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Incredible. It was just a handful of months ago that +Vic Gundotra and I were at the office late one day talking about how to make communication on what was to become Google+ really dynamic. The discussion turned to the video conferencing technology that another team was building with a completely different product in mind.

"I bet you can just throw that into profiles with a couple of lines of javascript," I said mostly sarcastically to goad him on. Sure enough about 15 minutes later we were participating in our first hangout thanks to some amazing engineering footwork and maybe a bit more than a couple of lines.

It is amazing for me to see this feature now used for such a distinguished event as the one below between the +Dalai Lama and +Archbishop Desmond Mpilo Tutu not to mention of course how honored we are that they are using Google+ overall.
Dalai Lama originally shared:
His Holiness the Dalai Lama will have a conversation with Archbishop Desmond Tutu by live video over a Hangout (Google+'s video conferencing platform) as part of the Inaugural Desmond Tutu Peace Lecture in Cape Town, South Africa, on October 8, 2011, starting at 10:30am South African time (GMT+2.00). A link to the Google+ Hangout will be available approximately 20-30 minutes before the event begins.
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Indeed, a huge progress and breakthrough !
I hope to see more celebrities and influential figures begin to join Google+. Any real addition is a nice addition.
congratulations on the sucess of g+

we all love it
Google is the best! Keep up the good work, do no evil, y'all! :)
I guess I imagined a brainstorming session with dozens of ideas explored and iterated in loops. Thanks +Sergey Brin for the insight in how Google still switches direction and innovates on a dime just like a small startup would.
Amazing work Sergey. Innovation is the key to making the world a better place :)
I love that they are able to hold this meeting using Google services. Just goes to show the importance Google services can be in helping people who cannot travel and get together due to government policies (the South African government denied the Dalai Lama a visa to visit Desmond Tutu and attend the Peace Lecture because of pressure from China).
Talk about reaching a new demographic! This is so cool for Plus!
Couldn't agree more, +Sergey Brin. +Vic Gundotra and his crew have built something truly special. Well done - and congratulations - to everyone at Google for being so damn awesome that you came up with this platform.
The conversation is part of the inaugural Desmond Tutu Peace Lecture in Cape Town, South Africa. The Hangout will be held tomorrow (Saturday, October 8) at 10:30 am South African time (GMT +2:00). Unfortunately for US readers, that's 4:30 am Eastern, 1:30 am Pacific. No plans to share the video later via YouTube have been announced, but it's a safe bet that the video will be available soon....
Social Media changed the world and Google+ is changing the social media. Thanks for G+.

Talking about a couple of lines of coding, tomorrow is Silicon Valley Code Camp's first day. Stop by. Who knows, you may find a diamond in the rough.
leo kun
if there's a will, there's a way.
jesse s
Nice one Sergey ;)
This is a great example of the importance of access to social media services and the power they offer those who cannot communicate otherwise. This is why social media services, such as G+, need to be as inclusive, not exclusive, as possible and not exclude people on the basis of their choice of name.

+Kee Hinckley +Botgirl Questi +CathiBea Stevenson +Jon Pincus +Craig Velenski
+Larry Page +Vic Gundotra Its awesome and that's why I love Google.. Couple of suggestions..
1. Please make a better Google TV and bake this into it.. A 10 foot experience for G+ hangout will be far better..
2. Please introduce some "immersive communication" technology in hangouts .. that will be killer .. With the computing power Google servers have, it is only possible by Google..
3. The G+ users should be able to start a group video chat with their chosen (up to) 10 person and then make it a public hangout.. basically the starter of the hangout should be able to pick and choose the participants.. (I mean a formal group video chat system)


If unmanned vehicle is possible then this should be Google's kids play..
The huge irony here is that we have someone who is discriminated against, and he was able to use Google+ to bypass that discrimination.

