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No place in the world has made me consider my place in the universe like Jellyfish Lake. Millions of creatures all drifting seemingly aimlessly, searching for light, for the energy to spawn so generations of their offspring may do the same years later. I take a small breath, sink toward the bottom, watching them in wonder and think are we really so different?
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No different... except for vertebrae of course..
maybe.... I don't sting :p
Once again, great photo! You are very brave to have swam with Jellyfish. 
Yes. We know our purpose for living....and jellyfish? Discuss amongst yourselves...
Nice photo....Silly question considering how much you know already....
Swim with jellyfish in Australia and you'll end up dead... =(
Isnt every living organism the same?! .. some can process more data .. others not capable .. but the end result is the same .. see to that our species lives on .. only thing that creatures with capacity to process large data is capable of it making life a little better and complicated for themselves as we did :D .. 
Looks amazing, It would be nice to see more pictures of your travels?
And yes we are as slaves of our selfish genes as the jellyfish
Rajni B
So beautifully written!! I guess we are the same, drifting aimlessly! 
Billions of people are out there drifting around the world. We are searching for the light and energy of knowledge and meaning of our existence. +Google and the Internet help us find the light we seek. We just have to ask the right questions.
that's why we need something, some ideology, some religion to keep us sane and make us forget our own mortality. That something could be anything.
If you stop eating food (eliminate serotonin production) eventually your pineal gland produces a neurotransmitter to take serotonin's place which creates a prolonged zen experience. I assume the jellyfish are in a state of Nirvana.
Great shot! It is similiar view as Jellyfish Lake at Kakaban Island Indonesia and swim with a tons of them without being sting. Awsome!
+CJ Dulberger 

Actually, 99,99% of the population is just like that JellyFish. Barely concious human meat, spreading around every corner of the world in endless search of fornication and eating.

He nailed that one. 
+Branko Badrljica

"A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty."
-Albert Einstein
+CJ Dulberger 

Albert Einstein wasn't exactly ethalon on the subject of universal love and authority.

He didn't have much of a problem leaving his wife when it suited him. Also, he was known to be wrong now and then.
At first I thought this was something from outer space.
Omar S
Utterly amazing shot.
+Sergey Brin - Are you using some kind of enclosure for your DSLR? The EXIF data shows Canon EOS 5D - if so, I'd love to know what brand/model enclosure it is
The only difference between us and the jellyfish is that we live under the illusion of 'controlling our own destiny' - they don't.
Reminds me of scene from "Finding Nemo", only diff, that was animation and this is real!
Yes we are different. The jellyfish are much more transparent.
we are a lot like these jellyfish coz if we drift aimlessly, we become easier to factor in by those who are always looking to factor us in

if we try to minimize our opportunity cost, those looking to factor us in naturally have a harder time minimizing theirs

hence the thrust is always towards having us drift aimlessly; it is entirely upto each individual to get his or her act together
+Sergey Brin - You take some fantastic shots and they are always so interesting or, at the very least, thought provoking.
The difference is that we drift aimlessly toward shiny things :)
It's amazing! So jealous?
Not much. They're just more faithful to their essence.
My grandmother was born on Palau where Jellyfish Lake is. I hope to go there some day soon before its beauty is destroyed by the wealthy who put hotels and golf courses next to or right over natural beauty. When I lived on Guam, my family would visit my mom's relatives on Saipan...there used to be a natural water slide formed out of the rocks that local families would go. It's been gone for about 20+ years now because the land was turned into a golf course. So many memories erased from the land, it's rather shameful.
Your place in the universe is in a lake full of jellyfish?

Do you get good WiFi down there?
In many ways we are the same, but jellyfish do not possess the ability to completely screw up the planet, as humans do. Their responsibility is to simply reproduce ...
Awesome sight...and thought provoking. Have you ever considered that the Internet brings "light" to billions of people per day...and that Google search makes the "search for light" just a little bit easier for all of us just floating around on the Internet?
Depends on how you measure difference..
thats hilarious  this is how you think once you have 500 million cash in bank and net worth of 20 billion :) ,,,, irony of ironies,, you so humble and good boy!
Yes, jellyfish have no central nervous system (including brains). They have sensory organs which allow them to react to stimuli, but they're really nothing more than very simple biological robots.
Beautiful, but in all honesty I'd be scared out of my mind surrounded by so many jellyfish 
Good question! Most people ignore it. Amazing picture
+Sergey Brin
As important as it is to realize how infinitely tiny we are, and our lives infinitely short, it is also important to remember what sets us apart from most of what we have so far found.

