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If you haven't followed the Pussy Riot "trial" in Russia, I recommend you read Garry Kasparov's eye opening account of the state of freedom of expression under Putin.

There was shock, if no real surprise, at the verdict against Pussy Riot on Friday. Despite whispers of leniency, I never doubted that a conviction and prison term would result. Not because they violated anything in the Criminal Code, which, as of this writing, is still freely available on the Internet. No, Pussy Riot's actions were hateful toward religion only in breaking the First Commandment of today's Russia, "Thou shalt not take Putin's name in vain." ...
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Thanks! Pressure creates pressure vice versa. Putin should know this! So what is he heading for?
Russia has strong man disease again. It is rather scary to consider what is really happening there.
Ussr, you're good. It's the retunr of the tzars or Stalin. Life expectancy had dropped for men from 15 years in the last past years...... 
Another "put-the-chicken-into-vagina" lover. Take them and let them dance in your temples, not ours.
Bo Stern
An extremely disturbing and sad trend, which I'm sure most young russians deeply resent ..
+Nikita Gorlov What is your opinion? Let us know, please! May be there is some mistake in communication ...
Putins regime is happy. 
Pussy Riot has sit in face to million simple (or ordinary if you like it) Russian people. Only a small bunch of intellectuals can perhaps see trough the form of the protest the true aim. 
General public is offended. 
For Russia church is a sacred place.
Because of true believers and church during Soviet dictatorship people of Russia survived. Nowadays leadership of church has been too close  to Putin's party. 
Yet it still does not mean that masses will see that "striker run" of PR as a symbolic act that will lead to a change of system. 
21 years ago Soviet era began to collapse un USSR and countries gained their freedom. 
It happened with dignity. With true acceptance of the people. 
PR tears Russia apart and the winner is Putin who nowadays gets more respect from regions because of protecting church as a place where such actions are not allowed..
Very worrying. The thought of gulags sends shivers down my spine.
Russia seems to have a long history of these gulag style rulers....Stalin come to mind? Putin isnt there of couse but his style of leadership is heading that direction. No wonder so many are fleeing "his" country. May be time for a Russian Spring. Power to the people...
+Monika Schmidt My opinion about Pussy Riot. They got what they deserved. First they put chicken into vagina at the mall, then they arrange an orgy in a museum, then they sing offensive songs in the main church of the country.
Above one can see brainwashed mind in action.
+Nikita Gorlov But 2 years of working station???? it is not worth! I mean: pussy Riot are "girls" protesting against anything they do NOT like. Ok. It's the "right" of youth to do so. It's the only way changes can start!
AND: there MUST be a reason for this anger of Pussy Riot: this is the theme Putin should look at - not the ladies who tell it !
Pussy riot have shown the world what type of leader Putin actually is, the victory is with the Russian people 
+Monika Schmidt If someone will put a chicken into vagina in front of your house, will you tolerate it?
+Monika Schmidt And what punishment you think should be? In my opinion they should be sent to forced labor, where they would wash toilets.
A few questions:
Who giving moneys for: Kasparov and co?
What would be with those girls after such action in the mosque?
What would be with those girls after such action at the holly place of any Africa tribe?
What would be with those girls after such action in the your garden (territory, flat etc)? Same question, but at 01:00 A.M.

And just some thought about Russia and the world:
Norway (Kuweit etc) have high living level
They have oil - it is obviously. it is good.
Russia's economics growing
Oh no! it is just oil and gas. They are stupid. They don't have anything except oil and gas.

Stop double standards

Democracy in USA
CONFLICT IN GEORGIA: American girl tells the truth live on FOX News
may be it's time for a road to Putingrad
+Nikita Gorlov With much of the russian press now censured or gagged I wonder how these "news reports" are disseminated and/or trustworthy ... 
+Monika Schmidt Most likely the verdict will be changed. Mikhail Fedotov  (adviser to the Purin) said that the verdict on PR was a mistake.
About half a year ago I read Day Of The Oprichnik by Vladimir Sorokin (, and I thought it was one of the most scary and unbelievable books I've ever read; now I think Russia has a good chance of heading in exactly that way.
What's going on in Russia is shameful. Real crime is going unpunished, girls protesting in a way that gets noticed gets you two years in a labor camp. Surely the problem here is pretty obvious?
+Valeriy Buev, читать как "чушь" ну и в том что не ожидал  тут увидеть это..
What all you new-world commentators fail to understand, is that Russians don't think like Americans. Raiding a church to stage a punk is going to attract the West's attention, yes, and may get the sympathy of some very progressive Russians. For most Russians, however, these people have broken the law and religious sanctity. I don't think you could storm a church in my home country of Belgium and get away with just a warning. And that is a very secular country.

True, 2 years is very, very harsh. But don't tell me Pussy Riot did not know what the consequences could be if they made such an open attack on Putin's name and attracting so much media attention to it. Even if he did call for leniency, he could not let such an act go unpunished as it would mean a series of attacks on his name.

And yes, in the West we think this should be possible. Russia has a different political culture. Doing something like this, is a bit like burning the flag in front of the White House after wiping your rear end with it. You have to see it in that context.

And until that happens, Americans will never understand the rest of the world, including not only Russia and China but also Europe. Get out of your shell and take your time to understand.
"Once gained power we will never give back." - Władysław Gomułka, USSR's puppet in Poland, 1945.
+Bo Stern US project as a source? You kidding me... It's all a part of Information warfare.
The Pussy Riot case is instrumentalized by western media to try to make Putin look like a dictator. It's presented in a way that makes people think that the only think Pussy Riot did was badmouth Putin. The following link contains videos and pictures of Pussy Riot members which will allow you to make an educated opinion of what kind of people they really are. (NSFW)
+Nikita Gorlov No, I do not believe anything around ...
But I'm thinking: Could it be? Does it make sense? ...
+Bo Stern I hate to say but Freedom House is not a respectful source for many people as long as it is mostly financed by US State Dept. and was once ruled by an ex-CIA director. Sorry.
So Brin: Will you support the Russian opposition with some of all your (well earned) money?
IIRC Kasparov played two matches against Putin and both times he miscalculated the position on the table and he lost.

Whether Putin is an evil dictator or not, "Pussy Riot" seems like a cheap show.

Personally, I really don't like orcestrated attacks of various NGOs. 
Their sole existance puts many doubts on the western "democracy" values.
Pussy Riot have made a great PR. Soon they will be released and will go on tour around the world to earn millions of dollars. The main purpose of their performances - publicity. And they are succeeded.
НАШИсты засрали и тут все) клоуны)
дадада В МИЧЕТЬ их!!
+Nikita Gorlov 

That's hardly a success. They weren't even imprisoned.
Work camp is NOT prison.

Every REAL revolutionary HAS to earn LONG prison term te be credible.

What kind of pussy would brag with "whole 3 months" in youth camp ?
+Valeriy Buev No, most Americans simply don't give a damn about what is going on abroad but they will immediately topple any government which encroaches on their constitutional rights. They deserve respect for that.
+Dmitry Khopryachkoff Знаешь в чем особенность таких как ты? Всех, кто с вашим мнением не согласен вы называете НАШИстами, кремлеботами, быдлом. Так было еще на болотной. Сейчас же это модный тренд, быть против.
+Victor Rudnev 
Most Americans are sheeps full of crap. They are watching blissfully as increasingly more fascistic laws are being brought up.

They might want to react, but it is soooo hard to lift ones arse off the couch when one weighs more than a small car.
+Branko Badrljica Believe me, the place where they have spent the last several months is a real authentic genuine Russian prison with true iron bars in the windows and very bad food.
+Victor Rudnev 
That's investigative prison. Not a real one.
And it's not REAL prison if all you can complain are bars and food.

That might be bad for a hotel, but it's given for any prison.
+Victor Rudnev Ok, my mistake. There are no problems in russia re. the freedom of the press ..
Some "russians" in comments are trying to impose to foreigners a next thought:

"You are foreigners and you can't make a right conclusion about what is really going on in Russia from abroad. Putin is really democratic president and he is wide supported in Russia".

They are so called "nashisty" or just paid commentators. So just don't pay attention.

As russian I can say one word to describe present Russia: lawlessness. 
+Branko Badrljica I can admit that some conditions for these inmates are special (as frankly they weren't looking too much exhausted) but Russian investigative prisons are worse than regular colonies. Every ex-convict will tell you that he feels very happy to leave the crammed SIZO at last and move to the colony.
I have no love for Putin, but I have no hate for him either. I'm utterly indifferent about the political situation in Russia. It's not normal that he gets reelected over and over, but that's the internal matter.

With that said, let's consider what "Pussy Riot" did.