I have friends who would like to use Google+ in exactly the same way, but they can't. Why? Because they aren't famous enough to persuade Google to violate the guidelines about allowed names. They can't use titles and alternative names here. Only famous persecuted people can get away with it.
Google Plus It's the best we're looking forward to the full product and enjoy it :D...
Saludos desde Argentina
leo kun
+Kee Hinckley , i think google reserves the right to be discriminatory for it's free service. it's their site anyway, not yours. to allow some not to use real names is their discretion, and is an act of grace rather than discrimination. if you were really after fairness, maybe google should be charging us for the services they render. i doubt your friends have been shown any unkindness.
+leo kun Google is certainly free to do use its service as it sees fit. However, it would certainly be helpful if they treated all their users equally. To advantage some over others, and then trumpet how wonderful it is that these advantaged users can do things here is disrespectful and hurtful to those without similar access. That is indeed an unkindness, as you put it.

As for charging us, they do. We provide them with demographic data and history which they use to amass profiles to sell to their true customers - advertisers that pay them. We are not getting this for free, we simply are paying in a currency other than money.
Hope you can enhance gtalk feature, Try to learn something from Chinese SNS tool named as "QQ".
I love G+.
leo kun
+Alex Grossman , i think it is a privelege for +Archbishop Desmond Mpilo Tutu and +Dalai Lama to be cited by google's +Sergey Brin. it does not in any way mean any unkindness or unfairness to other artists who wished to be treated the same. in the same way, it is a privelege to be allowed to use non-real names, and does not mean unkindness or unfairness to other non-real name users.

the last time i checked, i paid nothing for this service, not even demographic data. it's free and voluntary. advertisers paid for it.

now going back to topic, +Sergey Brin simply wanted dynamic communication , and that is what is demonstrated here in google plus, especially in this particular hangout. kudos, google+ team!
+leo kun If you think it's acceptable for some users to be more equal than others, that is your right. Personally, I find it distasteful that all users are not treated equally nor offered equal access to all features of a "free" service.
If you want dynamic conversation - come up with a way to fork this comment thread off into different topics.

Something like a conversation jungle - tags won't cut it as they're too short - but perhaps topics, in which comments and ideas can be weighted much like StackOverflow. Or perhaps circles for comments or threads.

Anyways, SA Government won't let Jesus into the country without a passport.

All the comments about G+'s anonymity policy could for example have been forked off somewhere more relevant... I personally support the G+ policy, anonymity is the cause of more harm than good on the net, but in this thread it's off topic!

Hmm... perhaps a sidebar using something like the fabulous open-source touchgraph plugin...
It's amazing that there are people here who are still confusing the concept of a "real name" with a "common name".

FACT: The +Dalai Lama 's account is NOT in violation of Google's policy.

Please stop being so bitter. Instead, try to understand the policy.
+Steve Jaszczak I'm not being bitter and I do understand the difference between "real name" and "common name". My reaction is based on the fact that friends of mine were indeed using their "common name" but were still suspended from G+. They were not being anonymous.
Wheres the "vote to fork" button so I can fork all your off-topic comments somewhere else?
Sorry Alex, I didn't mean I thought you were bitter. It was more general than that.

