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I'm very excited to share with you a little bit about another project I have been working on -- Project Glass. We believe that by bringing technology closer, we can get it more out of the way.
We think technology should work for you—to be there when you need it and get out of your way when you don’t.

A group of us from Google[x] started Project Glass to build this kind of technology, one that helps you explore and share your world, putting you back in the moment. We’re sharing this information now because we want to start a conversation and learn from your valuable input. So we took a few design photos to show what this technology could look like and created a video to demonstrate what it might enable you to do.

Please follow along as we share some of our ideas and stories. We’d love to hear yours, too. What would you like to see from Project Glass?

+Babak Parviz +Steve Lee +Sebastian Thrun
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Thinking about how the DoD could use this tech. (Maybe they already are?)
i want to enlist as alpha/beta tester, is that possible????
That's really cool. I'd love to hear more about how you make selections and stuff - I guess its through focusing on the element that you want? I thought the maps would be cool if they overlayed the path on the road itself rather than just showing you a map with the path. I'm very excited to see how it comes along!
It's very cool, but what I worry about is focus/accomodation of the eyeball. Focusing on something 2 cm in front of your eye can be painful enough. How do they get things to look like an "overlay" without running into that problem?
Well Kids born today will have an amazing time!
This is an absolutely great project. Simply amazing. Will replace mobile phones?...hope so.
Frankly, my Dears - I don't think I could cope with these #Google #Glass(es). Cool concept, no doubt. But really useful? I doubt.
There are Adults born ? That creeps me out ;)
Hmmm... although I'd like to take pictures with my eyeballs ;) Seems kind of creepy in some respects +Sergey Brin ... guess you need to remember to turn the "glass" off in the restroom lol.
This is cool! I didn't see the laser beams.
Search, Navigation, Voice commands are sure to be all Google powered.. maybe even bluetoothed from your Android..hmm
This project needs more Google Goggles integration.
As the protagonist approaches the concert poster he should Ask: "Hey google, what ist that?" and Goggles should show time, place, ticket availability, price and more on demand.
+Christopher Williams And this is how seamless ad integration would work.
The glasses need to be designed such that they look like regular glasses. It can replace the phone if done right and the UI will improve over time (such as the overlay comment). Just glad to see innovation like this.
could be a new use for beer goggles
One day? I want this now!! hehe Great stuff!
Definitely this is going to change the way we use technology everyday !
Needs more hipster-style street cred. Awesome tech :)
Will be routine one day. I have no doubt that we will all have this type of augmented reality glasses, contacts within next 30 years. One big concern is safety in my opinion. At the current level of technology I do not believe you can make something like this in an elegant form factor. The device will have to rely on an external power source or be able to charge wirelessly or both. Ideally I think the grasses will be just a blue tooth terminal for your smartphone. 
That taking pictures thing freaks me out a lil people will be taking pictures of you with you knowing. 
Oleg G
A bit late for another April's Fools joke . . .
very cool.. seems like the next big thing. +Google+, you better get a patent for this :)
+Sergey Brin I'll beta test, buy, try, promote, create ideas... whatever it takes! I want this! ... Now! Please :)
1) It will take some time to acclimate to the little icon showing up in your field of view.
2) I'd want the option of keeping the time visible, but the transition from minute to minute would have to be a dissolve so the change wouldn't be distracting.
3) I'd like to get information about objects (e.g., reviews of Gayno Live, nutrition info, book review, the book's online price).
4) Will need a focus adjustment for those of us who need reading glasses.

Thanks for all your hard work. I hope it happens in my lifetime.
Dear friend from Bella Russia, dear Sergey , buon giorno, dober dan, hello, privet ...
Firstable, bravissimo for your super success (Google).
About Google+: no doubt you'll be the leader & it won't be long. About this absolute horror, I boycott, this unbearable (the logo, the F , the team) Faissbouk, no doubt for me , that's the beginning ...of the end !
I have plenties ideas for you & all your super team who work hard for Google+. I will give ideas & ideas. 'Cos, ideas, that's my job, the reason (the consequence) why I live in paradise , Monaco.
Again Bravissimo & see you.
Tschuss, ciao !
+Sergey Brin +Larry Page +Sebastian Thrun +Steve Lee +Babak Parviz
It would be great if the AR engine would be able to detect if the individual were driving a vehicle (in motion), disable certain functionality of the interface, such as social networking, texting, etc. and switch to a less invasive view with GPS street navigation capability.
Fully support it. Be sure to make it waterproof as I often like to wash my glasses with soap.
I'm also working on a secret project and will soon create a private G+ post for you to see see :-)
probably the most important design aspect is how the user gestures their choices.
I feel like this would make a great AR zombie attack game. People would think you were crazy, but only because they couldn't see the zombie onslaught approaching inside the glasses.