So here's something called religion. A certain religion, in fact: Christianity. A religion which historically, at least over the last couple of centuries, had very little love for what it considers obscenities. Not only that -- you have a branch of the religion which one is perfectly aware has state connections. (It managed to survive the religion-suppressive USSR; tell me, how it would manage to do so without connections with state? It's also called the Russian Orthodox Church. That means it's not an international organization, but an organization tightly connected to a specific country -- a national church. Hence, it's hard to expect it not to be connected to the nation-state, too.)

With all that -- religion that has little tolerance for obscenities, and far less tolerance for obscenities on its property, and a judge that is not only likely to have been personally offended to deliver such harsh judgement, but she could have been delivered orders from the person you are politically protesting (by shouting obscenities at a sacred place)…

I'm utterly unsurprised by the judgement. I could have envisioned it being even harsher. Protests are a good thing in my book. What isn't good is the way this one was delivered.

Not that I agree with the judgement. What "Pussy Riot" did wasn't manslaughter. In Croatia, killers sometimes get a prison sentence like "Pussy Riot" did for a protest.

But reacting in a surprised way, reacting with further protest against a judgement towards people who did do something wrong and should have known better (they're grown, well educated women with husbands and kids!) -- well, I think that's absurd.

Let's support protests against actual abuses and oddities, like the elections oddities. Let's not protest against people actually screwing up with public life and offending children, old ladies and priests… solely because they're attention seekers. (There is a less polite term for attention seekers which is often used in online communities, but as you can see, I did not use it. Because no matter what was done, I respect the "Pussy Riot", I respect what they will have to endure, and will remain polite.)

Don't decry the fact that the judgement was passed. Perhaps decry the kind of judgement that was passed. But more importantly, take a better look at actual abuses done by the establishment (a better look than I did), and decry that!
We hear you +Sergey Brin but who will talk about oppression of expression in US? Guess there is no  Kasparov in US
мля, забугорная шушера налетела... идите совокупляйтесь в своих храмах и музеях с этими дурами.
Oh, God! I could not even imagine that there are so many religious fanatics here on G+. The PR trial was something like Theatre of the Absurd, it was completely out of the low.
+Свечников Сергей You are wrong. Here is a discussion about Pussy Riot, not Putin and the situation in Russia. And people like you are called "gosdepovcy" or just paid by foreigners commentators.
+Victor Rudnev 

Come on,  short investigative prison and 3 months in boot camp is embarrasement for any revolutionary, especially Russian one. No matter how you spin it.

"Commie beast did not stop at any measure nor spare any weapon to stop me. No, sir! I was prisoner of BOOT CAMP for longest 3 months of my life
3 months without weed, alcohol or cocaine- can you believe this?!?"

This belongs more into "Monty Python Flying Circus" than anywhere else IMHO...
One thing you have to admit. Putin plays this kind of chess better than Kasparov, even when Kasparov has white figures and first move.
Russia always wants a good manager of whole country... this fact is going on many centures already (sorry of my english)
Good reason to make the FreePussyRiot doodle :)
+Konstantin Kovalev In my comments, I did not mention any facts. I just wrote my opinion on some issues. It turns out you liar.
+Adnan Siddiqi 

USA might have no Kasparov, but it has Bobby Fischer.

Who had to emigrate and seek asylum simply to avoid being imprisoned in USA for ATTENDING THE CHESS TOURNAMENT IN SRBIA.

USA crap on Srbia/Kosovo is beyond belief. But that will never be on CNN/FOX etc...
For judes, monetarism is the only religion, that matters. Sergey, you really don't deserve living in Russia, so please get your hands off it.
+Victor Rudnev No mistakes. Мечеть=Mosque. There is no word "мичеть". At least in the all Russian dictionaries. There is no word "mozke" in English (Only as family name). 
Are you provocateur or just illiterate?
+Nikita Gorlov You're lier again. Go out!

My opinion about Pussy Riot. They got what they deserved. First they put chicken into vagina at the mall, then they arrange an orgy in a museum, then they sing offensive songs in the main church of the country.

These are not only opinion. These are so called facts. And this is lie. Re-read all your other lier comments and analyze them by yourself.
Makes me appreciate our freedom of a speech here in the U.S . How can anyone say any of these people got what they deserved?
It s very clear that religion is talking louder than freedom for some here. It s not a surprise coming from a third world like Russia is today. I live in third world too, Brazil, and most people here talk the same way Russian religious fanatics are talking about this case... One day we will learn...
+Marco Mugnatto 

I agree with you on that having Imaginary Friend that governs your whole life and society is madness.

But at the same time, if that is the will of majority, then who am I to break fundamental democratic principle - will of majority rules ?

I for example, wouldn't want to have anything with Islam. But at the same time have no urge to covertly influence other countries to stop Islam or to separate it from state. 

If they feel like it and they don't make international problems, it's their bussiness...
The punishment should fit the crime, it is a crime to upset people, they should have been fined for not respecting people's religion in their holy building, but locking these silly women up for two years is massive overkill and counterproductive. All the Russian government has done is  created martyrs.
For all defenders of those girls.
Do you agree, that this behavior is hooliganism?
if not - you are hypocrite, or maybe provocateur.
In the Russian law there is criminal penalties for such behavior:

Статья 213. Хулиганство

1. Хулиганство, то есть грубое нарушение общественного порядка, выражающее явное неуважение к обществу, совершенное:а) с применением оружия или предметов, используемых в качестве оружия;б) по мотивам политической, идеологической, расовой, национальной или религиозной ненависти или вражды либо по мотивам ненависти или вражды в отношении какой-либо социальной группы, - наказывается обязательными работами на срок от ста восьмидесяти до двухсот сорока часов, либо исправительными работами на срок от одного года до двух лет, либо лишением свободы на срок до пяти лет.(часть первая в ред. Федерального закона от 24.07.2007 N 211-ФЗ) 
2. То же деяние, совершенное группой лиц по предварительному сговору или организованной группой либо связанное с сопротивлением представителю власти либо иному лицу, исполняющему обязанности по охране общественного порядка или пресекающему нарушение общественного порядка, - наказывается лишением свободы на срок до семи лет.

by Google translate:

Article 213. hooliganism

1. Hooliganism, that is a gross violation of the public order, expressing a clear disrespect for society, committed: a) the use of weapons or objects used as weapons, and b) on the grounds of political, ideological, racial, ethnic or religious hatred or enmity or hate or hostility towards any social group - punishable by compulsory works for a term of one hundred and eighty to two hundred forty hours, or by corrective labor for a term of one to two years, or imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years. (part one in the red . Federal Law of 24.07.2007 N 211-FZ)
2. The same act committed by a group of persons by prior conspiracy or by an organized group or associated with resistance to authorities or to any other person acting for the protection of public order or suppress violations of public order, - shall be punishable by imprisonment for a term not exceeding seven years.

Those girls behavior qualified by the second part of this article of a law.

up to seven years

They got ONLY two.

Do we have group of persons?
by prior conspiracy?
resistance to authorities or any other person acting for the protection of public order?

Where is the problem?
No politics. it is just crime.
If somebody will do the same but will sing not about #putin   but about the #fuck   and will get 2 years, I think nobody cares about it.
I think they must be punished for protesting in inadequate place, but it should be at most a social work, never 2 years in jail.
This isn't a case of religion vs freedom of speech. This is a blatant display of chutzpah from a slice of local citizens (a very small slice if polls are to be believed) who think that they can go anywhere and do anything they please without any regard to the feelings of locals and historical customs. It's very easy to antagonize certain large social groups by hitting them where it hurts and then act surprized at the backlash.

Oh, and I sincerely hope that all supporting PR are also aware of other media actions by these people and their associated group Voina - like acting out and filming porn in a museum, painting a giant penis on a bridge, setting fire to police cars, and stuffing a chicken inside a vagina. All these "freedom of speech" actions are well documented and available for those who wish to understand whom they are supporting.

So before asking others to "wake up" and something about tyranny please acknowledge yourself with the matter deeper than shouting general mottos.
And BTW it is interesting to note that the source of most criticism of ROC inlfuence on Russian state comes from USA, of all places.

Country that has Bible in every court and claims "In God We trust" on every dollar bill etcetc.
Garry Kasparov: "I would never bite anyone under the rank of general."
+Konstantin Kovalev Where did you see a lie? Girls (at least one) from Pussy Riot was in art group Voina. And the ideology of these groups is the same. Girls from PR have been convicted without regard to the performances of art-group Voina.
Hello everybody who read this opinion of pussy riot freedom action and support.
First of all you don't understand what pussy riot really did and why. I didn't see also no one really argument why they (pussy riot girls) schould be free. And here's not the question about politics! The church is not the place for the protest against politics etc. Please you people from other countries and all confessions tell me: what you would do if someone will come to your place (i mean churche) where you go to Christmas' eve and other holydays and will piss off it that way as it did Pussy Riot. If I do understand you right, you will be happy to see it in USA, in Europe! 
Second one - you should understand that it's not the place for that art of action. And if you'd like to let people know your thoughts about some questions and problems you should do it another way. For what they did they really got what the law says!
And tell me please from where that girls got the money for all actions they did!