I just think it is disrespectful for post to descend into disputes like thus where the person concerned is not in violation of the policy. It's simply not the right place to have this conversation.
Ha! Even the super Pro's still believe that everything can be done in just 'a few lines of code' ... Glad I'm not alone!
I will be there to see great leaders to get some glimpse of them and may be ....may be gain some wise words to incorporate in my life.
"A link to the Google+ Hangout will be available approximately 20-30 minutes before the event begins." +Sergey Brin +Vic Gundotra Often this step is forgotten by folks hosting a Hangout, with the hectic procedures of getting everything in order... Less than 10 minutes before start and no link yet. Maybe Google+ should have some automated mechanism to do that instead of people having to edit a previous post in-the-heat-of-the-moment.
Neo Xu
Live video is great. But I don't think Dalai is the first one to use the feature. Why didn't cheer for some ordinary people who had already used live video communication before?
Thank you for providing this incredible enabling technology!
Tecnologia importantíssima para o atual século...
+Alex Grossman while you absolutely have the right to your own views, I have no problems with Google's real names policy (and believe me I have followed quiet a bit of the arguments that have raged here on the issue). Google has allowed some people to be identified here by their popular names (the name/title by which most people identify them). If you say Dalai Lama, I know who you are referring to; but if you say "Tenzin Gyatso", I have to Google that name to learn who is being referred to. I won't call this the case of "one being more equal than others".
we all love this service!!!
Sir, it is my honor to write comment here. I've a suggestion, hope you'll consider. Google launched something recently called Dynamic Views which is really amazing! Can you tell "I bet you can just throw that into profile with a couple of lines of javascript," sarcastically to goad Vic again? I bet this "7 new ways to view a profile" will be better than Facebook's Timeline profile page, just saying.

Not that you should integrate this to G+ because Facebook did something, you should do it improve Google+. If done this will become one of the important features like Hangouts and Circles. To end, the work you planned do tomorrow, do it today and the work you planned to do today, do it now. If you feel this is right, don't delay! Thank you!
Lets hope for that. That is my wishlist to avoid another world war between two powerful nuclear neighbors.
+Nandlal Shah We we are already in a world war. We've been since 2001, and it's only spreading.
esas son las personas se destruyen unas a otras...!!! Saludos desde México
+Ivan Vučica I agree if you referring USA and terrorism world wide but I was referring to political "world" wars between India and Pakistan involving rest of the allies to both countries. Ultimately...both are "separated" siblings at birth so why can't they leave symbiotically...
excellent another feather in google's cap
you are really google of inventions......! 10^100^n
I'm pleased to see this and really enjoying G+... the momentum is building.
This is good for Google/G+!!!,mainstream media world wide will talk about this in their news.
Nothing like the magic created when problem and talent are proximal.
Wow, if that meeting wasn't for the greater good, I don't know what is.

I can't wipe this big smile off of my face.

To ALL the Google machine...nicely done!
Remember, comments do not go to the original post. This is Sergey Brin's post about making the technology available, not the Dalai Lama's post announcing the hangout.
It seems quite on topic to discuss how Google has also chosen to restrict the availability.

The argument "If you say Dalai Lama, I know who you are referring to; but if you say "Tenzin Gyatso", I have to Google that name to learn who is being referred to" highlights a fundamental flaw. By that logic, "Jes Wulfsberg Nielsen" should not be allowed, since I am pretty sure you have no idea who that refers to, either, without digging back through various links and references.
A more logical criteria would be if people are known by that name within the target audience they potentially want to reach. Now, interestingly, that is pretty much exactly what the ToS says, but obviously not how it is being enforced. That seems quite worthy of bringing to the attention of a top Googler when talking about access to technology.
Your Holiness. You have apparently found the Google Earth as a communications platform. I see that right?
i like the technology. U are real the greatest of all social networks. I love G+
Google You "Rock"! +Sergey Brin Please start a weekly Hangout "Great Thinkers of Our Time"!
Why Google+ still doesn't beat Facebook and what best Google can do

I admit Google+ has several advanced features over Facebook/Twitter, such as video conferencing, circle-based access control, always-on HTTPS encryption, circle sharing, etc. But do you know why people at large still don't switch to G+?

Because in order to switch, there must be a transition period, during which people will visit both Facebook and G+ until all their friends are on G+. (Tweets can be embedded in Facebook so we only consider Facebook here.) Until then can they get rid of Facebook entirely.

But most people probably don't want to go to both Facebook and G+ for a period because Facebook already serves their basic needs well: exchanging updates and photos with friends. After all, ordinary people just need a Notepad, not an ultra-advanced text editor.

Facebook is like Apple, a totally closed kingdom. History has proven that proprietary kingdoms like Apple are very hard to die; they always have a bunch of die-hard fans even if the majority of the market is dominated by an open architecture: PC.