Can a supernova, however awesome, contemplate itself?
We may be tiny but each & every person has dreams & ambitions. Life's circumstances many times interfere with them but anyone who wants to make a dream come true & is willing to put enough thought, time & energy into it will do so. It may morph into something totally different than what they were originally heading for but it will happen.

Jellyfish only seek the sun's energy to reproduce & perpetuate their species without dreams & ambitions to create something better or more meaningful. So yes we are very different than those beautiful squiggly things because we can appreciate the simplicity of their beauty! 
The diffference is that we, as humans, have much more potential to make the world a better place.
Thank you for the photos you share with us
Jellyfish are beautiful

home when sees some things that they say is sublime

a small technical issue is that it is helpful to use graph theory and algorithms as Dijkstra or Bellman-Ford and other theory to create an engine recheche able to find the path for a more information on internet.

Thank you in advance
Hmm, was this taken with an underwater google glass? :)
And a jellyfish is probably looking down at you and wondering just the opposite.
wow, esas son las maravillas del mundo.
Very cool. Imagine if they were moonjellies.
we are part of a single organism, we are the same material as the stars, we are in this ride we called life, and as the jellyfish we do the same every day, the only problem is that our society is difefent thab theirs.
our evolution brought good and bad things.
This is SOOOOO beautiful!!!! Our world is truely beautiful :) beautiful!amazing.
wow ... nice ,  it's as pretty as a wonderland. 
Amazing! Surreal capture! The Jellyfish with the back light makes it almost seem divine, with those rays behind it. "An Angel from Heaven Jellyfish"....just loved it!
Nice, I wish I could Double+ it
Hey Sergey... I was in Palau the same time as you and marveled in these amazing creatures...  I stayed in the water quite some time just mesmerized and captivated by the ability of living things to evolve to survive :)  I am sure you know of their story.  I love the legend!
I want to see them directly from this point of view someday
These are really nice pictures Sergey.  It is really too bad that I can't see them on that awesome Nexus 4 phone.  It is quite embarrassing that the company that tamed the web can't manage a supply chain to produce a device that people want.  what's worse, there is no official word about what the hell's going on!!  Not nice Sergey!!!! Not nice!!!!
JELLY FISH LAKE, Sergey friend, does not only and a lake, but a corner of Nature, where she portrays itself own and presents the views of observers' attention to its magnificence. Everything wonderful. But, as "creatures` drift '? These beings are animated, carriers own movements, besides possess altissima sensibilidde. Aside from that, the vision of this lake, the submerged part, and unreal, gorgeous! It remains congratulates him for the beautiful post.
Aawesome photo, it's out of this world:-)lol

...and so about that Nexus 4 phones we can't get our hands on, I suggest you let Unilever or P&G guys handle distribution scheme. To them that would be a walk in the park. In the meantime, no matter how skeptics downplay its advent, iphone 5 abounds. This is as ironic as ironic gets.
They have less stress...for knowledge is power but ignorance is bliss.
Your signin for G+ and Google accounts is busted and needs fine tuning and the support page is not providing any relevant information.  Please have support contact me.
As we eventually drift off into space, we will genetically modify into some kind of jellyfish, but made of plasma cells. The distributed thinking that occurs within the jelly fish community supports environmental harmony and the symbiotic arrangements transform the sacrificial aspects of environmental partners into a simple utopia for all. Each jellyfish gives back in sacrifice its body that grew through the sacrifice of others.

These great cycles of life are the superstructure of vorticular progress. We have not got to this simplicity of being yet because our societies are motivated by an unbalanced greed that benefits the few, temporarily.
I have a website Idea but don't have the funds to create the project,would be great if I could discuss it with you or some of your team members.
I see one small yet outstanding difference between us and any other living species we currently know. We seem to be the ones with higher chances of hacking the universe (at the very least, to better understand it's logic), I believe... And the picture is great :-)
I'm really sorry, +Sergey Brin about G+ closure!

Vic, Google+ is due to be closed in the end of this year. What are you feeling about it? Why did you hide this fact from us? Hope you don't feel upset, all you've done was awersome and I really enjoyed time spent here.

