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You know the sensation of weightlessness you get from the drop of a roller coaster.  Well, you don't get much of that jumping out of an airplane because the high airspeed causes you to feel pressure the moment you step out.  A helicopter, however, can go very slow so when you jump it's like falling through space.
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Nick A
Have you jumped from a hot air balloon? That has to be the extreme of stepping into still air. 
L Brown
Something's being projected on your google glass screen. Augmented reality skydiving? 

If you will still ask if he's wearing +Google Glass then you are completely blind...

Yes, he's wearing one!!!

Also, they modified it a little with incorporating tempered glass...

So, yeah +Google Glass is dead/S (sarcasm)...

Thanks +Sergey Brin in still believing for +Google Glass

Have a great day to y'all
Jumping from a perfectly good aircraft is not a natural act......I love
I've gotten 3 invitations but I can't afford it!
Trying to figure out what the guy on the other side is doing. Unless he is the designated fall through the sky with the gopro attached fella?
Earns billions of dollars; jumps out of perfectly good aircraft for fun. TANJ. 
Try jumping from a balloon, that's eiriely quiet.
what a great moment. Sorry, but I had to crop the detail out of this amazing photo Craig O Brian
P.S. took me a few minutes to see the second guy in the shot doing the maybe first choppa photobomb
I've tried something almost-but-still-not-at-all similar. A free fall tower, 30 meters of free air with a landing in a net. No wires, no shute, and the harness was only meant for the quick release mechanism. I know I didn't fall for many seconds, (2.5 s maybe, if my calculations are correct), but it felt like half a minute. Jumping from a helicopter must be an extreme thrill! 
Love the camera guy in the background on the other side of the copter.  Nice shot kind sir! Nice shot.
I fell out of a plane age 4 into the sea. I was lucky i had watched olympic high divers and tried to copy a jack knife. It saved my life. That and a seal who grabed my arm and brought me to the sueface.
Every time I come across a picture/video of you Sergey, you seem to be flying out of a flying vehicle.  Great shot.
Have good jumping!!! Be enjoy with air sky feelings...
We are waiting for something sergey and you from nowhere with this
What altitude do you jump out of the helicopter? Jumping from a plane is fun, I'd definitely try a helicopter
Impressionable shot. This glass is terrific.
I dream google technologies arrive in Brazil the same time when appears In your space. Nexus 5; Chromecast; Google glass; Google Fiber; Androids updates be global.
To connecting people be universal and open Stories in less 25 countries is primordial.
is possible that you are on the right track.

Awesome Photo. Been waiting awhile for a post. Glass makes sense.
I tip my hat to people who can skydive without losing their lunch.  I just look at a downward view from the top of a building in a picture & I get vertigo.  This is a great picture.
Just wondering, what if he fell unconscious during fall. Is there any safety mechanism?
That's a silly place for the skywatch antenna.
That looks like a babies hand in the corner in the right side
Nice, I never really thought about the difference between jumping out of a helicopter and plane.. Kinda cool... May have to try it next time I jump, of course the only thing that would make it cooler is wearing a pair of glass
Excellent experience by you.
Keep flying new height in life.
Good wishes,
That's good to know actually. The main allure to skydiving from a plane for me is the weightless feeling I expected one would get.
I'm waiting 'til I'm 85 to find out. On my 85th birthday I'm going to jump out of a helicopter. That leaves me a few more years of playing it safe!
Ohh subo al cuarto piso, y desde el techo miro y me entran ganas de agarrarme bien, de algo. Saltar, no creo que lo haría. Bien por todos los que se decidieron. Admirables
Great pic Sergey!