So, like it or not, Facebook will continue to live. The best Google can do is to implement an open architecture/protocol for social networking, just like the email protocol is for asynchronous communication. I believe "Next-Generation Blogging" (NGB) is a very cool idea to do this, and Googler +Brad Fitzpatrick is already working on it. See this vivid illustration for what NGB is:
Oh I have missed this.It was over 8 hours ago.I have questions to ask him on the Tibetian skill of reading aura around a person.
It is such a BIG Appreciation within itself!!!!!
Hangout is really a very excellent service offered by Google.
Incredible platform that google created, Congratulations on innovation and the means for making communications easier and simplified.
+Sergey Brin can you create a product that will show users a schedule of handouts that are coming up (possibly integrating it into calendar so you receive an alert/push message beforehand)?
can you create a -1 button for some comments?
(possible acting as a personal block or down weighting for that person)
And the mindless spamming on Google+ starts. Seriously, keep it on Facebook.
+Thomas Wrobel I like the idea of the '-1' button. It will be something like a moderation scheme for whatever is at hand at the moment. One can also vote nonesense down into oblivion. But - has Reddit copyrighted it's schema?
G+ huddle is great. Helps breakdown geographical barriers. Would be nice if there is some video recording feature to youtube because not all of us are in the same timezone ... the world is round!

Must be great having this talent and resource during brainstorming... Why not get some really positive publicity by getting some Googlers to donate their 20% time to selected startups that offer the biggest potential of adding new jobs and or have the greatest positive impact? Open the innovation flood gates by letting Googlers seek out startups directly via Google +1. Let's get the whole innovation and entrepreneurial industry on Google Plus with one simple public statement of Google raising the standard in giving back. #harvest
Has anyone found a transcript of the recording? I got nothing through googling' and it was hard to follow his Holiness, esp. with the language barrier, lagged time, echo'ing and loopbacks.
+Vic Gundotra +Sergey Brin now that you have Google Translate, perhaps you can look into Google Close-Captioning to make these events even more accessible?
This is great for Google+ but, as a South African, it's very embarrassing that it can't be face to face after our government again refused the Dalai Lama a visa (China give the ANC tons of money - so whatever China wants they get)
+Ziyuan Yao "The best Google can do is to implement an open architecture/protocol for social networking, just like the email protocol is for asynchronous communication."

They did. It was called Wave Federation Protocol, and could basicly do everything.
Sadly they killed it far too soon - presumbly getting a poorly recieved interface mixed up with a poor protocol. WFP could basicly do everything G+ could do in terms of communication as a subset of its possibilitys.
WFP could let us have realtime federated communication with selectively shared information - nothing else has come close to this.
+Thomas Wrobel Yeah, I know that. Probably the problem is WFP (among other "distributed social network" initiatives) became too complex and by being complex it ran into troubles. We can instead start out by improving something people already adopt and are familiar with: the blog. By adding "real-time broadcasting of new posts to subscribers" (see: PubSubHubDub also by +Brad Fitzpatrick) and circle-based access control, we can turn blogs into social networking nodes, and then, there won't be a need for "social networks" like Facebook at all because the blogsphere itself will already function as a virtual, global social network.
I will be happy to Skype in for that meeting provided it is open.
When you see a translation of the messages button on your tongue? I am not against the inclusion of automatic translation.
+Ziyuan Yao ". By adding "real-time broadcasting of new posts to subscribers" (see: PubSubHubDub also by +Brad Fitzpatrick) and circle-based access control,"

In principle, yes, but adding selective publishing is actualy a very hard step. The blog has to be put behind a login (else it doesnt know what you can see) - and as people cant be expected to login to everything they want to read, what they want to read then has to come to them. So either the posts have to come to the blogs sever (like email = bad, inefficiant imho), or the user needs to gain permission to view data on other servers. Then you get to sycning issues - get updates in the right order is itself tricky. (as all servers probably different...inaccurate...times as well as difrferent lags between them)

Frankly, I'm pretty sure youd just end up with WFP again by the time you solve all that. You might get better/easier base code, but I think it would basicly end up the same thing. And if thats the case, why not just build a new codebase or server for the existing WFP protocol?