I find out about that fact from there: All russian speaking comunity is making backups of G+ data and feel sorrow about that changes.
If it is true that we are "drifting seemingly aimlessly, searching for light, for the energy to spawn so generations of their offspring may do the same years later," how can there be objective meaning to life? How can objective value be put on life? How would Google have any basis for talking about peoples' 'rights?' I am grateful that humans have been made in the image of God and that there is more value and purpose for us than what your post seems to imply.
Chris if we don't move off the Earth in 5 billion years all trace of humanity will be can't cope with the fact that there may very well be no explicit meaning to life..biologically your only purpose is to procreate and continue replicating DNA.. Our brains are our own worst enemy because they allow us to contemplate life and in doing so we find ourselves looking for meaning where there may very well be none...
You say there 'may very well be no explicit meaning to life.' If there is no 'purpose' beyond replicating your DNA, there IS, without a doubt, no meaning to life. In that case, there is no legitimacy in saying that some things are right and some things are wrong. There is no legitimacy in saying that some things are wonderful and some are not. The list goes on. Everything is subjective and there is no absolute meaning/truth beyond physical laws (assuming that there is no 'purpose' beyond replicating your DNA). Do you truly believe this? Do you live in a way that is consistent with this?
I believe that this is most likely the case but I can not rule out 100% the existence of Greater Power either.  But let me put it this way (non-human) animals continue to live and thrive with out needing meaning for their lives.  I can accept that there is no greater meaning to life but it doesn't mean I have to be cruel and un-just..I don't hurt people not because I believe there is a greater power looking at me or there is some greater purpose..I don't hurt people because my "empathy" which has evolved over millions of years makes me feel bad when I do cause harm to others..and maybe some is socially programmed but the key for the survival of humanity is to accept there is no meaning.. and yet choose to improve ourselves and humanity and find meaning in what we can do to help one another through this crazy world we live in...find meaning in each other.
How can you believe there is no greater power or purpose and yet say that some things are 'cruel' or 'unjust?' There is no such thing as objective cruelty or justice. The phrase 'the key for the survival of humanity' suggests that it actually matters whether or not humanity survives. Why does it matter? When a person dies, the person is no longer conscious and so it really does not matter what happens to the rest of humanity.
Because I have survival instincts built into me thus I want to survive and I want my DNA to continue be it through my children and I love my children so I want them to survive and have a better place whether I am in it or not.  Can you have feelings and not believe in a higher power or purpose? The answer is yes.  I don't like to see other things suffer and it feels good when things fit into our cultures right or wrong belief structure.
Very cool! The amazon rainforest is also very intriguing! Looking forward to visiting someday. 
I am really trying to contact you, but i cant...
Please reply
How can we submit comment directly to you Serfey Brin?  Please advise.
you are beginning to have spiritual experiences
Ging De
+Sergey Brin You should fire whoever updated image search. It is useless now. I am looking for alternatives ASAP.
Ging De
Nice picture by the way.
Wonderful image and though Sergey :) 
Jellyfish are one of my absolute favourite animals, and Jellyfish Lake is one of the places I just have to visit.
Nope mr. Serg ..we're not that different:) DNA makes us the same but at the same time not the same!!!...that same DNA makes us different so we 'can think different' 'b different ' and 'create different' and to boot- bravely create new worlds!!!and WOW !! It gives us programmed evolutionary power to persist in space and time ...Yahoo 2 u 2!!!
Herman B

Hi Sergey, why don't you read Blazing Night on Google Play and then share the experience?
Dar mr brin, i have a thoughtnfor this world.. if you willing to listen, please mail me to
speak spanish man. It s already 2nd language in the world ;-)
Sergey said drifting 'seemingly' aimlessly....the word 'seemingly' changes completely the sense of the statement....some people compared these 'seemingly' aimless motions to those of humans... the truth of the matter is that jellyfish motions, and those of humans, are not aimless or random but follow specific well defined and predictable trajectories. Randomness is a word humans tend to use when don't understand the processes lying just behind our awareness or understanding
C. Fs/jk,,Jul!nffzEgxxanffzEgxxazh
dear mr. brin,

i need some help, while trying to add a photo to my black and white album happen strange things, i just cant post that one photo, only the whole album - what is happend here - and why have you changed this, i would be very happy, if have the time to answer me - thank you sir. :)