Best regards @all_people here  
Фу, задолбали уже с этой группой. Ничего особенного нет, успокойтесь уже. Переводите сами в гугл транслейте, няши.
Wow, such an outburst of emotions. It saddens me that after 20 years of so called freedom, many of my fellow country men still have serf's mentality, happy to take a bullet for their czar. This solidifies my believe that people deserve government they have. Unfortunately, those who value freedom above all have to live with it.
двачую, всё правильно сказал же
+Davidlee Willson 

Quantity is not quality. You might have "open election" but in recent years it did not change a thing. And what good are those 1000 channels when only few make impact and effectively nobody cares what really happens abroad ?

And how many of those channels really convey their view on foreign affairs and are not simply "singing with the choir" ?

Whein it comes to international scene, which are channels one can rely on to offer non-retouched view ?
I can hardly believe what I see here -- I was under impression that those government paid bastards are so numerous in Russian segment of Internet only. But I see now that those guys have a really massive budget and some of them managed to learn a foreign language.

What an incredible determination to smear Mother Russia with liquid shit.
Thanks Sergey, you are a person that i admire very much!!
well one simple point.
Just have a thought about this:
Who've invented computers?
Who've invented internet?

Right, Americans. So Russia == shit.
All other who claim that US is evil just have to compare what've US people made for world, to ease the living and what've russians made?
So dumb patriots from Russia, just shut the fuck up.
I love the way Kasparov maintains his sense of humour in the face of such oppression:

"I am by no means a vegetarian, though as I am turning 50 next year I have had to cut back on red meat on my doctor's advice. I can say with certainty that were I to acquire a taste for human flesh, the way Bengal tigers are said to do, I would never bite anyone under the rank of general."
Hi Sergey,
Thank you for this post. I suppose we cannot stop Putin whithout world' encouragement. Every step against him = prison. 
Just have a thought about this:
Who's invented currency board to extract wealth from other countries?
Who's perfected false flag ops and fake allegations (wmd, anyone?) to further geopolitical ambitions at the expense of countless lives?

But of course these small factors are dwarfed by the internet and computers. Way to go!
My dear compatriots, don't disgrace Russia, the county of Pushkin, Tolstoy, Gagarin, Chaykovskiy, Lermontov, Anna Pavlova  by your foolish comments for example "it was right it was by law". NO ONE deserves to be a prisoner 2 years for only dancing in the church. If you were REALY religious, faithful, you would asked for MERCY, but not for prison. DEVIL is asking by you, but not GOD!
+Natalie Efremova I'm not really religious and i'm against mercy in that case. But 2 years is too much. The girls had to be forced to clean the toilets.
+Сабир Мартышев that's a politician fault.
But really compare the technological/medicine and other pure inventions done by both? I doubt that russia has more. Also do you think would +Sergey Brin run such big and great company if he were still living in russia all the way? I very doubt it. There in russia is very bad education (+ authority fools runs everything putting deprecated knowledges into ppl minds), corruption especially in bussiness. Though you all know what I'm talking about. So I think it's better to live in such "tyranic" US than in "holy" russia, heh..
Check your own backyard before commenting on someone else's.
+Alexey Shmakov А почему до сих пор живешь в России? В визе таки отказали? :)
+Nikita Gorlov не выбирал, где родиться =( Да и молод ещё, средств для переезда нету :) Вот денег подзаработаю, определённо куда нибудь буду стараться переехать.
+Alexey Shmakov Ну пока молод развивай мозги, чтобы быть полезным в США. Они издавна к себе пускают только полезных людей, чтобы те им делали ракеты, компутеры и интернеты. :) Так что у тебя есть шанс свалить, раз так горишь желанием.
+Nikita Gorlov When this story only has begun it would be more right to punish PR - for example be a nurses in the hospice. It would be really good. But no now. When Anna Shavenkova, who killed 2 persons, is free and these girls are prisoners... It looks like a book "Korolevstvo krivih serkal (Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors)
2 years of prison for singing songs is shameful for the country whatever the place of the performance is. Putin is the major problem of the country.he represents only those who're paid to agree with him.
+Alexey Shmakov If the above factors are the faults of politicians , then the internet and computers are the fruits of scientists. If the US is not accountable for the former, then it has nothing to do with the latter as well.
+Natalie Efremova So quickly descended to insults. Sad. :(
+Alexey Shmakov Пока желанием не горю. И никогда в США. У них сейчас проблем не меньше, чем у нас. Взять хотя бы систему здравоохранения.
+антон мазуренко Таковы у нас законы и наказания за хулиганство. Путин их лично не судил, как вам этого бы не хотелось. И зачем вы все дискуссии спускаете к Путину? Изначально обсуждали PR. :)
Я к вам домой приду и насру, вам понравится??? Вот и сидите молча!!!

Modern-day activism: Google doodles and donating your Facebook profile. A perfect illustration about how we don't give a damn about the world anymore and would rather watch another brain-numbing sitcom.

Look at the facts. Imagine yourself being a Russian with a desire for freedom but also a communist past and a religious context. Then judge whether this is really all about Putin, or just a bunch of lame youths who staged a half-assed protest at a sacred place.

Finally, don't have blind faith in your own media and government. A secret service that is capable of concocting Operation Northwoods, is able of concocting far worse things. Including manipulation of public opinion in foreign, but also in other countries.
I hope that the international attention on this matter (and it seems to be building, not dissipating) leads to some pressure and positive outcome.  I'm not holding my breath of course.
Guys, you with short, simple and 'correct' Russian names. Stop talking on behalf of the whole nation! Those who risk their lives and careers by protesting against Putin regime and against using orthodox church as a repression tool deserve to represent Russians at least as much as you are. In reality, people like you can only be met on ideological=brainwashing forums fully financed by Russian federal govm't, hence noone is surprised you repeat all the propaganda lies, you even test drive them. For instance, (contrary to +Nikita Gorlov) Muslims much more tolerant to someone who expresses their views even in their sacred places, even exposing their tits:
Did you now one fact about Pussy Riot women? Few years ago that persons made "art" act in Moscow Politech Museum. They made group sexual act with boyfriends. Real, brutal and dirty. This women are real crime people. I think that in all countries over world they was closet in prison for few month or years for such act. But "Putin crime regime" is very bloody for that. He give them second chance.
Sit in your fucking America and none of your business how to live in Russia
How about having those colorful masks to be Google letters on the main page? You can't have more publicity.. C'mon Sergey, you can do it!
Well at least no cool emotions on this questions.  
Дмитрий Кузякин: pics or it did not happen!
And there is only a couple of kremlin trolls working — in russian blogs they usually coming in organized groups of some dozens..
So I understand that if somebody go to Wal-Mart in the USA and put a chicken into a vagina, nothing would happen?

Than if they go to the museum and perform a group sex there, nothing would happen again?

And then finally, if they go to an important church and make there the a punk concert, they would go away with a fine? 

In my country (Czech Republic), a man was recently sentenced to prison because he was drawing on a billboard of a (pro USA) politician named Ivan Langer and nobody cares but for some reason it is very important to guarantee freedom of Pussy Riot to offend Russian religion. I do not understand why even people whom I respect have this opinion.
Who of the tree girls was that with the chicken? Sick sexual dreams of idiots.
Main thing is This new cathedral is a fake place built by fake priests. Nothing to do with real Russian church. It is a convenient shopping mall where Putin and Co can buy their indulgences. So what will you do with somebody who danced in the shopping mall...
this was to be expected, Russia seems further away from real democracy than in the early 90s.
Too much to over nothing. These ladies could have used other means 
to show displeasure against Puttin. If an Arab woman did that in a Mosque she would have been beheaded and the reaction of the West would unheard. Seems to me we want Russia to be as screwed up as our far our left. 
+Dmitry Belenko I know that no one of imprisoned Pussy Riot girls was that with the chicken and it does not matter for me what other people using to make sex with. My sentence was adressed to +Jiri Mensik who truly belives, that raw food in the vagina of some unknown girl is a ground enough to throw any other girl in jail - just because she also has a vagina and theoretically can put something inside :))
In all this no one seems concerned that Pussy Riot, by their actions defiled a place of worship, a place that people hold dear and is a symbol their faith. Their biggest transgression in my opinion is not that they spoke against Putin, but that they trampled on the freedom of warship of their fellow citizens. The freedom of one citizen ends where that of another begins. Such behaviour in a place as sacred as a church should never be tolerated (whether you're an atheist or not you would have to acknowledge and respect the fact that for a significant segment of the worlds population a church is a sacred place). Pussy Riot showed no regard for the beliefs of their fellow citizens yet you demand that they be shown leniency? SMH
+Sergey Batalov Do you mean that the Muslims are at the same level of civilization than "any African tribe" to treat an offender of their faith in an inappropriate way?