I skydove for the first time in November and loved it. (It was from a plane though.) But I also noticed what you said...the "stomach dropping sensation" only lasted a few seconds until you reach max speed, then it just felt like you're going really, really, really fast.
looks like a baby looking for mama. hehehe
nice shot ay ;-)
Interesting to know. Looking forward to jump some day.
Thanks for the comments everyone.  To answer a few questions ...
Yes I was wearing Glass.  I just put them over my skydiving goggles and under the helmet.  I recorded video on them but still need to edit it.  This jump was from about 10,500 AGL.  At that altitude it did require a little forward airspeed to add translational lift but not so much to affect the sensation of freefall.
Who do I call for a waterproof glass for surfing?
U have a great photographer. Details. I love them. I bet U smiled after getting free of helicopters air current. & that is probably why U feel so much space. I would try it in a space suit @ least once. Lol. Bet U R like me. Wanting 2 try 2 spacy. They have places like that. Wow. What a great idea U gave me. Lol. 
How did you get the sky to match your jump suit so well?! ;) You sure know how to pull some strings up there (pun intended). Really, beautiful shot and interesting facts!
That's awesome. Now that's what I would consider a safe BASE jump 😁👍
I know that feeling all too well. =)
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Jumping from a hot air balloon is even better ;-)
Sir u haven't posted anything for so long I thought u use only Facebook.
Who let a baby stick it's hand in the shot? 
I had the same experience when jumping from airplane in gta 4. I'll have to try to jump from helicopter as well
Nice!!! Would love to have the time to live this way :)
Sir, is that a hand of a toddler I see there? Center Right in the picture?!
hey Mr.Elgan nice picture but i was wondering how did you get the results for makeany....want++#@%& because I found the produce and Ben told me it won't be up for much longer and since you bought the produce as did I how do you use it best regards
Makes my stomach turn as I recall my own skydive (tandem) jump and the sensation of the immediate, violent weight and pressure of the air. If removed, can probably result for a more tranquil post-exit step! Good stuff.
Que de pinga lanzarse en paracaídas. 
Are you working on your USPA A license? I got mine last year ..
This is about the time I would be glad I packed some Cottonelle!
I have jumped out of planes a few times and that is a blast usually you have up to 15,000 feet to fall from a plane I wonder how high you are in a helicopter?
As in the 'chopper looks as it were on stasis' when one while falling stare back at the apparatus?
I'm curious about the footage on his glass, wonder if he will post it.
I'm surprised you don't have your own jumpsuit already +Sergey Brin .  You've got enough money to have your own gear ;)
Why jump out of a perfectly good helicopter :-) Very cool photo.
Hi Sergey and Olga! It's George your neighbor from the 1st floor (I live in your old apartment.) I like your article "Freefall!
there's a hand on the photo with quite short fingers. like the one from my little daughter. did she/he take the picture?
+Sergey Brin Ever watched Along Came Polly where Philip Seymour Hoffman fills in for Ben Stiller's character at a meeting to insure the extreme risk taker Leland Van Lew? Be careful out there, I hear Google is important :)
Great photo. Tell us about the string around your fingers. 
It's something beyond my expectations for someone to jump out of helicopter. However, we have different perspective as humans. 
I did that on a mission to save an astromech 
Too many posts to sort through.. But I swear in my head, Tom Petty was singing "Free Fallin" when I saw this picture.  Very Nice!
You must one hell of a life insurance policy but I'm not mad at you. Definitely on my bucket list. 
Sergey Brin - What was the reaction of your kids?
A balloon jump is the same in that way - absolutely still air (by definition).  It is very peaceful and quiet until your speed starts to build, and then a soft whisper grows to full terminal wind.  Congrats on your helicopter jump!
Adrenalina 100% yo solo salte de cinta estática woooo
Ever since my contract ended I have felt weightless and worthless! :(
St D
cool! I'm looking forward to do that!
Good to know, when I teach physics pupils about skydiving, I know I will never choose to do it for myself!
I only parachute for now.Is a special adventure.
Way cool, Sergey. Could I wear Depends under the harness?
I wish my developer account reopen !
Would be lovely to see the video on Glass!
hate this when my heart stays back and body goes forward, but adrenalin is excellent ))
Wow! I would probably get addicted to doing that. Awesome! 
Telescope Peak CA--jump off into death valley, when they get actual downdrafts and you'll get a vacuum effect, and really fall through space.  ;)
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Every time I'm feelingdown, i just remember that somewhere, billionaires are having fun.
It makes me feel so much better. 
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Hello Mr Sergey, I do hope you have had a wonderful day. I have tried every available medium to seek a little audience with you as I feel I have a fantastic idea that could potentially be the next big thing in the business world. I am currently a student of the lagos business school, currently pursuing an mba. I would sincerely appreciate if I get a response from you with regards to getting an opportunity to share the idea with you. Eagerly hoping to hear from you, it would mean the world to me. You can reach me on or +2347063795503
Try the ejection seat it is another feel

I don't think I've ever jumped out of a heli that nice.  If I don't win an IO ticket this year, will you let me jump out of that thing with you as a consolation prize? Pretty please.
Try going out the back of a Boeing next. (Yes it has been done, by civilians. The 150 knot airstream hits you like a truck)
Freefall is the only way towards elevation. All the great human exploits have been reached by this road, although many of whom have reached them have never done it this way in the strict sense. In this sense, freefall is the most direct expression of the philosophy that leads to the greatest heights in life.
Sergey, you need to try hang gliding!! You will love it even more than sky diving
Sergey i have on my mind  the next goal of google, i know you´re interested in new appliances please  contact me by  email 
+Google Glass is awesome, try to make it less visible as possible from the outside. For the 'safety' of those who have one. Great product.
De li
Sergey, do you  come back to Terp country?  I would like to talk to you about the company you bought, NEST, I sell NEST and can't...challenging  to work with them :(
you seems to say 'Can i hug with you ? '
I always wanted to do that, but i will settle on how to get at the top of goggle 
Hello I am a teachers from Indonesia, good luck for google glass.. 
Dios te bendiga,Cristo es el Señorr
Looks like fun!  I am a software engineer that has an interesting idea for Google Glass.  e-mail me at for more details.
Looks very exciting!! I don't think I would do it though :)
Bueno yo¡ No pero me gusta mucho la foto está muy nice.!
+Sergey Brin I've done a parachute jump, however mine was tandem, I'm hoping to do it solo soon!:) By far the best experience ever! Great shot!
It MUST be fun! I wanna do sky diving, but now I'm trying to get license for scuba diving instead of SKY DIVING! 
Sergey, I have a Google Glass idea that I would like to share with you. Maybe someone has already started working on it, but maybe not.
Kevin Monaghan
why is google not recognizing Malcom X's birthday and instead the are recognizing the Ruki's Cube 
we need a conference - adwords certified + USPA licensed with Sergey, let's plan early Autumn @ Perris
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Pinky W
Boy oh boy, you are difficult to get a hold of, had a big idea, wanted to share, not a technical genius, but like to think out of box, not sure why you guys havent thought of this yet. Cheers.
Can you bring out some emojis and smileys which can be used in comments and also in "Share what's new..."   :)
I have figured out some application of GPS. 
D Frias
Sergey I sent an e-mail to I'd like you to read
One public post in a year and then you make comments at a conference that a number of reporters take as an indication that Google+ is to be axed. I remember being at Wang Laboratories — when it was the fastest growing computer company in the world — and it announced its new “Alliance" product line for the executive/administrative suites, especially of Fortune 500 companies. John Cunningham, the president, said in a press conference that he did not use the product. What happened to Wang after that point?