You could, of course, make a WFP client more like a blog to use or host on your server - easyness of devleopment and use is a big factor.
I'm just not convienced you would be better of with a new protocol.
+Thomas Wrobel Let's make it simpler:

Suppose I have an NGB account:, and I have a friend who has an NGB account too:

Now if I visit her NGB in a clean browser (i.e. without any login cookies), what I could see is obviously her "public posts" only, just like what we'd see in a G+ user's profile stream if we don't log in with G+.

If I want to see her private NGB posts that are available to me, it had better to be done in my own NGB's user interface. In this way, my NGB will automatically prove my identity to her NGB and then get her private posts for me.
+Thomas Wrobel The sync issue is new to me. I think a NGB post's original author's NGB should be the authority to track all ensuing comments coming from other NGBs, like a concurrent versioning system. But I'm really not into the details in this, so maybe +Brad Fitzpatrick has his own solution, or maybe they'd use WFP.
The banner ad promoting this feature got me to click and join, and I like what I see. Unfortunately, none of my Facebook friends are on Google+. There is a "critical mass" issue here, and it is going to be fascinating to see how you guys solve that problem.
Dynamic would be adding the Google+ feed to the Friend Stream widgets on Android... but that also makes sense so...
+Chad Buie Facebook is not on the right side of history anyway. Can you imagine if you had to subscribe to multiple telephone companies in order to be able to call all your friends? That's absurd! Likewise, social networking shouldn't be like what it is today :-(
to the whole google team i really love the google+ interface just in love with it it like an artwork you guys really nailed it this time n i wish google+ seek s all d social networkers!!
Sergey, since your new here, i'm gonna let u gmail, as far as +-[fan fanta fantasy]++ as i sa y
i just wish you guys made it a tiny bit more clear on how to find your friends on here..i LOVE the circles though...and the simplicity....oh and on my wish list...have a button on my flickr stream to instantly share my uploads on my stream here like it had for that other need to mention names...haha!
oh and i am brother is going to be working for google in a couple of weeks...whoot whoot....hhmmm now to go download google chrome...might was well become a total convert...
Looks like Google+ is actually working - considering all the skeptics :)
Sergey, i believe hangout is going to change the world for the better. I've taught a language class for 6 weeks in hangout, with participants all over the country. Worked very well. Thank you.
just wait until someone makes a poker app for it.
Hi Serg! Please, tell me something about your past. Собственно, есть 2 интересующих вопроса:
1) как ты сумел выбраться за пределы совка в свое время (возможности, в т.ч. финансовые? семья была способна обеспечить или как-то подфортило?)
2) вопрос следовала задать первым, ну да ладно... язык-то родной помнишь?) я не патриот (тем более кроме географического положения душе "болеть" тут не за что, все продали и своровали... впрочем ты в курсе, разумеется), просто интересно знать;)
спасибо за внимание и.. мм.. твои творения и идеи, воплощенные в жизнь, мы, миллионы хомячков, ими в той или иной мере постоянно пользуемся)
How many years you have left? Wish you a quick death!
Are you God? To wish death upon someone?
Google Hangouts it's the best! I have meetings with my friends that are far away physically!!
I love Google+ :)
Haven't been able to get it to work yet. Maybe you need a few more lines of Javascript.
Stupendous, absolutely stupendous
Hi Sergey: I was wondering if you (or your secretary) read all your mails and comments everyday? I would really like to show you something but I'm afraid that it will never be read. Is there someone working in Google here that I can talk to? Thanks a lot. 
Hi Sergey,
i have a conclusion about social networking. I found now on internet peoples want their own site.Own site means their own domain name and interface designed by them but hosted free and maintained by other,so they can say their friends "SEE THIS IS MY OWN SITE".This is the time to give user more freedom then existing social networks.

when peoples operates website first they click on BROWSER which is now free, second they type domain name and third
they need space which is also free like youtube.