As regards article 213 of the Penal Code, its wording is so brilliant as to (1) not to discriminate in detail "gross" violation from "not gross" violation (the latter subject to administrative responsibility) and (2) making reading the perpetrator's mind a key condition for conviction. If judge Syrova was smart enough to look directly in the souls of the girls then yes, the verdict was just and based on the law.
By the way, I do not recommend you to have an enemy among stamp collectors, because if you happen to insult one of them, you can easily be convicted by the same article to the same term, as soon as the judge concludes that your behaviour have been inspired with your hatred to stamp collectors. (Stamp collection easily interchangeable with cycling, amateur photography, astronomy etc.)
Welcome to the sovereign justice!
Those defending the sentence you will really look stupid in 30-50 years, remember that - all you retarded comments are going to stay on the Google servers for all eternity for all to see. You will look exactly like people defending segregation in the 60-70s, opposing gay rights in the  90s-00. Remember that you grand descendants will be embraced to have you as their ancestor, just like you would now If you learned your grand-grandfather was a white supremacist defending slavery.
Those reading this in the future - now you understand what degree of mind control we had to deal with in our century!
Dmitriy - translate says: "The irony of the moment. Brin invented including Google Transleytor where kremleboty transfer their patriotic speeches :)"  What is кремлеботы ?  
+Dmitry Belenko You took it to direct, everybody knows Sergey did not "invent" the translator, but clearly his company has deployed it for all to use for free including the payed agents. It further highlights the irony that those who use Western democracy as a scarecrow in Russia are among the first to directly benefit from it (children study in London and Boston, they own property and businesses). 
+Robert Kost  giant humanlike robots. They appear in oppositions' minds after too much peyote.
+Robert Kost Putin employes a whole army or "bloggers" to spearhead his ideas on the "internets". Some are payed $100K per post!!!. It is a well know fact. Those people are called "kremlebots" since even though they can pass CAPTCHA they are clearly not part of a Homo Sapience species (this is my expert medical opinion)
+Eugene Pavlenko  - my mistake, after seeing the video from the riot in the church and photos from the group sex in the museum, I thought I didn't need to see the action with the chicken. Now I see that it could be different woman and I am glad that the video is not clear.

But my point was different. I wanted to say that it was not their first offence, that what they did is clearly bad and that they would get similar sentence in most countries.

By the way, do you think they would go to prison if they sang the anti Putin prayer on their normal concert and not in the church?

I really do not see why such great people like Assange or Brin think that what the woman from Pussy Riot did was ok.
+Marcus Strube If you call dancing in balaklavas and shouting obsceneties in church is a "strange way" to pray, then you have mastered the art of understating, my friend.
 +Marcus Strube No you've missed the whole point of what I just said. This is NOT about Putin, Putin does NOT represent christian's (in Russia or anywhere else) or the church. What Pussy Riot did was offensive to Christians (a large segment of the worlds population ) because it violated their place of worship.What they said about Putin is inconsequential, but they behaviour in the church is the real insult. And I've seen the video and their is no way you can describe that as praying not even in a strange way (and besides these girls are in no way religious). They could have performed their act at a mall, in a bar or even at home and posted it on youtube. . . . . but they chose a church and that is a big insult to christian's the world over. But remember this is not about Putin, its about them (Pussy Riot) trampling on the rights and beliefs of others - something that is unacceptable in a free society.
theres no confesstion in that church=eh.
Russia is the only country in civilized Europe where politicians, church reps and other "authorities" get small fines and no jail time for killing people (mostly drunk driving, but there are homicides as well) and people who oppose the government (peaceful demonstrations and stuff similar to what the girls did) get fined for thousands of dollars and pretty serious jail time.

Russia turns from democracy into dictatorship.
This is really sad. When one will not listen to criticism, one will never improve or see the errors of ones ways. 
Nice to see you put yourself out there with your thoughts on this +Sergey Brin. I do believe the leaders of the world should have some tolerant for peaceful protests. It is my understanding that Pussy Riot did enter a premise unlawfully and for this there are consequences but in this case I would agree the consequences do not fit the crime. It appears that the crime punished was political and religious decent and I see a trend hardening around the world where there is little tolerance for political or religious decent.
Hmm, I don't know if you would get away with stuffing a chicken into your vagina in public in the USA... or with getting undressed in a church... My guess is that you're likely to end up on the sea offender list as well.
Sure, they have a right to protest against whatever they want, but there are still laws against indecency in public...
You will not see the truth about Russia through the eyes of Kasparov.
For those, who saying here, that all people, who support judge's decision payed by Putin regime:
Where I need to go, to get payed?
I need money and I like money. Give me real contact please.
If you say - you know.
I need real contact to get such job.
+Jiri Mensik You don't need to sing something about Putin to get in putin's jail: world chess champion Garry Kasparov vas arrested violating every law
Срок/The Term. Эпизод 798. Каспаров Riot
and hardly beaten last week by special police forces just because he was in the near of court judging Pussy Riot and he is known for his opposition to Putin's illegal "laws", for example violating §31 of Constitution, which guarantees unconditional freedom of peaceful demonstration.
Currently many members of opposition are in jail because they were beaten by the policists on the legal and approved demonstration this spring. And the policist that have beaten the peaceful demonstrants (youtube is full of videos) got government presents like apartments in Moscow (worth up to millions of $US). This fall demonstrants will be judged and surely sentenced for many years in the colony for taking advantage of the basic constitutional rights.
+Bart Crijns Pussy Riot were NOT naked in the church and no one of sentenced tree girls were "stuffing a chicken into vagina", at least not public :)
I think most probable Putin's opposition paid these girls to do this. In this case government should control this actions. 
new squad of kremlin trolls? hello, new squad of kremlin trolls ))
Unless west Europe stops buying gas from Russia, the government will never be forced to resign. Too much money and power resides in resources. It's easy to complain about Putin, it's quite harder to even imagine living without gas from Russia.

I remember two separate visits from world leaders in Germany. One was from Bush and the other was from Putin. Only the first caused massive, opposing demonstrations. If you depend on someone to heat you in the winter, you don't demonstrate against him.
Putin reminds me of conservatives in Mitt Romney. They want less government in terms of energy, business, pollution, financial regulation and corruption but more goverment when it comes to women rights, peoples sexuality, morality, and your religion.

It feels like a grand hypocrisy....
+Mitch Stokely 
I see him in a different light. I see him as someone who wants to modernize Russia but in a way to fit the needs of its people, not some George Soros and other semi-secret NGO funders and the rest of western covert elite.

Putin and Medvedev seem to me as two headlights on a car in the night. Putin shines toward dangers, lurking from the shadows off the road but it catches also the direction of the travel. 

Medvedev seems like a complementary half. More open to the west and with cooperation and trade as a main word in his vocabulary, but cautious and certainly not naive.
В любой игре всегда существуют правило.Будь добр их соблюдать.По мне пустую рекламу только Pussy сделали,не знал и знать не хочу.Их поступок это кощунство, равносильно пляски на костях умерших.Какая свобода,страшно смотреть на такое проявление свободы.Да...грешат девочки,молодо зелено....
+Dmitry Belenko 

WRT to Putin-Medvedev you might be right. I have never been in Russia. 

But I live on Balkan and my late father was Serbian. And I know a thing or two about money laundering schemes that were going on through the "privatisation" and "democratisation"  period here. 

Having few key people controlling money flow is not neccesarily a bad thing. 

Some guy that has been put as a head of its company is probably little more than a puppet. I am sure that even his breadcrumbs amount to a few millions when dealing with billions, but that is nothing more than a pocketchange in grand scheme of things- it's not even a decent provision.

And I'm sure there are other foreign, covert players that were similarly playing role of soldiers for western interests.

Did you know, for example, that Madeleine Albright, that sweet old lady that might bake you cookies your grandmother used to make, is sitting on a few billions and is preparing to open new coalmine on occupied Kosovo ?

Did you know that former general Clarke ( now retired) is doing similar thign there for a similar amount ?
+Dmitry Belenko 

I forgot to tackle your claim about social tensions.
Again, that might be, but not neccesarily is Putin's fault.

Russians are famous as a nations of "Tolstoys and muzhiks" -ie mix of one true genius and thousand idiots without much in between.