Maybe you would just defend your own house? That would be so sweet.

I wish I had a googles worth of programmers to make games and stuff for these.
I would like to be a tester if that is possible, also how does the selection process work and how do the glasses know your voice and block out surrounding noise
where can I order this? ;-) will there be an alternate input option beside voice? If yes, then how does it work?
It would be really great if this coul help visually impaired people, for example with an adaptive correction of myopia... a dream!
This is the new direction of the mobile phone, hmm? This headset needs some shades, because the future is looking..... ;)
Sorry, made a post about the NYTimes article on it before going down this list (but I made it in french ;-) )
Всем придётся носить очки? ;)
Talking to yourself is the new cool.
Make them look like regular glasses/sunglasses as much as possible.
god dammit i said this last year, pretty soon we're just gonna look up and everything will be right ion front of our eyes..
why can't i be a billionaire too
Super, but don't you think the brain function bacame useless?
of course if you're building all that into your glasses then it's the right place to wire in the mind control.
Oli F.
Damn great shit, Guys!!
Heads up display whilst flying/driving/sailing...
Can these glasses actually do these things now or is it just "smoke and mirrors"?
Here's a roundup of my G+ posts on Augmented Reality implications, applications, introductory concepts, re-thinking user interfaces, and imagination about what is possible:

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[All linked from my latest post: ]
if these work well, I would get one if they look like normal glasses and it's possible to wear them all day. It's a good idea
What happens if you witness a crime, and don't report it while wearing these? Can Big Brother, look in the database for who was in the particular area at the time of the crime, and see the GPS position of wearable users and which way they are facing? Not to mention access the videos! SCARY!
Also, what about wearing these at concerts and events. Subliminal messages can tell you to buy merchandise, and food!! :)
But really cool is accessing extra data, and the streams that the concert are sending the audience. Like closeups of the band and such. Possibilities are HUGE!
Cool!cant wait to try it!
This would be so awesome for people with physical disability like mine. I have limited use of my arms and hands, and this would bring me a whole new level of independence. Touch screens have been a great advancement but there are many instances where I can't get access to my Nexus One without help because it's in a pocket or something like that. I hardly ever take pictures or video with my phone because I can't hold the phone up and press the camera button at the same time. This tech would let me take pictures/video of anything I'm looking at whenever I wanted to. How do I get in on the testing of this device?
I'm so glad Google is spearheading the future of interactive devices. I've got a question though, how would you type in situations where speech/voice control can't be used? My senior design team has developed a wearable keyboard that I think would go hand-in-hand (no pun intended :P) with the glasses:
instant cloud recording storage that deletes itself after like 20 minutes, so if something great happens in that time you can go back and watch it/download it/post it
No one has an answer to my previous question? Do these glasses actually do everything we see them do on the video or are the glasses just doing what Google expects them to do?
Let's face it... there are a mix of people out there. Strongly right handed people tend to be sequential processors, and excel at chronological or time ordered list processing. Strongly left handed people tend to be parallel processors and are more able to and more likely to find this kind of interface reasonable to use. Ambidextrous people who are balanced in their ability to both parallel and serial/chronologically process streams should also find this type of device reasonable. I think 2/3 of the population are strongly right handed and sequential processing based, and so, the audience for this device is limited to those who can reasonably and comfortably handle the input- but those that can handle the strongly parallel visual sensory inputs should find it, well, really incredible, and be able to do "amazing" things with it. Go Google! from a lefty/ambidextrous person
For a company that originally didn't like commercials, Google sure as hell produces amazing ones. This, dear sophie, the ICS commercials... amazing. +Sergey Brin this looks great so far, as long as the voice recognition has improved a little so that it doesn't mess up enough to turn off most people.
+Sergey Brin Now it is clear the Project Glass and Self-Driving Car are complement projects - you certainly need that kind of Car to use that kind of Glass.
I can't wait for the Beer Goggles app for the glasses! You can superimpose avatars over people to make them look better at 3AM at the bar... "downloading paper bag..." "visual appearance updated."
Great job big G!
Be careful gentlemen, because people really know how to use $40 bills very well to destroy and sue you whenever they claim that you are copying them....they had all the patents....
Your G will hit $1000/share in 2012...soon.
Enjoy the games big G!
Jay Kay
U guys are the best!!
wow this is exciting a lot, great technology, i am proud of you google/project glass
And that's why we love Google :-) Building better world is a task, not a phrase.
If google project glass can be design for medical field usage. i.e., displaying vital signs, streaming blood test while the Doctor is treating a critical patient. The potential for that future is limitless. (maybe include X-ray film too)
Btw, I think that this will create a huge amount of AR social apps/games which can improve human interaction.
I can imagine guess game for public transport where two people will guess other one interests or something like that. This will force me to use tube again :-)
Honestly! As excited as I am. I feel it will disturb my line of vision. Dont you think so? As a photographer thats the first thing I feel.
First, I dont understand, how this will work, For all of us who were science students, we learnt that the minimum focal point for our eyes (Our eyes are lenses) is 17cm. How then will I be able to read whats displayed on my glasses. Am I missing something?
Only thing that occurred to me last night when watching this on YouTube was what about those people who already wear glasses?