1st is free 3rd is free so make 2nd also free it only gives the true freedom.
Hi sergey, i have a very interesting new ALGORITHM, but i can´t contact with you or Larry, my mail is 09.
How about a video from you or Larry on Google's overall social strategy or vision for Google+. Not to give away the store but just to provide insight. Thanks.
hola tengo un puedo entrar a los juegos alguien me ayuda porfa!!!!
enteresting that one of the creators of this wonderful tool does not use it
请把旧版Google Reader换回来吧,新版刷白刷白的看着很不舒服,也缺乏稳定感。
+Sergey Brin What do you say to all of the people who ask whether you will eventually become more engaged on Google+?
Mantaps, pisan oeh
io non ho un problema
ma un suggerimento
molte persone ignorano l'uso corretto
di g+ sarebbe bene se tecnicamente
possibile far comparire una breve istruzione
su ogni profilo le persone cosi' userebbero
al meglio g + e voi avreste un grande ritorno d'immagine poiche' non tutti sono in grado di capire le dinamiche internet
cio' per concepire g + user friendly
cesare casadonte


l' uso di g+



sotto ogni indirizzo

che sta sul motore

di ricerca



g +
Lama looser. I dont believe or trust in Budda (Budda not looser) I believe and trust to biznes fighters
thanks for the donation to wikipedia!

Wait for the perfect home - without beginning, without end
The words paint the fate - the power of words to lead
And write his poem - a poem of all peoples
How wonderful life time - for saints and monsters

I live, I see the Planet
True, false - you need only goal
See the point where they no
I shake it around ...

Then swears - laughing
Crossed out the soul of the Planet
Infinity gives me
It's Power - Sea - Land

Wisdom - the strangeness of deception
For the creators - works
Life - bait for the trap
Destiny - laughter ... and the rotation

This Hangout conversation was one of the primary reasons I decided to join G+. I'm looking forward to more of these types of experiences.
Zoran z
Suggestion for Google+
Excuse me if disturbing, but I should (to) say something that could be, or is, very important about Google+ (or users).
I wrote last year on my blog about the deficiencies on the YouTube channel, and some similar are here. Google+ in addition to the YT has some disadvantages resolved, but not all, and not now the most important, and it is possibility for separately publishing selected circles (groups) together with the name of each circle (group).
By publishing few circles with their names and sorting the members in them as desired, by hierarchy, users could very easy, meaningful and really say very much about themselves.
Here are example of desirable, needed or required 5 public circles or groups: - (neg), ?- (queneg), ? (que), ?+ (quepos), + (pos).
请问,自然界里什么动物胸最大?. . . 答曰 :“斑马!”。。。为什么呢?因为斑马的英 文叫做:Z-Bra(zebra)!!!!
I have been waiting for a dynamic video conferencing/class platform where world leaders and teachers can meet & teach. Google is always on the cutting edge, I have been blessed with lots of success google provides my little spa with 50+ people a month.
hey everyone. my name is Nicholas (a.k.a. Santa Claus) I am new to this circle thing. A typewriter is all I've used in the North Pole. Add me to your circles! Merry Christmas! (Almost)
We’ve all heard all the uproar about Dolly the cloned sheep, and now I see we have the Dolly lama too. Pretty soon we’ll have a Dolly alpaca, and a Dolly Camel. It’s ridiculous. When will it end?
Dear Mr. Brin: 

Is Google interested in Content-Based Social Networking?  We have patents that can enable Google+ on  the content of the entire internet.  They can expand the reach of Google+, by putting it on all of the internet's content.  

Please let me know.  


Jack Robinson
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