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The self-driving car is one of the projects I have been involved with over the past year. I believe this technology has the potential to dramatically improve transportation efficiency, safety, and comfort. However, even more importantly, as you can see below it can change lives.
We announced our self-driving car project in 2010 ( with a clear goal: make driving safer, more enjoyable and more efficient.

There’s much left to design and test, but we’ve now safely completed more than 200,000 miles of computer-led driving, gathering great experiences and an overwhelming number of enthusiastic supporters.

We wanted to share one of our favorite moments from some special research we conducted. Watch this video of Steve, who joined us for a drive on a carefully programmed route to experience being behind the wheel in a whole new way. We organized this test as a technical experiment outside of our core research efforts, but we think it’s also a promising look at what this kind of technology may one day deliver for society if rigorous technical and safety standards can be met.

A version of this video with audio captions is available here:
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It certainly has the potential to improve marriages... I am confident that research would say that driving comments is one of the major causes of fights between couples :-)
Incredible! I remember when it was a huge deal to see a car drive itself across an empty desert. Just wow. Great work Google and friends. Great work.
Wonderfully inspiring. Thanks for sharing, Sergey & Google!
My greatfather in the '60 already have one car that drive alone, was a horse.
So... if this car would be infected by a virus? What would happen?

I saw the video and it looks really good... but think about it. I won't drive one of that cars unless I see it's totally safe.
Hey Brin, as a bilingual, are you interested in ushering in the future of second language teaching?

Imagine if you're browsing a Web page in your native language, and a Web browser extension automatically detects the topic of this page and inserts relevant foreign language micro-lessons in it, so that you can incidentally learn a foreign language while browsing interesting native language information :-) This AdSense-like "L1-driven L2 teaching" will be the future of second language teaching.

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This is GREAT!!!! Imagine the handicapped people that would be able to be mobile again, and how many less car accidents there would be because of the car driving and not the drunk drivers. :-)
Other than forbidding people to drive, I don't see how a self driving car would fare well in Latin countries or Asian...
I actually love driving but certainly can use one of these coming back from bar at 2am Saturday morning.
+Harry Wille À qṵic̩k brőw̵n fox jumps ọ̄vèr t͈h̵è lạ̄zy̍ dog.
+Sergey Brin thanks for Sharing I attended the AI class of Stanford last year and built systems the optimize a vehicles velocity profile to achieve higher fuel efficiency. We achieved more than 10% improvement for a conventional powertrain. I am looking forward to see the driverless car optimizing its energy management and speed profile for better energy efficiency ! This does not necessarily mean to have lower longitudinal dynamics so driving can still be fun.
You have all the technology in the car already so let see the the safer , more fuel efficient , driverless car shortly ;)
I believe we kill about 50,000 of ourselves a year with these things.Es Verdad?
I'm a New Yorker, and I never learned to drive. This has been the only car I've ever wanted to own. When can I get one?
un giorno sarà mia e la mia conquista del mondo sarà più vicina! mhuhuwahahaha
Awesome stuff, Sergei. That said, you do know Dr. Thrun taught a six week course on this that's winding down, right? Very fun course ^_^. I wonder, where would one go to work on these babies? Imagine--self driving 100% EVs in 20 years. Can you say paradigm shift?
This is the future, and I hope it is coming soon.
Could this be applied to self hair cutting. Let the person sit in the chair. Let the machine capture all parameters with sensors and continue the hair cut.
this is how you change the world! very exciting and congratulations!
From the top of my 6000 km per month mountain I scream a huge: "I want it now!"
I hate driving. This car is like a dream for me.
i cant wait till this is the standard for all cars
Jie Wan
I just care about the price......
I'm a little disappointed this video doesn't show how commands are given to the car. How do we tell it where to go, when to park, whether to go in the drive-thru or not, etc. Inputting commands still allows for human error, and thus, accidents will still happen.
Cool car! Send me one..I will test drive it for free for a year. I live in Florida and gas is high even with a lexus rh450. lol
When is Google announcing their jetpack and robot maid projects?
The self-driving car I want will be an RV, so I can stumble out of bed in the morning and get showered and dressed while I'm on the way to the office.
Remember, folks. If you see this thing driving around, you should shove somebody in front of it. It will yield critical data and ultimately save lives.
Sergey..Driving a car is supposed to be a pleasure, not a job. I myself wouldn't by self-driving car, even if it rides as Ayrton Senna.
Make sure to deal with the issue when you block the antenna with a coat.
I've seen the future...and it drives itself.
How can I apply to be Self Driving Car User #0000000002?
Sid J
This is awesome. You guys have come a long way!
Hey Sergey, I'm a second year mechanical engineering student at UC Berkeley. I'm wondering if it was possible I could help work on this project. Thanks.
excellent. when you get a bike that rides itself sign me up! lol.
new transportation concepts should be more innovative ..
I was thinking... put a red LED line upon the front bumper and call the car KITT.... lol!!! Anyway, for blind people I think it will be a great thing...
Oh come on, you guys! How can you prove you didn't put a super skinny guy inside the driver seat just like they did in that 007 movie? Boy, he must feel exhausted after 200 000 miles of driving! Not much of a resale value, either! =) All jokes aside, you guys rock! "Safer driving through IT!" Your biggest fan, Andrei (
I imagine a scenario in which everything will be in the cloud computing Google, personal information, documents, files, entertainment ...
I see the edges, but often Google seems to build, with bricks a bit 'disconnected from each other. But we will. My Galaxy Nexus is an important part of these structures.
I hope this cars will be legal soon and they will be produced in serial.
Is a stupid idea!!! The future is not with a cars......
legs and bike are better
Last month, on Google campus, I saw 3 of them making round trips on the parkings. I thought that was the news Google street view cars...
Love this Sooooooooooo much!!
Nice. so when do we get the flying Jetson cars we were promised to have here in the future?
My main questions are:
1. How would the car react and compensate for other cars that are NOT self driving and may suddenly swerve in front of you or slam on their brakes?

