn acquire knowledge at my blog - Useful Info Sharing at
With my ideas Google + gets much, much more advertisers, people and surpass the competition, but as it is difficult to speak with someone at Google, I find it easier to talk to God, if you can help me talk to someone important I in advance thank you . I'll be straight, have enormous potential to make money by improving the social networks becoming more competitive and profitable. What this is more difficult is to get in contact with those responsible for them (social networks). This became a major challenge despite being "network partners". I just want 30 minutes of your time, I'm not looking for jobs but gain from the sale and implementation of such ideas, if you implement the competition lost out, so I think it is worth talking.
Why don't they focus on regulating the banks before they try to regulate the internet. The only problem with that idea, for our government, is that it makes too much sense!
People that do not use and/or understand the Internet are the ones that want to restrict it. I am satisfied that Google does a fantastic job of protecting me from hackers and storing my email so that I know it is there, even if my computer fails. Google and the Internet are changing the world and some people want to go backwards because as the status quo they are losing ground. Many oldline companies are going under because they don't update fast enough and don't attract creative people. The future belongs to creative people.
The Feds have a real problem on their hands don't they Sergey.. I have been wondering why we need a Federal Government that seems to have forgotten their purpose.. I have no retirement, no dental, no health insurance and no expenses.. Do you think they could show the Chinese that they are serious about tightening their belts and do the same?? What happened to our Statesmen.. how did we end up with such disgusting filth.

Headed for Sky diving training in Lodi CA.. any pointers?
people get greedy and forget there true porpes.
Dear Mr. Brin,

I would like to ask you to express your attitude towards the "Internet blacklist law", which was adopted in early July by the State Duma of Russia (

Will it really help to protect children from pornography and other harmful sites? And is it better or worse than SOPA or Cybersecurity Act?

The fact is that opinions are now divided in Runet - as it turned out, about 73% of Russians approve this law ( /

But we are sure that the law will significantly limit the freedom of speech and action in the Web. If it is possible, please you’re your brief comment on the issue.

Best Regards,
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