+Sergey Brin 
I agree with +dietmar rogacki , things don't run well now when posting photos from the albums

could we make a step back? +Sergey Brin   thank you very much for taking the time
Wow you're amazing...not only at photography but poetry, man....that hit me deep.
I think +Sergey Brin was doing a little forecasting. I think the Pixel notebook mentioned in this video was part of Project X. :)
No place in the Internet has made me consider my place in the universe like Google Search. Millions of users all searching seemingly aimlessly, searching for websites, for the content to spawn so generations of their offspring may do the same years later. I take a small breath, and click on the minimize button in wonder and think: are we really so different?
Conservemos las especies que aun nos quedan.
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I met a giant jellyfish in Greece which paralized you if you came in touch with it. It was the size of 2 cars. The fisher men went.out with harpoons to kill it as it was by the shore.!!!
This is my favorite photo of the jellyfish ~~~ their sole purpose is for reproduction ~~~ no worries about mass destruction of our universe ~~~
O K. But thats because they have no brain cells. like you say .jellyfish.!
Man goes crazy and some worry some dont thinking of mankind and the.way
things are going.!
You asked ~~~ why not respond to my comment on the photo of the whale??? ~~~
I have likened myself to a few things in life but never a jellyfish ! You think more outside the box than I do it seems .................Nice analogy!
Jack Wu
I think it is beautiful!
I haven't been to Palau in many years but certainly swimming with the jellies has been one of the highlights in my travels. I love the large transparent ones too.
Whale taking with misglass ?:) spiteful army we .jealousy like speed freaks will always find a paradise to pollute with waste or mindless chatter never fails .
Wow every insider knew g+ was finished by the new yr .all making sense now with yah and tumbler . I'm deeply disappointed in the lot of the ego busters 
Ps the soul never dies science has proved it get to learning already what's important enough for you to blog about ! Write smarter with facts 
I'd hate to be that photographer...
👍 👌 👏 🐠 🐟 🌊
عکسای عاشقانه
human are life too,but so complex!
whats do you mean from different?
Sergey, I thought that it might be of some interest to you. Here in Canada, we have developed a fitness program that prevents a development of Parkinson's  disease.  regards, Sergei.
Do not swim with spawning jellyfish. Have you been to humjelly islands? You should recruit hires there. Really need the work. Ask Dave the helicopter pilot at Moffett. Tell him to bring me contact info for my family.
Sergei: your Google phone should have a better name than Moto x. Nothing against Motorola, but it sounds retro, given their history. Something like G phone or G with an exponent x would sound more reliably high tech. More digitial.
nice pic
it make you thing about life in other prespective
"I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my Squishy. Come on, Squishy Come on, little Squishy."
... es increible pensar que existan criaturas como esas en el mundo, y esto nos hce pensar sobre cuan poco conocemos aún de este hermoso planeta+Sergey Brin !
Stingless jellyfish lakes are abundant in Indonesia. In Raja Ampat.. these species.. mastigias papua.. can be found in more than 40 lakes which are not known to the world. theyre trapped in those lakes with no predator for 5000+years hence no sting defence mechanism
Hey Plz help.  I need to add a sharp photo (where to get good photos too)  like this to my channel and I need to add two more channels.  Can u tell me how to do that ?  thank you.  VERY VERY MUCH
No me conoces pero no he tenido tanta suerte como tu... te suplico me ayudes economicamente para salir adelante con mi familia.
Disculpa ...escribi en el correo de mi hiio sin darme cuenta... resoonde a mi facebook por favor : ana maria palacios clarac
Hi I'm Danny Markfeld and I can't go anywhere while I'm away, because my vision is no good, because I'm legally blind and lost 1 eye, so I need the google car it can take me anywhere to any locations.

I'm looking forward to hear the answer from you.