Similar matter seems to be with your workforce. 
Some industry here and there, very little of it sophisticated, with much of the people playing the role of human livestock.

When money started trickling in, no country strategist would "distribute it evenly" and watch 90% of it being converted to vodka and literally pissed away next day.

It seems only reasonable to em to see some efforts to build some infrastructure that could offer added high-tech value and grow...
+Victor Rudnev I asked about personal contact, not just site. They receive a lot of mails/spam. How I can be sure, that my mail will get right person?
As I said earlier - you just provocateur.
Can I use link to your's G+ profile, as reference?
I will do screenshot with your suggestions and attache it to the email.
Do you agree with this?
+Dmitry Belenko 

Google is meant to be used as an extension of one's brain, not replacement ;o)

Here is just the latest link, I found plenty of them before. This one talks about postal office for Madeleine and coal refiniment for Vesley, but there were others in the ( not too distant) past. It's in Serbian, which shouldn't impose you unsurmountable troubles.

After all, we are all Klingons, albeigh some more than others ;o)
The only thing USA should and can do about this is to become itself a more open and democratic society and prosper. +Mitt Romney will only make Putin and alike stronger. 
+Dmitry Belenko 

Not illegally. Discreetly and far from the eyes of the public. Once you are in that superheavywight category that laws get bent and adapted for you, you don't need to care about that anymore.

Being legal or illegal for them  is just like using or foregoing lipstick....

+Sergey Batalov If your Nashist payroll takes account of referral bonus, why not? Don't forget to notarize your screenshot and mention I was calling the president a yellow earthworm.
+Dmitry Belenko 

It is being discussed in SERBIAN press. Which is relevant for anyone involved about as pimple on the arse.

No one cares what Serbs say, think or feel. They are under controll.
+Oleg Loe I agree with you, I would not want my girl there on the stage with them, but lets be honest 3!!! years in prison sounds like too much. Just kick them out of the temple that is all the should have gotten. 
Science flys you to Mars
Religion flys you into buildings 
Time to wake up...
+Alexandre Andrianov Все относительно,много или мало это все субъективно.Существует точка отсчета и это уже правило,которое действует для каждого из нас,чем и является закон.
Лично для меня девчонок жаль,что они стали пешками во много комбинационной игре интересов). Кто-то сделал из них узниц свободы,только на таком поприще они и смогли прославиться,а где музыка уважаемые музыкантки,да и была ли она вообще?)
Kasparov's account reminds me of the story of the British Journalist who was arrested and removed from the streets of New York by police during a "crowd control" effort directed against the occupy Wall Street protesters. 
+Dmitry Belenko 

A couple more things you might want to know about western "justice" far from eyeballs of voting taxpayers:

1. Kosovo was "liberated" under fallse pretences. Very same sources that were responsible for an attack now admit their materials were faked.

2. "Liberation" was done in roughly two phases. And again, that's public , even official knowledge. First, CIA took care for training and arming of anyone that wanted Kosovo "free" which pretty much meant free of non-Albanians, especially Serbs. So freedomfighters started killing kids going to school, unprotected women and civilians or old people.

When authorities decided to respond, CNN/FOX/etc cameras started rolling and reporting about "Serb atrocities". Which, even if they were true, wouldn't amount to single goat as a reparation damage that now NATO uses as bribe when killing innocent civillians.

3. After "liberation" Kosovo forces WERE CUTTING APART some of arrrested Serbs, other non-albanians and even non-conforming albanians TO HARVEST AND SELL THEIR ORGANS.

This appears to have been done with knowledge of american "frends".

The very same head of investigation Carla Del Ponte reported about strong indications, but was in Hague discreetly adviced to stop.

Which first took their time to officially "process data" only to allow Kosovo president to take care of any witness that might testify, so 40 or so people died in an accident or in misterious attack or even in western jail.

After 3 YEARS Carla Del Ponte decided to take matters in her hands and managed to collect decent pile of materials and gave it to Hague Court, expecting from it to lift its butt and start investigation.

Those materials HAVE DISSAPEARED. By their own admission. They have no clue where they are and no one is denying that they were submitted.

So, they were happpy to announce that they are doing their THIRD "ATTEMPT" of criminal investigation about this.

4. Every month or so America demonstrates its "firm commitment to Kosovo" in one or other official way. It's clear periodic "ping", to remind Kosovo "goverment" that they still have "crucial friends" that are "proud of their friendship". What is silently implied, is obvious question what happens when such crucial "friends" stop being "proud".

5. Kosovo stands or falls with American support. If Serbia is poor, Kosovo is pathetic. American Army camp Bondstill is one of their main "legal" source of income. Without that they have nothing. Except coalmines, aging electrical distibution infrastructure and large deposits of natural resources ( zinc, cobalt etc)

With all this, it is easy to see why Madeleine's job is akin to shooting proverbial fish in a bucket...
This goes back thousand of years to ancient Greece and the city of Athens.

The Athenians invented the concept of citizenship, the citizen has rights and responsibilities.

Getting this balance right, is the art of healthy politics.

The citizen has the right of freedom of speech and freedom  of association.

Going into a holy building and not respecting the culture of that building is disrespectful to the thousands of people who had that building constructed, so it is understandable that the behaviour of 'pussy riot' merited punishment ok, but these foolish women losing their freedom for two years I think is a punishment that is far too harsh.

Some of these women have children, is it the desire for the Russian government to punish the children of these women also?
А чему тут удивляться-то, Сергей? Это что, первое политически мотивированное дело? Чекисты уже давно подобрали и суд, и прокуратуру, и следствие. В общем, back in USSR...
+Dmitry Belenko 

No need for tinfoil. Just apply your Googling skillz properly.

You ahouldn't have trouble finding for example, statement of Carla Del Ponte. If you don't know about her, then maybe it is  time for some Wikipedia also ?

There are many other "gems of western justice and democracy", but let's leave it at that for now... ;o)
Сергей - вы как и я, еврей. Еврей - это пример этики и морали всего мира. То что сделали Pussy Riot, это аморально и неэтично. Зачем вы это поддерживаете ? Вы забываете кто вы есть, Сергей...
Haha, lots of PuninYugend orthodox-fashist scum pay-bots are here. 
Ionathan Shoylitz - кажется вы охуели, считая, что за аморальные и неэтичные проступки следует отправлять человека гнить в тюрьму. Когда фашисты расписали синагогу свастиками и оскорбительными надписями, и им дали 240 часов исправительных работ и отпустили в зале суда - где вы были, почему вы не тявкали, как сейчас? 
+Dmitry Belenko 

Here is one easier for you:

Who is holding the current official record in that glorious Western Democracy for being imprisoned WITHOUT being convicted by court ?

Answer: Our Serbian Gyu - Vojislav Šešelj. For cca 10 YEARS AND COUNTING.

Well, if there is some other longer case, I'd certainly like to know about it.
+Dmitry Belenko 

These is no need for personall attacks or unnecessary romances with western ideals. They are just that - ideals.

As principles they are great and I would LOVE to be able to live by them.

I don't need stinking theocracies etc etc. And I think Ron Paul is right. We need modern democracy with "thin" government and personal freedoms and corresponding responsibilities.

But at the same time I have to recognised taht much of the western song and dance is meant just to fool the gullible, nothing more.
+Dmitry Belenko 

I am not posing as fact very founded suspicion.

I am posing as a fact THEIR OWN STATEMENT that:

- political pressure were used for this NOT to be investigated

-when any investigation about Kosovo ledaer began, it was done so "sloppy" that interested parties had the time to kill the witnesses.

-When Carla Del Ponte decided to go against the grain and collect and present the materials, they were "lost".

For all this there are relevant statements etc.
And those were not just few albanians. It was organised.

German press had their day reporting about "kidney routes" etc etc.
+Dmitry Belenko 

Wrt to spoon- yes roughly. he was again and again been portrayed as a monster, so when he was confronted for a bazzilionth time with the question "Are you STILL killing Croats", he went for cynical answer "Sure. We are slaughtering them with old rusty shoehorns."

WRT to ethnic cleansing, they haven't managed to prove a thing.

That's why are they keeping him while searching for new witnesses.

He has totally devastated american prosecution in court.

And whole justicial process is comical. 

Seselj roughly declared :

- I don't recognise validitiy of this court
- You are all backstabbing double-standard immoral scum
- But since all this casts reflection on my people, I will present my case

- WRT to punishment, fuck off. I don't need your mercy. I demand highest possible "punishment" for myself, and if capital "punishment" were possible I would demand that.

- ONLY thing I want from you is to make 100% of your process public. I want for people to see your "justice" at work and for current and future layers to see alll the "glory" of your proffesional work. I'm not interested in final decision- whatever you decide.