Different times. Different companies. Google is awesome. Google is my best friend. Google+ is the best social media platform for enhanced and collaborative communications. My search results are much better after i started using Google+. Aren't social media signals vital to a continually improving Google search (especially given that Bing is informed by Klout/Facebook data for social signals)???

I sure wish +Sergey Brin would be more publicly supportive of this platform. You are (he is) so brilliant, i am sure there is a method to this seeming madness — unless the desire to dive from heights toward the ground reflects a loose screw in that genius-head. +Larry Page, please get a screwdriver and tighten that screw. Thanks. lol

Chris Taylor, writing in Mashable on April 24, 2004:
...if Google were proud of precisely what it had built [Google+], of this wonderfully weird town of many metaphors, a lot of us might understand it better — and be more willing to explore it.
I racked up a few military static line jumps, a fair portion of them helo blasts, but I haven't had the opportunity to free fall yet.  Would love to feel that rush.  Read a comment pertaining to jumping from a hot air balloon, something I have to do in my life, heck, the ride up would be forever memorable, then to get a balloon jump as the cherry on top of the already fantastic experience.  Yeah, I have to do it for sure.
Maybe when George H. W. Bush is 95, you can jump with him and help him to make a softer landing than he recently made at age 90.
OK. In this photo Sergey commands the Earth to move towards him... and it does! Eh? You likey that one better? Funny right! ANyone? ANyone? Bueller?
Ah, the pastimes of billionaires.
hello sergey,
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i like to have the clouds on, like pants ready to wear and go anywear faster then the speed of light  ;)
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Dude.. Post something already.... what are you on facebook or something?
I jumped of a helicopter today :) Cool stuff :)
What an awesome life you live. Great photos!
Nothing compares to skydiving. Jumping from a chopper sounds really awesome. Love the picture! 
Haloo Mr.Sergy Brin how are you
Nikos K
i liked all your posts now hire me pls :D
this man enjoys life to the fullest ! 
I would not be able to jump nope nope
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I have done the plane bit maybe the helicopter next ;)
Hey Sergey! You look like quite the bucket lister. Thanks for coming out to our Messy Twister event this past Sunday. I wanted to chat with you for a bit..but was too busy running around making sure everyone was getting messy ;) Hope we can get in contact!
Hello, my friends, and Yeee, haaaa, thats looks so much fun,, its great to see , some people are having fun,, Gods, alive and well .yield, , and give thanks..stay tuned,
how about sharing another post 5 months after the latest one?
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How good is the quality of Google Glasses' camera? Will it suite to my photographic requirements? 
Happy Birthday Sergey
Best Wishes
is that real pic.... ? Sky color is too much blue..
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36 million followers and he never updates his google+ go figure!
He has no time. He´s always in the Air! ;-)
Dear Sergey Brin,
I'm Telecom engineering. I've an inovative Idea for google next service. 
How I can apply?
Sulaymon Yakubov
This is insane! But, I too am a trill seeker :D
Contente de t'avoir dans mes contacts j'espère que tu vas bien
Awesome jump, Sergey! Perris Valley Skydiving is based out of my local airfield... hehehe :) Definitely Lovin' your Google Glass! Keep the great projects coming!
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Nice photo, we don't prefer time-lapse photography version ;)
Dr. Sergey Brin......Tomorrow or Next day Or Year 2017 Happy fly with google glass someone like you stay together forever untill my last breath 95 years old age...
I'm OK. All Always
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The best chopper jump is the CH-47. You get to walk of the ramp, nothing to hang onto, its like standing on the edge of a really tall building -only better
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i don't ever have that sensation ,.........
How and who and which position take this amazing photo? 
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Craig O'Brien Photography. 2,001 likes · 339 talking about this. Craig O'Brien Photography specializing in aerial cinematography. Skydiving events and...
I love you bros,Sir Sergey brin and Sir Larry page. U are me5n with luck written by the Gold pen of god.
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Hi Sergey, You are mentor of my dreams, thanks for inspiring million dreams in me through your work.
Needs to come down to earth and make a difference to humanity 
I'm sittin' on chrome
And I'm feelin' alright.
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