It is a problem I have in 3D cinemas - getting a pair of glasses to fit over my existing pair.

So as well as having a pair of glasses - you would still need some kind of attachment for existing pairs -

Generally I liked it - especially the video call and the mapping.
The technology is really amazing!
On the other hand, I think these glasses would really interfere with our lives too much. Most people are already getting crazy from their smartphones (feeling the pressure to respond to messages even late at night).
I am really excited to see this. I hope you will create adventure versions of these with more battery life, resistance to elements and some portable charging solutions. Possibilities are "immense"

I would love to beta test these.
Yeahh, why should people think while machine can do it instead ? :P Amazing thing but...
+Joshua Zampini I agree with this however I feel like with a fine enough display one could project an image to within where the eye can focus with ease. This would be impossible if the focal length of the eye were 17 cm :)
Can't pronounce "Monsieur" - suspect his Google Glasses are smarter than he is.
This could really be a turning point in AT for visually impaired and blind people
This is great and seems like the perfect user interface. I've got loads of questions about it:

Will you use the location of my pupils to navigate the options in the user interface?
Will you use iris recognition to lock the computer?
How will the ear pieces of the glasses give good quality audio?
Where will the batteries go and will they be sore on my ears?
Will I be able to retrofit the system onto designer prescription spectacles?
How long until I can buy these? Is there something similar already out there? I'd love to see the Google[x]'s actual prototype.
How will other people know that I am watching something on my glasses when they see me?