He demolished their case so far. I have seen "experts" leaving courtroom in tears etc etc.
What surprising (and encouraging) to me that despite massive and well orchestrated (dis)information campaign apparently funded and orchestrated by Russian government the truth is still coming through.
Information is power, and signs of loosening control over it by the government is a harbinger of the better times for Russia...
To the point: Most arguments from pro-kremlin folks circle around:

1. "Chicken porno" produced by St. Petersburg's art-group "Voina" - differtent people, different city, the only relationship to "Pussy Riot" is that one of the members of PR used to be a member of a group in Moscow with the same name few years before.
2. "Naked in museum" photo-stunt (produced by a different group) - two present members of PR participated in it 4+ years ago. The stunt was mostly ignored by the public and authotities and past statute of limitation by now.
2. Blasphemy in the church had been dismissed by the prominent church authorities and there is no action on the part of church to "clean the sin" (or whatever action) from the premises. 
All information is available if you search for it (thanks Google ;)
To be clear: I am not saying Seselj is innocent as a baby.

I am saying western democracy is more often than not full of crap and all these "guaranteed rights" aren't that guaranteed when it is not "appropriate".

Court process against Serbian President Slobodan Milošević is also an eye opener.

EDIT: And also available on YT.
Loads of exemples of "interesting" "doemocratic" "lawful" etc court work.

I wouldn't judge a rabid dog by that standards.

But, again. Why believe me. Check it on YT.
Russian government has surprisingly deep internet penetration (pun not intended). The result you can can observe in the above comments. I know, you should "never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity", but I can't believe people can be that stupid to deny what's going on in Russia now.
Well, Google's net penetration isn't half bad either.

And, given that countries and local governments are making themselves obsolete, has anyone at Google gave a thought or two of initiating its own GoogleNation and issuing passports etc paraphenalia ?

Or maybe its own religion, just to screw around with conventional ones a bit ? ;o)
+Sergey Bondarchuk 

If you mean me, you've got it wrong. I would LOVE to be a part of GoogleNation. 

All that primal fights and collisions of various tribes are stupid. We all can see that for now open democracy seems like optimal model.

Our countries, whichever might they be, are selling us empty patriotism as a drug to stop us from questioning why do we need them.

If our governemnts are becoming nothing more than glorified service provider, wouldn't some "company merging" be benefitial to us all ?

Also, that would make various brokers and dealerships of Imaginary Friends less obnoxious and releigion could become what it formally declares all along- just a pillow for a soul that needs it, without all that political influence...
free Leonard Peltier! freedom for real americans!
Beware and be constantly vigilant less we in the United States suffer the same fate. Our freedoms are consistently being encroached on in surprising ways in the name of fighting an idea (terror). Unlawful detention, wiretapping, being held without trail or charges and the list is expanding (trapwire). "Freedom of speech (as long as you don't say too much).
Putin is not great, that is for sure, but who else could take his place? And which other country in the world has installed webcams in every polling station? The USA? My country? (France). Russia after centuries of Tsarism and Communism continues to have a Tsar... it takes time to heal from history (and France is still digesting what the hell happened in 1789...)
Нашисты, вы тут круглочуточно обитаете что ли? Или вас приходится несколько на один аккант? Заходил вчера днём, вчера вечером, сегодня вот зашёл, а последние комментарии против PR всё от одних и тех же.

Хаха, и эти продажные комментаторы ещё имеют наглость называть других фейками.
If the one have no other arguments than calling others 'bots', maybe one should admit defeat?
In other words, any one who has any convictions has a good chance to become convict in this country (as she is supposed by default to hate the ones with whom she disagrees).
Поражаюсь навыкам кремлеботов называть чёрное белым.

А в том, что они кремлеботы, сомнения не возникает. Просто дежурить в комментариях к одной записи целые сутки и отправлять десятки комментов ни один нормальный человек не будет.

И они имеют наглость обвинять в продажности обычных людей, когда сами при этом сидят на зарплате. 

Для них характерно доведение любой мысли оппонента до абсурда. Они извращают факты и активно применяют другие приёмы демагогии. На самом деле это очень заметно. 

Что касается меня, то, можете поверить, я никогда не получал никаких денег от госдепа или ещё откуда вы можете придумать. Я обычный программист, живу на Урале. И, кстати, православный крещёный. Насчёт PR, когда я в первый раз открыл запись на ютубе, мне было настолько мерзко и неприятно, что через 10 секунд я зыкрыл. Я был зол на них и сейчас зол, но давать 2 года за это, в открытую нарушая закон - за это я зол, уже на власть, и ещё больше. 

Я, конечно понимаю, что проплаченные комментаторы никогда не признаются в том, что они проплачены, но всё же надёюсь, что им хотя бы стыдно.

Написал я всё это для обычных пользователей, но не для кремлеботов. Для них бесполезно что-то доказывать.
Дмитрий Кузякин: Sorry, I found only pages in Russian from your link (with the interesting pics), and Google Translate gave me incomprehensive stuff back. Anyway - the images don't look bad to me, to be honest - there is a certain artistic moment there for me. Thanks for digging those out for us!
+Branko Badrljica I'm really disappointed that, on a thread dealing with internal Russian matters, there managed to appear a discussion about our Balkan conflict. Is there not enough crap that we're served by our own media day after day after day, provocations on all sides, etc?
+Ivan Vučica 
It just serves to show that world is small place and everything is intertwined and connected.

And IMHO it is good for public to show from time to time that it has attention span and memory deeper than a simple goldfish, so that we can't be fed just about any excuse of a story...
Уважаемый г-н Брин заберите Каспарова пока живой в США хлопнут и скажут в сми сам упал, он гениальный шахматист, откроет там школу для детей шахматную и политикой на уровне болтовни и интервью в сми пусть занимаетса-история доказывает в России кроме физического устранения например Николая 2 , ничего не помогает сменить строй или режим в стране, я увлекаюсь шахматами и очень мерзко что Каспарова избили это только в России возможно-все равно что Стивена Хокига бы в Британии побили за высказывания политические, так что спасите гения...
Хокинга sorry for misprint
In which eyelids "a cry because of a cordon" from mister Brin. 
And on this thanks. 
Happy to see people who are ready to risk something just for expressing their opinion. Kasparov actually risking his live. And, by the way, it is also not completely out of question that will become an outlaw :)
Romney is opening the door to tea party thugs with the Ryan Pick.  When those thugs come in they will throw Romney around like the Minnow on Gilligans Island.  Beware the Tea Party...they pretend to Draw from Revolutionary War Principles but they are Confederate Civil War Types through and through
Valeriy Buev: интересно слушать рассуждения об Израиле людей которые о нем ничего не знают. Здесь анти-религиозные фанатики делают и похуже и никто их никуда не сажает. Вообще, из России остальной мир видится как другая планета, можно говорить что угодно и себе же верить :)
Сергей, Вы видимо не в курсе, но большинство россиян реально поддерживает Путина и арест Pussy Riot, даже говорят, что надо было на 10 лет посадить.

Sergey, maybe you don't know, but the most of russians really support Putin and Pussy Riot's arrest, even talk that should to put them on 10 years.
There are some smart people who are not afraid of thinking differently and telling unpleasant truths. Sir Simon Jenkins is one of them.