2. Similarly, how would the car react to animals and people who may suddenly wander out in front of the car (like say, a child chasing a ball, or a deer crossing the road at night?)
johnny shark we didn’t think about that so if you will excuse we have to go back to the drawing board Google self driving car project 'goat head' peace out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
è fantastico!!!!!!!!!!!!!
የሶፍትዌር ቱሩፋት ወደ ሜካኒካል ኢንጅነሪንግ ሲቀዳ
I know a dozen people who could really use this! And not just for fun...for independence.
Good for people like me who want to read while getting from point A to point B!
wait a minute... how does the car know how to drive up to the drive through? Full disclosure on when the operator is in control and when the car is autonomous would be nice.
@John Sparks: How do you react on such events? I am sure a computer can react much faster and more adequate than you... I know that BMW already has driver assistances which take action on such events.
I guess in the near future you will pay less assurance fees if you drive a car with assistances like that. Because computers drive much saver than you (or me)...
First the freight lorry drivers and bus drivers will loose their jobs. Secondly, the same fate comes to taxi cab drivers.
"Now you can go home drunk as fuck" - top comment on youtube
but this realisation (a self driving veichle) does not exit since 1800? it called "train".. my debate 'cause (I talk for Italy) I think we must improve the use of train, for people and goods...
fantastico !!!!!!!!! vorrei vederla circolare all'ora di punta al cento di Roma, Napoli o Milano ! ? ! ? ! ?
It is awesome project but it have the negative impact too. 
I'd love to see it in the traffic of Rome, that will be a real-life test!
Somebody is going to hack this thing so that they can get out of it on the street, and it will circle the block until it finds a parking space. Just you wait, 'enry 'iggins.
Yep. Self-future is looking right at our eyes. Self-programming computers, self-controlled companies and finally, self-evolving civilization. The question is, where all the people will go?
All the people will stop working and start living.
+Martin Brochhaus Cats and dogs chose to live this way. But for that to happen somebody must love you, otherwise why self-evolving stuff will feed you?
Really awesome! I have to admit that I was scared the car would run into the garage when they got home.
Unfortunately because of other drivers (and drivers who would try to "hack" systems and the like) I think we are still far off from this being "commonplace". I think the first place you might see this "legal" though would be special expressway/tollway "lanes" that could ONLY be used by "Automated" drivers.... so, the cars would all be "smart/aware" of when they need to start up on the on ramp to merge into traffic perfectly and then know where they need to get off... and all the cars would go the same speed (which could be pretty fast since it is all automated, no need to worry about other drivers swerving in front of you, etc).
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Sergey. I don't know technical details about your project but the self driving system can be integrated with - i'm sure -a road traffic monitoring system, an anti collision system ( i don't know if its already installed - i"v seen ed the radar system but not necessary that the auto ARPA "Automatic radar plotting aid" its installed) and with an emergency(911) dispatch.
Probably that adding the above features it will increase the manufacturing price with about ~ $1000 , everybody will pay extra for those features.I worked for Renault - Nissan 7 years and i"m electronically engineer , so i have a pretty good idea what i"m talking about .
Thank you very much for accepting my invitation .
+Andrei Bujaki I just guess that crowd sourced data (road traffic) is an integral component of the concept and would serve the business model.
I don't think so Helmut .The car its using an radar , possible an low frequency radar on the free radio band- but without an collision warning system or without being connected with a traffic control system or controller - teh radar connected with an modified ECU ( the firmware of the ECU its rewritten- that allows the computerized steering ) + connected with the UCH .Beside all of this the entire system has a supplementary OBD (VAG) connector (each car has one standard) . The secondary OBD i think that its used to get the route inputs from a computer- laptop probable ( the pdf its in german , but the pictures are representing what i"m talking about
That is what i believe - its a guess because without actually observing from close proximity its hard to be sure . No I did not observed any wifi or sat antenna - the routes are pre established in this case .
+Sergey Brin Thank you for the video, but I won't be watching it yet, since the video of one of your driverless cars I watched on YouTube blew me away in both a positive way: awe and negative way: fear. Please do plenty of testing, Plenty. Thank you, Sergey.
Nice, but awfully fluffy story. How about some actual details of how this works for the reasonably curious?
прекрасный ролик
A self driving vehicle will revolutionize the way people commute. It will undoubtedly control traffic and allow people to do others things will not driving.
Who needs a car,when it can drive by itself.........
Build such system in an solarpowered race vehicle,then drivers of it,get no backproblems,and can stay home,watch and maybe control the vehicle over the net.instead of a drone,call it a chrone...
Everything is cool. Except the logo... What on earth is that "car" at the middle?
that's cool! all of that, but lets also not forget, the mountaineer does not only go up the mountain for reaching the peak, as that may be done even by a helicopter or something, but it's the challenge or climbing as the driving force... have fun making the world a better can i have a share?!
Sam P
this is the future of automobiles
A self-driving vehicle that makes no noise at all. Get inside the house kids...
it IS cool !! but  here are some  things to be done:

1. it requires  some legislation changes as well...
2. with self driving cars... i guess the interior car design must be changed radically !! Put a sofa inside :)

especially for long rides it's great,you just wake up at your destination!!!:) i hope it can handle anything !!!

Best of luck !!!
really cool..I'm so happy m gonna be electronics engineer:)
And this is why Google is awesome and much appreciated. 
Is Google working with any RV manufacturers on self driving vehicles? I think this feature would save the shrinking RV industry. 
When is Google going to map the underwater trails the fish and mermaids travel.
At least map their stone road signs so divers do not disturb them.
You have seals riding in Google cars--map seal routes on land and sea-waterproof those Google cars - all terrain aqua vehicles.
Just a thought.
Why isn't you car at Epcot. Nothing would sell this better to the public than being able to experience  it.  I would stand in line for a short ride around a parking lot. A slow ride for families and   maybe a fast one for fun,  EPCOT is supposed to be all about innovation where is Google. Just a thought.
Un gran avance para el mundo de la dependencia. Enhorabuena 
What is eta on beta test and release date? I thought we cities were already equipped for trial.
OMG! Sergey, would you PLEASE partner up with the Veterans Administration Healthcare System to PLEASE get some of these to blinded Veterans? As a blinded Veteran I can assure you that something like THIS will a much more active and regular life than what we have now. We must depend on friends, family, or spotty coverage with public transportation. The ability to go WHERE you want, WHEN you want is one of those things that WE blinded Veterans need the most and THIS will go a long way to giving us that freedom of movement that the sighted get to enjoy. there ARE vehicles that are adapted for even quadriplegics; but there is nothing out there for those with visual obstacles and that leaves us completed isolated in today's mobile world. THIS is a literal Godsend for the blind. It should become available for ALL blind folks and very very soon. 
Just watched the Video, and was amazed by the achievement you guys at Google have reached. (Clapping Hands) 
I have an idea about use of driverless car technology for commercial transportation such as fleet of trucks on freeways going from warehouse to warehouse. Also Greyhound buses and other public transportation on freeways not only in USA but all around the globe. We can eliminate the problem of pedestrians this way and use this technology immediately for profit

Please also watch my video. I've been trying to share it with you for quite some time
Heartwarming, really
improve the lives of people with dependencies
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