I can't wait. I want them now.
Delirium! What about live communication with people?!
I have an integrated feature idea that would attract more users.
Needs some work, but a good start.
It needs to work with our smart phones, and work seamlessly.
Love the picture taken ability, all ways wanted that easy of use in my phones.
Hello I would like to present an idea about the design of the glasses, the design and very good, but he errs in the sense that everyone will accept.
My idea and that was a Comm glasses with a design, but with astes thick, and to vary the style, the asterisk would be only a camera and voice recognition, and the glasses did not sue any information he just capture and transmitted to a eg iphone, iphone and convey to the glasses
Thanks for attention!
Umm, isn't this EyeTap? Check UofT.
I would love to have a biggest glasses on top of mine or build-into mine. Very cool.
Consider this: Some guy is busy in his phone while walking/driving, if people coming from the opposite side see this, they take precaution. With glasses on (in place of phone)this guy might not appear to be distracted. What then?
Please like my comment if you think this will be a bluetooth device that interacts with your android phone.... i want to know how many people believe this will be the case instead of a "lone" device.
Its seem like is a good idea, but its kind a similar to the concept of google play, right? so whats the differrence about that? anyway i love it ;p
I would Love to test these.!! I work in the television industry. It would be cool if they could 'detect' what show you are watching (like Shazam) and share it wit friends. Also, as a journalist, this could change my job significantly. It makes citizen journalism and sharing images so much easier. If some 'disturbance' is measured (a big shock like an accident or an earthquake) it could take pictures automaticaly and send them to the police/fire department /insurance company and me :-) 
Hey Sergey, this concept was in my imagination world since a very long time.. One more addition that you can do to this glass, is include a translator, mainly for travellers travelling around the world. You are in Japan, you view at some japanese words or sentence... and BINGO...the english translation pops up on our glass....!!! Please include this idea in this glass.....
Cheers.....!! :D
Dan Gan
One day ... There'll be two versions of this Glass - paid & free. Free one, you'll be bombarded with Google AdWords everywhere you go. Google can make more $$$ by making this glass free as AdWords advertisers will be fighting to pay for the placement of their ads right in front of your eyes as you go out shopping for a digital camera. After this project, Google will develop an app that would turn this glass into an X-ray see through glasses. :)
I've always been impressed with google. and you, mr. brin. Am sure this would be another hot one.-this Project Glass. All the best. This is my first hearing of the project. hope to know more and share my views therefrom. Williams
it would be cool if the glasses look like regular glasses...
I would happily try it out, that looks totally awesome!
i would prefer them to look like regular glasses, not just a tiny piece of glass in some corner
Project Glass Man, I am with you on the moka pot.
Uber Cool - do u (can you?) focus @infinity-r.e pancake windows? Please note that some people are really wary- i.e. too much stimulus - gotta get the over 50 crowd.
I'm not sure what to think about this. There's a long road ahead for sure, and I think that it would make people more productive, and in some ways, more connected. But, how simple can technology get before suddenly we don't even have to move or think, Google just does it for us? The privacy invasion possibilities are too great and mind-boggling for me, though. Please, Google, be careful. You have the people right in your hands. Don't be evil.
First step along the road to the technology seen in Rainbows End by Vernor Vinge. Can't wait to try them.
I hope you can flip project glass over to the left eye and use it that way. My eye sight in my right eye is so bad that the eye is basically there for aesthetic purposes only.
The possibilities with such a device are endless. If integrated with a modern smart phone (with its many and varied sensors, etc), 'apps' could leverage this UI in amazing ways.

ideally of course the 'core' features should have options for which apps to use - for example I should be able to choose which location-check-in service/app I want to use. 'Apps' should be able to plug-in to the UI as well - for example, Skype or other 'third party VoIP apps' should be able to use the UI for calls as well as any such feature bundled with the device or any associated smart phone.

Already I can imagine some amazing new use cases developers out there could finally realize.

I would LOVE to be tester for such a device.
Google should build autonomous robots to get to wear these
Mani S
Android - not only always on, but always there? uuuuuuuuu :(
man, you are involved in some ridiculously exciting shit.
hi, there is Ukulele which is from my country LOL.... :D
I would say that Google Glasses would really break the barrier of getting technology to work for us and stay out of the way at the same time if Google Glasses could, assuming connectivity to the internet on the road, display not only Google map data a la GPS (which many smart phones do now) but also talk to the actual vehicle you are driving - perhaps this is a future vehicle or select current vehicles that have enough tech on board to support this with minimal modification - and display in some manner the speedometer, RPM, gear select, engine temp, transmission temp, fuel/range, turn signal, cruise on/off, lights on/off/bright and media/radio station. This would, at least in my mind, solve the problem of drivers looking away from the road to fiddle with the car or the smartphone. On cars that have it, being able to display night vision on the Google Glasses would also be really, really great. Perhaps I am expecting too much but that type of capability could really eliminate the delayed/distracted response from drivers who text or other wise fiddle with controls and then crash, plus it would just be awfully darn cool and make sense in terms of a reason to bother wearing such a piece of tech. Basically when in a car or truck Google Glasses becoming an interactive heads-up display.
Love the concept. I've been dreaming of glasses like this for more than 10 years already :)
I want this NOW. Can we put down a deposit for the first ones?
a coordinated Software & Hardware acts like your instinct Huuuuuuuuuuum . . .
+Sergey Brin So is the trajectory to use the "mind's eye tech" to externalise the internal world of others, then feedback that experience through this kind of tech interface so other people can experience thoughts directly? Maybe I am being too sci-fi about it, but it is fascinating.
Is this based on / developed for individuals having 20/20 vision?
I love the idea, but I need my glasses to see - how could this be adapted to work with my existing prescription eyeglasses?
Wow! Google Android glass(Project Glass) is amazing^^. I hope Google.