"Pussy Riot may have attacked no one physically, but no society, certainly not Britain, legislates on the basis that "words can never hurt". If a rock group invaded Westminster Abbey and gravely insulted a religious or ethnic minority before the high altar, we all know that ministers would howl for "exemplary punishment" and judges would oblige."
idiots like "Sir Simon Jenkins" have no idea what Pussy Riot sung, what is the "church" Pussy Riot used for performance (actually it is a newly-build church-styled mall, service- and business-center, belongs the city of Moscow — is Whestminster Abbey also just a parking lot with some dry-cleaning and car wash??) and which anti-constitutional role plays orthodox church in russian politics now. Even calling russian orthodox a "religious minority" is a funny bullshit - officially this "minority" counts 75% of population :)))
+Dmitry Stalnov I assume Mr Jenkins would not only be surprised to be knighted in your praise but also wouldn't understand what exactly he could have been afraid of (as his colleagues are implicitly meant to have been).
Hey, Sergey! Do you play chess? The game has the rules. Russian politics doesn't.
Russia mostly is populated by ignorant peasants and their children which have been freed from slavery only 45 y ago. They don't know what freedom and self responsibility are and what to do with them. Give us another 300-400 years and everything will be ok.
Sergey, and you are lucky that you left this bthole of the World!
Russia has already lost majority of their science and engineering talent. They are very good at criticizing the United States, yet they are copying our technology and even mimicking our culture.  I'm lucky that I was able to escape the wonderland of evil.
I think the west is looking for any threads to destabilize Russia. Don't get me wrong, thieves and pimps run Russia. Majority of Oligarchs are all thieves that leached anything they could after Soviet Russia broke down. Pussy Riot deserved a slap on the wrist and irrelevancy, instead, they got 2 years in prison and a whole lot of attention.
Will 2 years in a Russian prison really be very different to 2 years living in Russia?
Vanis Hland, seriously, it's time to forget about prejudices to Russia you were probarbly introduced to during the cold war period. Russia may not be a stable democracy, but it's a great country to live in, as long as you don't come into conflict with authorities and have a stable income.
Vanis Hland - oh yeah, prisson in Russia - 100% pure hell.
Although many westerners might not believe this, Putin is actually very respected among the majority of Russians. And - no matter what you think of him - he managed to stabilize Russia and led it back to economic growth. He re-established Russia as a great power which caused fear among many Western governments.
+Matthias Knoll  maybe he did, but how can there be only one "reasonable" candidate ?  It is suspicious that LDPR and KPRF are there to let people vent for the extremes but why no one around age 50 with similar goals to Putin ? 
Сергей Михайлович доброй ночи. Извините, не смог найти Ваших высказываний по поводу приговора в 5 лет Эрнсту Цунделю, Вольфгангу Фролиху, Хорсту Малеру. Поверьте, для большинства представителей традиционной русской культуры упомянутая вами "политическая акция" в церкви имеет такое же значение, как и деятельность вышеназванных лиц. Культура и религия - это то немногое, что осталось у России хорошего из прошлого и позапрошлого века. И за посягательства на эту "основу государственности" в Росси наказывают. Примерно как в США за финансовые преступления, как в Прибалитке за коммунистическую символику, в Китае за разврат, а в Южной Корее за исполнение вслух Северокорейских патриотических песен. Тем более, если посмотреть по базе судебных решений, за аналогичные правонарушения сидят десятки человек с сроком в 2-3 года. Как в Росси, так и в странах бывшего СССР. Почему 3 года с отсрочкой за две свастики на синагоге на Хануку это хорошо, а два года колонии за танцы в Храме это плохо?
Please Mr Brin, make it rain, give us access to Jeff Dean's brain!
(Cloud Computing API access to the Perceptual AI system. Also, API to Pregel). Humanity will thank you. Accelerated research in genomics, proteomics, chemoinformatics, astronomy, human-level machine perception - practical robots in the home. You'll also earn a handsome profit and a greatly increased stock price!
Interesting conversation here. Good to see not everyone is buying into US (anti-Putin) propaganda.
Russia is "stabilized" not by "Mr. Putin", but by oil prices. Unfortunately Putin's criminal group steals too much and current exorbitant oil prices are already not enough for the further "stabilization". If the oil price returns to 90's, Putin and "stabilization" will last a couple of weeks.
J Mar
So true, Sergey so true....
Sergey, come back to mother Russia
(Off-Topic but Important. Must Read.)

Ziyuan Yao's Aug 27, 2012 Strategic Advice for Google+
Features Are Irrelevant, Traffic Is Everything, and How to Get It

1. Features Are Irrelevant

Google+ and its predecessor Buzz have introduced numerous fancy features to try to attract prospective users: circles, hangouts, games, events, "what's hot", and many less prominent refinements. In contrast, Facebook's computing infrastructure is poor and it can't even let your browse your older-than-6-months posts, nor can you search your post archive; and only recently did Facebook enable you to edit comments, but editing posts is still impossible.

2. Traffic Is Everything

Despite being inferior to Google+ feature-wise, Facebook gets one thing right: TRAFFIC, and this is the only thing you need to rule this kind of game. Facebook has "gone social" just like English is the de facto language of America - if all your friends, public institutions and businesses speak English, would you give up all these social connections in exchange for a newly invented, feature-richer language?

Have you heard of this quotation? "Do first things first, and second things not at all. — Peter Drucker." Traffic, in this case, is the first thing and the only thing.

3. How to Get Traffic the Google Way

Facebook has become the place to go when people want to read friends' news or write their own. This is a hard-to-change social phenomenon just like a dominant language spoken by a society. Some societies do speak two or more languages simultaneously (e.g. Switzerland), but in social networking, we may have realized a law that there can only be two social networks at most.

But although Google has difficulties becoming a third Facebook/Twitter-like social network, it has its own unique opportunities. For example, unlike Facebook and Twitter which are friendship-based social networks, Google can build an interest-based social network, by enabling people who submit the same Google search query to socialize together. If Alice searches for "mousetrap" and Bob searches for "mousetrap" too, Google can provide a space for these like-minded people to become friends and discuss this common interest together. Google already has huge traffic coming from its Web Search realm, so why not leverage it for social networking? If Mark Zuckerberg runs Google, this could be his first thing to do :-)

Traditionally, Web search has been an individual, isolated experience: a human submits a query and examines a list of machine-generated search results, and if he has bad luck, he may need to repeat this "due diligence" process indefinitely. Enabling searchers of the same query to meet online and exchange information can immediately turn this individual, isolated experience into a social, collaborative one. It will be both a search revolution and a social networking revolution!
While I believe that illegal arrests (being arrested without being tried and without a right for a speedy trial is wrong) its not necessarily that only Putin's government that behaves this way and disperses protesters. It was not so long ago that the U.S. had the same things happen by way of the one percent protests, and what happened to them? They were also forced off from public spaces for protesting, and in many cases arrested and charged with phony charges like the disruption of peace. It doesn't amaze me though that we hear much more about the negative news in Russia and abuses of human freedoms than we do about those same things happening in the U.S. or one of it's allies (UK and France, just to name a few). After all we must perceive ourselves better than them.                                                                     Also Mr. Kasparov talks about how scientists and engineers are leaving Russia, I do not know if this is true or not; but even if it is, it is foolish to lay the blame on one person for all the nations miss givings. Talented Russians leave Russia because they can make more money abroad and live a nicer life style than they can in Russia, much like the talented Indians and Chinese, leave their respective countries because they can make much more abroad. In terms of the economy; under Putin's time in office the Russian economy grew, withstood one the biggest financial crises of our times, and is in a better position economically than it has been in for the last hundred years. Most of the economic troubles of Russia date back to Communist Russia. For an example mot long ago did Russia finally achieve wheat production levels as under Czarist Russia, and that's with technological advancements. Communist Russia had not only slowed down economic growth but in many ways reversed it. After the USSR fell apart Russia was in a free for all, and all the nations capital that had been accumulated was sold off; in many cases for less than pennies on the dollar (the birth of modern day Russian Oligarchs). The corruption and crime that ran rampant during that time period is not something that many Russians want nowadays, so what ever the faults of Putin's government are against human freedom they are often overlooked by many Russians today because of what he and his government have done for Russia. That doesn't mean that all people will overlook theses actions, and some openly express their ideas. But in the end of the day the Russian political landscape offers no one else with enough power to ensure stability and economic prosperity within Russia. There are still many things that need to be done in Russia both economically and politically to make it competitive  with the other countries of the developed world, but all of Russia's current problems cannot be blamed on one person or even the current government. 
Возможно вы и правы, Сергей, но я бы на вашем месте занялся очень полезным, важным и интересным делом.
+Sergey Brin главное чтоб Google не вмешивалась в политический скандал.
There should be a "minus" button on G+. Like for this shit. I don't really understand, who's judging? Those who bombed Libya and killed civillians saying they're being saved? Watch yourself guys, watch yourself.
Nowdays it is unwise to believe the media, from any country.  I think no traditional media it is really free neither in the  USA or in Russia. The problem it is they are used by the "power" to let us believe we are the good ones and the others are the bad ones. Cold war didn´t teach us anything? We have now social network for changing ideas as world citizens and stop to let them use us as cannon fodder.
I have an idea that changed the internet world.
As far as I know you ( Google Company ) will support these ideas
Please email me to introduce you to share it.
i'm sorry for i can't write English well because my language is not English