Danny Markfeld
The underling wasnt in finding Nemo !!! I was real and Pixar/Steves ,she was is not.
Your posts are few ... but very profound. Definitely looking out for more from you!
one ideal can change the word! I have one
All of your photographs are awesome. Looks like you do a lot of underwater shots and they are very good. Way to go, it is nice to see someone happy with what he does.
Hey Sergey, I am lecturing to Advertising, Marketing and Business Communications students here at UCLan in the UK. I am trying to get them into new opportunities, e.g. wearable media, any chance you could send up a pair of Google Glass? I'm fed up of trying to describe the concept and showing the actual demonstration would be fantastic! Regards. Tony
I am looking for information as to who to contact  about the possibility of becoming business partners in a news type of situation that is already set up. Need technical input and contacts to make it roar and fly.
Diane Knaus
I can't for spring break and only one more day
не знаю видели ли вы фильмы данелия. там есть фрагмент в лифте едут два японца грузин и армянин. один японец говорит другому - эти русские все на одно лицо.
Brian Cox features Jellyfish Lake in his show, Wonders of Life, Season 1, Episode 1, "What Is Life?". I just watched it the other day on Google Play. Awesome! :)
Peace..... Where a human can count his breath :)
Check out the immortal jellyfish...
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Pretty much the same, and sometimes some more many less are swimming out of the pond I guess.
Hey may i have a contact info for any personel of Google for which i can communicate for Goolge maps pictures of pakistan.
Esta muy lindo te. Felicito.rosy usa.
Well, we have a backbone, at least we should... 
I recommend Sierra Leone, pirate's beach. For different reasons, similar feeling:)
Take care of the trick psychology and false perspectives. The more productive answer is yes. If diversity is the spice, than conformist extroversion obsessed, introversion bashing, middle adult bullying is a doomsday that has already been set off, here in NYC, this fashion week of 2014, about 1979 years early. 
WooW it's veeeery beautiful
Beautiful & Breathtaking..
What a world under the sea~
oh actually there is not that much difference between many people and jelly fishes. As human we r looking for money or LOVE in our entire life .. that s what we do.. and the lucky ones find the love .. others come and go like a shooting star.. =) well ur difference is you did Google. you serve people , u r lucky man.
Dear Mr.Brin ,
                     I' m operating with a team of Italian Protezione Civile . I think that it shoul be very usefull if your Google Earth had an application able to explain immediately the place were is a fire on the mountains . I have an idea of the problem would You have an idea of the software ? Best regards 
I dont go with another guys because My heart still there with someone only him I don't what other ......why misunderstand ,How you think who i love ?,, with love and sincerely I swear. doraemon 21
How i would wishper...?  listen please.......LOVE YOU LOTS...DR.SERGEY BRIN CO FOUNDER OF GOOGLE INC., -Q (  MAM )
Dear Sergey:

You, Eric and Larry are cordially invited to visit, as our guests, one of the most beautiful places on earth, Ranquilco in the Argentine Patagonia.  
You will also have the opportunity for Google to acquire – at no cost – an eco-friendly start-up (   Please contact me your soonest:

Thank You  
Once you've reached such a moment when you feel or maybe understand what existence is and how we creatures are connected you might never go back to normal thinking again... I had a similar moment in my life, too... 
Mi corazón de casualidad tu y yo nos conocemos ?
Sir Gay? ..Fuckin' threw me off with that one! I was so confused. "What did you say to me?".. I'd think your parents would of known that word or changed your name by the time you moved to the States? Damn I wonder if my name translated to some other language is the same pronunciation as clit.. Colon though.. and CMM as initials I mean.. Come on.. Son of a bitch..
My biggest regret is that I didn't show you the respect you deserved. I wish I would've known who blessed me with their presence that evening, I would've stepped back quite a few feet and kneeled, because you are one of the most important humans Earth has ever seen. It would've been a great and extreme honor to show you that respect. I can't thank you enough for everything you've done for humans. Thank you so very, very much for all of the priceless wisdom and knowledge and free access! It's so unlike Earth's systems... I hope every day is the best day of your life, you absolutely deserve it.
Hi Sergey, I really hope you don't mind me commenting like this here, but I have to let you know what your Collections fans have been up to.

Collections are a great feature, and after having authored a few myself, I came to realize  they were not that easy to find in a search.

With that in mind, I came up with the idea of creating a Community which would allow members to share their own Collections, and those of others. And to include a whole new approach to moderation too.

We have created categories where the Collections can be added and found easily by our viewers and members. We allow and recommend hashtags be used in the comment box when sharing with us, to make it easier for the Collection to be found when using the communities search box.

I have to admit, it wasn't easy at first to convince members how important it was for a community such as ours. A collection of Collections if you like, but much more.

But, and after explaining the importance and viewer friendliness of our community, we soon started picking up speed. Granted, we are small in numbers compared to a photo sharing community, but we are extremely high in quality Collections, popular well known members, and have only been going just a few weeks.

We are at this time only just over 500 members strong, but we do share over 400 of our members Collections. That is a great ratio in any community books.

We are doing what we can to promote Collections here, and would appreciate any help and advice you can offer. Maybe you could post Collection update information to our community directly, as you get it. Or offer advice to our members and I?

In the meantime, please take a look at our Community, as I am sure you will be impressed.

Kind regards and best wishes.
+Sergey Brin

One minor different is that jellyfish and all other animals are cognitively inferior and have no moral sense. I'd say the difference is great unless we want to talk at the molecular level 
ما أجمل خلق الله  سبحان الله  و الله اكبر  و لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله 
We have swam there in Palau, amazing! Thank you for google and youtube, we are so blessed. Shalom from Dmitry Lossev and Grace Reiko living in Japan.
Yeah brin; we have another world.
Believe in god. 
Loved the comparison,are we really so diffrent. You respect every creature.
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