I want to add a realtime interpretation and translation feature to google android glass.

I want to be able to add realtime interpretation and translation when I want(anytime,anywhere). When is this feature going to be available?
Sergey, even this short video, and several articles enough to understand - Google X Project turns the concept of mobile personal computer, with which devices are on the Android platform - a small and reliable assistant in all my affairs. This project - a new and wide step to the future, Innovation with a capital letter! The functionality is awesome, already want to try out these features that would know how you can have them filled. One of the activities you already had to try them - and that means it is a reality. We are waiting for news from the Mountain View! :) I very much want to become a tester for this project
+Sergey Brin

why not just let the hardware in the smartphone (CPU, RAM, batteries..) and the glasses will just embeds the motions captures and the display, all connected by Bluetooth 4.0 : the station (smartphone) and the widget (the glasses)?
like this no harmful wave, no heavy weight, and powerful capabilities!
I think Project Glass is an amazing initiative, but I think because of the look of the glasses, some of the mainstream may be reluctant to want to wear them for the "dork" look factor. I personally think it's awesome, but the more image conscious of us may hesitate until there is a more streamlined, fashionable look for them. If you don't neglect the visual aesthetics of the glasses themselves before you release the product, whenever that might be, it could achieve truly deep market penetration, imo.
+Rufus Pearce makes an excellent point about the prescription notion; but I have to wonder, based on what they look like now, it seems like you may be able to wear them over prescription frames; if of course the frames aren't mammoth. With the exception of where the nose pieces appear to settle on the nose.
Does this mean we`ll all be wearing google glasses in the near future? How else do you get a view like this... Er the other question, where can I buy shares. Even if I don`t want to wear them, I`ll at least get rich owning part of the company.
A pico-projector could allow the use of any regular pair of glasses as the display. The display area would also be bigger, and this would allow non-prescription eyeglass wearers to still use the device with the same benefits with plastic lenses.
Very compelling. Why did you choose a pod style headset, rather than an eyewaer type? You would think it would gett better initial buy-in. You could go to a more stripped-down leading edge platform later?
One thing that would be cool is to have it interact with items in the world wireless. like if you played music in your house you could say house play song whatever you want to hear and your stereo system would play it
That's fantastic ,thanks for sharing this project with us
As long as this thing us off during sex, driving and video games, I think it'll be a hit.
Could you send me the glass to beta test? Hahahahaha.
wo wo wo wo iss that you sky diving in that pictu
like profile picture
In the near future,because of this invention,they have both hands free in the ISS,or do they use it already there?
Look hmm the word Look in this case,i know a lot of inventions came from Nasa,is that in this case also,or are u at Google take over Nasa,just kidding,i know....
Ow and btw.i put u in the section friend,because after all i know the slogan,Google is your friend and i know u,i hope u don't mind
The most important part, is not what I would like to see, but rather what I would not like to see. NO ADS! PLEASE!
i would love this ads or no ads (probably open a whole new kind of advertising) I wear glasses anyways. I know that this technology has been in the works for a while and i would die to see it realized in my lifetime.
just an awesome idea. couple this with hologram phone calls and i would be all set. :)
What a great ad and idea too. i love this ad.
Amazing!! I think you can invade the world with this idea! ;)
this is amazing ! something out of this world ! eager to see it launch :)
What about kids stories with characters that come alive on table tops in peoples own houses. Augmented reality, would be amazing in school to give kids the glasses and be able to listen and watch characters from history come alive in the room. Ask for a passage from Shakespeare and have a digital bard read it to you....thinking of it from a not so adult perspective.
I posted today a question to the few that follow me, yet as I was reading the people I follow (I confess I do not have the amount of time I wish I could have to play and learn more on Google) I was struck by the fact that Mr. Brin is posting a bunch of his life and work on this page. Hey I get it, it's his and he is showing us how. Yet the cool part of it is that What other company CEO do you see doing this: sharing himself and whats coming up. I think Mr. Brin should be commended. I for one LIKE IT. +1 to Sergei
For the guys from Google: The processing will be taken on the glasses itself or will them be just Wireless Displays?