As i use 2 put it w/ some Peru Spanish base: This Vlad Vlad is a gran Putin.
there you go, there´s a mind without control , give you rules and try to repress your freedom . Don´t think on a change , changes is dangerous. Well !where i hear that. See around the world, we have an example, today in Moscow, tomorrow México, who knows.
see, an example "New Jerusalen in México"
This shows me, once more, how much the regime Russians and Syrians are living in are alike. I hope that one day Russians experience real democracy before have to deal with the political/religious oppression the same way Syrians are experiencing.
Ох, Сергей, не лезли бы вы в политику, Вы нам так дороги :)
А ссылаться на Каспарова так вообще дурной тон.
Eva Guo
How nice of you to charge BMR to businesses. Just read the sfgate article about your charitable ways. That's so kind.
Watch how Russians opposing to Putin's oppression are treated: (Срок/The Term. Эпизод 798. Каспаров Riot)
Although some try to discourage you to express your concerns about the fact, you, Sergey, are still a great businessperson, an effective communicator and a responsible trainer of opinions.  I hope Putin’s true face becomes clear to his supporters and a concern to all nations that at some extend need to deal with the outcome of Putin’s political position. You, very well, exposed the appreciation for freedown and human rights that we share and concern. Thanks.
Very unfortunate. I hope sanity will win in this trial. A moral integrity that will rise above, even if for one brief moment. These freedom speakers shall be praised, and understood as having intelligence and a will to fight for what they believe. That should never go punished. Only the meek who hide behind false power are threatened by this. Threatened by what they don't understand, and a true loss of, "power". Even if that power is false in nature.
+Vem rir no google+  (Come laugh at google+)
This is one of the best pages of Brazilian comedy. Its owner has created interesting way of making polls with multiple options, games based on feedback, is worth checking out the work that is messing with the Brazilian google+!
Good job raising awareness about this, Sergey. I'm very involved in human rights issues myself (the persecution of Falun Gong in China in particular) and its really encouraging to see people like you stand up to tyranny in different parts of the world.
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Вот так нас в америке разрисовывают... а pussy riot у них нет ничего святого и мозгов тоже так что по заслугам господа
+Sergey Brin You think that's bad? I am not allowed to comment on +A Platform for Good's shares. Does that have anything to do with my comment on +Anne Toth's blog post:

"Responsible parenting includes demanding responsible behavior from online service providers. Will discussions of the actions of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce[1] and the deleterious effects[2] of tax havens[3] be allowed on this forum? Does Google welcome discussions of whether pursuit of small increments of nominal wealth is hurting shareholder value and society at large?[3] Or will topics only be limited to those issues which affect companies public relations at the expense of topics which bear more heavily on the prospects of teenagers and their families?[4]"

Again politics ? (((
Again "Pussi riots" ? (((
"F..k em all" (c) Mylene Farmer
You are my mentor!!!
Google is in a unique position. Even better than face book. let the arabs vote on the anti-islamic video in there countries. Don't get in the middle. The power of google is giving lift to the disenfranchised. Starts as a search. You gave search voice. now give the silent masses suppressed by generations of leaders who have trapped them in there nightmares. Google is the only one in the position to give them a vote. This is a technology solution. Seize the day. ignoring this would be "evil"

It's funny to read such "true views" from outside of Russia :) Kasparov worked for USA gov for last seven years... :)
Сергей, добрый день. У меня к Вам вопрос. Скажите Вы представляете себе интернет браузер в 3д формате? Я хотел предложить Вам и Вашей компании проект такого браузера. Но обратившись с предложением о переговорах в Московский офис, ответа не получил. потому хотелось бы узнать насколько Вам это интересно? По моему настало время для именно такого браузера. С уважением, Вадим Дроздов.
Sergey, you are ashamed of their origin. You're trying to prove you're not like the people of Russia.
Mitch Stokely
Well, yes, that America sighed quietly. Fuck you. We have ourselves to deal with their prblemami. Take care of yourself.
what is happening  in the world?I jast horrified  when watching the news what happens to the people?where the world is heading?
As busiest man in world is it this the Only Religion that Matters for you right now Segey
The Pussy Riot scenario exists also in countries like the US, we just don't see it.
A foreign guy sells hot dogs in the US on a street corner to make a living and after years of day-in, day-out selling hotdogs decides to go home to his foreign country, but, as a last step, decides to take a few pictures of the place where he sold every day...just a few simple pictures mind you...well he gets scooped up by an agent for taking a picture of a federal building...imagine that! A case is started. The man is placed in confinement. Then the agent who scooped him up knotices that the man is no terrorist and tries to get him out of it all to let him go home, but the system doesn't allow it...the wheels have started turning and all departments have to do their reports...could months! The poor guy did nothing!
Sure the Pussy Riot girls didn't deserve such a harsh sentence, Maybe a little community service, maybe some social work, and we should all be against such stupid court systems, but we can't only look under the carpet in Russia, we need to look under our own...and there is some dust!
I love playing chess. Play chess with me now

These gils got to the jail becouse the so called "oppositon" and the advocats mistreated the publicity around this event. One of these three girl took an independent of so called "oppositon" advocat and she is free! Surprized? Thousends crazy events happen in Russia every day, but only actions related to the so called "opposition" are taken into US-newschanals. Just visit Russia and form your own view on (insted of reading/listening/viewing propaganda ;-) Remember the war in Osetia 2008?
Well... To be absolutely propaganda free. I believe Pussy Riot just misbehaved riding on a wave of popularity. Why do this in a Church? Does anybody else in the world do something like that in a Church? Lack of culture and class. It is an offence to some people. Maybe punishment was a little more than a crime but has nothing to do with Putin.  Putin is a great man that are hard to find among all leaders. Freedom of expression is there and will continue to be there for a long time if Putin is in power. He is a very reasonable politician but is in a very difficult position to lead such a huge country as Russia. By now, you must have guessed that I am pro-Putin... Know him better than tabloids lead to believe. Honestly, I am a bit disappointed at Sergey's remarks at Putin expense but I don't know maybe  his family problems run deeper with Russia. 
Fuck u. Kasparov always says shit. Putin is a real leader. And I support him!
It is a pretty old article that provides no additional information that sheds more light on the matter rather than stating Mr. Kasparov's opinion. It is colorful as always but remains his opinion.  Police is rough in Russia no doubt. This needs to change for sure... But then again, with so many terrorist acts that happened in Moscow and so much criminal activity, you can't really blame them for being rough. One can put a big bad spin on everything that happens in Russia, and blame president for everything bad that happens in the country like... corruption on Wallstreet is really Obama's fault (sarcasm), Snowden's information leakage on the Prism project is definitely president's fault (sarcasm). It's ironic to talk about freedom when "своё рыльце в пушку". And I don't mean it as a stone in Google's account. Google is great and makes the world a better place but this is just an example of how it becomes a grey area where you have to draw the line between your citizen's duty and moral convictions and stance for a true freedom. Freedom is really a class and political notion... So let's give everyone a big benefit of doubt before crucifying.  We might not agree but we need to be good listeners.
pussy riot is bitch anglosaxon culture implanted in russia
You cannot just condemn one brand of evil then endorse another. Nestle are more of a threat to civilisation than Putin will ever be and Google have just formed a sinister alliance with them!
Я русский и я за тюремный срок этим "дамам" (хотя их уже выпустили).
Америка возьмите их к себе, пусть они выделываются у вас в храмах или на лужайке перед белым домом.
Мне такая псевдодемократия не нужна.  
Sitting at the World Cup near Andrea Merkel.
does movies made you ppl stiuped... ?the only answer you can think of is part of some movie...😆 i wonder why... stop dancing for somebody else dreams... start being humans
I think a persons actions are primarily based on their identity. Some people, especially criminals, just need to stand for something new. And usually do good as heroes. He needs to feel proud about doing something good. I ask for your help in helping me do that.
Riot was a 'musical expression' (...have you listened?) but Pussy exhibitionistically provoked attention by trashing religion. Let's try that on the Pope's chair, in Mecca or Jerusalem and see what will happen there. A two year sentence would have been lenient both with us and our allies: the Saudi's would have chopped their heads off for the mere hint of blasphemy. In Holland some idiot 'throwing a shoe' (or 'theelichtjeshouder') at a Royal Chariot has spent exactly two years in jail as well. Our top messengers of truth (whistle blowers) get sentences for life, or they live in exile. Ten years incarceration in NY for a young hactivist exposing a fraudulent security contractor, and sofort and so on. Pussy Riot goes to show our double standards toward other (Slavic) cultures and our engrained self serving superiority attitude - or a low appreciation of the variety of ways toward modernity, taken in a variety of cultures. Helas that's also the psychological basis of our haphazard international policies in coloured skin countries.
Pussy goes to show that Russia is pretty much like any European country in judicial-political reality.
On top of that, the Riot's 'amplifier' Kasparov, demonstrates through 'The Moscow Times' that there is freedom of expression in Russia, at least in the media. +Sergey Brin​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
+West Wind Oh, so you call ex-KGB mafia mobster "religious clergy"? They have nothing in common with Christianity and sentencing those girls has just proved that. 
those are your words, +Alexandr Berezovsky I say the case does not show Russians treating human rights worse than we do - but it does show our double standards and media delusions (creating a straw enemy), promoting fear, exceptionalism and (ultimately) war.  ;-\
yep hmm hmm  (...that is all i have to say about that)
+West Wind you obviously took my words out of context. So, what's your point? You're not making yourself clear
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