For everyone: wouldn't it be cool if Google glasses project was an interface for a smartphone? IMO it's seems a much more practical Idea, given restraints in battery size and others many others. Even if it is not just a new interface wouldn't it be cool to have a descent amount of integration with android and other platforms? I mean people aren't just going to immediately sell their smartphones and do everything on their glasses, that will take a while...
would love to wear an (italian) Oakley Google Glass!
I really wonder if Google will get this right. I'm sceptic. Why?
Because - completely unrelated - I just gave Google Docs another shot at importing basic spreadsheet documents.
After all these years of google docs, Google still doesn't get it right.

Images are not imported, text which doesn't wrap becomes hidden. Utterly useless crap.

After al this time, Google could have done better!
+1 For the idea with Dual Focus contact lens!
to free internet and web storage u have to create a country with the free law of internet and move all the servers there will be no boundry s
Project Glass = all the different applications we love in one place.
Sir , I was really inspired by Google's new beginnings especially Project glass.
Since the day i attended g saudi arabia 2.0 , I had a question in my mind which i wanted to share it with someone.
Can GOOGLE save someone's life? Yes/No
I say Yes? How ? By having a new link as 'GOOGLE HEALTH'. By providing professionals help to those he need it would be a great help.I would like to offer my help in this case though i am not a healthcare professional.
Message for Google
Dear Sir,
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Thanking You in Advance
Vikas Kumar, India
Topp. What about a retina project placed over our retina.... Utopie ?
increadible! I would really like this to happen in a nearest future!
Hi Sergey! Hope you're doing great. Thought you might want to check out the Vergence Labs kickstarter project in case you haven't seen it! Any support would be epic! P.G. is looking really awesome, btw. Super excited about the contact lenses!
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Over all this is awesome!! I love to put my expertise in Google!!!
After watching the video, I was very impressed. Any thoughts about integrating a zoom feature?
Just also had another thought. How about a feature that would translate a foreign language when someone speaks to you? Or we could take it a step further and integrate the Google Goggles app into the glasses. These are just thoughts. My daughter wears glasses and is wanting one now. Great project!
I think all the technologies are there. It's just battery power that isn't up to standard yet.
+Sergey Brin thank you so much for bringing them (and yourself) to the +Google+ Photographer's Conference . Trying them out was one of the many highlights of the last couple of days.

I think it was mentioned, but a Googl map/navigation integration would be great. Also I could see how it could be a great remote teaching tool if you could integrate with G+ hangouts - and have the glasses provide the video feed.
google deleted the persian gulf name. they must be responsive.
Doni D
I like it, it's cool... but at the same time I'm afraid of it. Is this inevitable?
For all those who makes world  be In-You keeping connected with your most important people breaking distances and pushing away pity times without being near,
Sergey, everything looks perfect but I saw that there are phone calls with the glasses which means it uses cellular system. I hope that it will also have feature to connect WiFi and 3G or 4G or what ever G when the product is available. Today we keep cell phones away as much as possible to be away from the harmful waves of the phone. But this glasses will be on our head nearly all day long. Won't it freeze our brains? (Just joking) Won't it cause cancer? (Not joking)
Agree with Boray.  Think what you've produced is fantastic but think people we need constant education on how the glasses shouldn't rule their lives, just assist them.  Great video, great company! 
What a great time we live in.
After meeting Mark Shady and talking about glass at the glass party he was truly an amazing man and it was my pleasure meeting him,
so i just want to know what kind of genius you are ? 
and what made you the genius you are today ?
so i may follow those steps . +Sergey Brin 
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