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I must confess, I am dreading today's elections.
Not because of who might win or lose.
Not because as a Californian, my vote for President will count 1/3 as much as an Alaskan (actually it won't matter at all -- I'm not in a swing state).
Not because my vote for Senate will count 1/50 as much as an Alaskan.

But because no matter what the outcome, our government will still be a giant bonfire of partisanship.  It is ironic since whenever I have met with our elected officials they are invariably thoughtful, well-meaning people.  And yet collectively 90% of their effort seems to be focused on how to stick it to the other party.

So my plea to the victors -- whoever they might be: please withdraw from your respective parties and govern as independents in name and in spirit.  It is probably the biggest contribution you can make to the country.

[If you agree, pass it on to your newly elected officials.]
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Brilliantly said.
Sadly, this is the same the world over.
Well said. As an outsider, who lives here, but can't vote - I wonder what will become of this country while partisanship tears it apart, slowly but surely. Will ordinary people prevail?
Perhaps - but then again you have to look at it comparatively - the US could do a lot worse then Obama (cf. the rest of the world). No one has ever won by betting against the US.
It's the same the world over - however well-meaning and principled a politician might be, they need their party to be in power to get anything done. 
individual accountability vs. social mediocrity.....either way, make your vote count!
I mean this is a quaint notion but the parties aren't just "sticking it to eachother"; they're fighting over scarce resources and are a proxy for a larger schism (call it class, whatever) in society. Trying to fix "the system" by calling on politicians to behave themselves is like trying to cure AIDS by telling people to have sex in less aggressive positions.
1 ant = dumb.
1000 ants = smart!

1 human = smart!
1000 humans = dumb.

Cooperation. Compromise. Consensus.
+Marc Bradshaw I think here in Germany it is at least not as bad as in the U.S. What helps is the existance of the small parties, which is giving special or progressive groups a separate voice and is also avoiding a bit this one-vs-the-other thing. Maybe that would be a way for you as well, restructuring your political system so that the Greens, the Tea Party,... have a better chance to stand as an own entity?
How about they also decline the healthcare and pension and just govern.

Mo Bayaa
Sadly I feel that this is a dream that will never become reality. As long as private interests have the heavy influence that they currently do on our politicians, we as a nation will be going in circles instead of moving forward together toward a better political future. 
The whole us voting system is strange. Why do not count the votes directly? Much easier and if you are not in a swing state your vote will  still count. Also this will eliminate swing states and non swing states.
It is compulsory to vote here in Australia - can't say it changes the face of politics but at least the people make a choice :-/
We Should Believe In The System & System Must Keep Our Beliefs.
Yes the worst part is that they are trying to stick it to the other party.  Just like in the second terms, presidents tackle harder problems because they are not worried about reelection,  if there were single term limits for everyone things would be much better. Because they would not be making a life/living out of being a senator. Unfortunately the same senators/congressman would have no interest in imposing these term limits on themselves.
Freedom for individual prosperity or dependency on bigger gov't...what would your children wish for?...that's what we are voting for tomorrow.
america's best hope for breaking the partisan gridlock is for a third (and fourth and fifth) party to be viable. democrats and republicans are playing a zero-sum game - every opponent's loss is the same as a win but that's not necessarily so if there were multiple parties.
"Many forms of Government have been tried and will be tried in this world of sin and woe. No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time." Winston Churchill, House of Commons, 11 November 1947 
Hey, instead, be happy you can vote. Don't mattter who you vote for, but it is your vote to cast and no one can make you cast it anyway but how you want to. :)
Can't believe a country with such a flawed democracy can try to impose democracy on others.
In Finland, new president is removed from his/her party membership. He/She can join back in party after the presidency. This is because our president represents all the people in the country, not just one party.
I just hope copyright laws & Media companies don't get so ridiculous that companies like Google lose the ability to innovate and spread.

It is the politicians that can change this.
Well said. I not fond of both. Romney has no clear specifics and Obama campaign is so 2008, he still running on hope and change. This is a guy that said if he can't get the job done then he should be a 1 term President, he can't hold himself to his own standard. So much unfulfilled promises. No matter how you vote, it's not going to get better for the average american only the donors to their campaign.
Unfortunately, the extreme groups in each party have taken over and appear to be on a self-perpetuating cycle of anti-social ideas and policies.
That is brilliant what you've just said about the presidents in Finland!
If the CEO of an acclaimed "innovative" US company advocates his passive attitude about democracy then there must be really something wrong in this country. Or is it simply the classical US upper-class attitude which has the privilege to "govern" themselves thus not interested in the poor-mans election results?
How will the independce fund there campaign for presedency and compete against the millions spent from the other two parties. Poeple usually droll for $$$
I'm voting for Red Foreman.. He's not a dumbass like those other two...
No way the two party system works great.ohhh
+Jens Larsson Agreed please send back all aid in every form and we will stop meddling in your country. Also make sure that your country steps up its helping other nations as we listen and obey and retreat from areas you think we have no business being in. We are sorry.
well, from abroad, eg from France, the US voting system looks weird... but the question is: for democracy, does a best voting system exists ? naively, the old one man/woman = one vote is not so bad ...
To reply to your aside "actually it won't matter at all -- I'm not in a swing state" - swing states can become so over time, but only if people don't believe in the idea of "wasted votes".  If a party sees that, over the last election or two, support has been growing in an area, believe that they will respond.  It's less "immediate" than getting your party / candidate in the door, but the effect still exists.
Republicans are more guilty of this than other parties. They have consistently set up road blocks at every turn to ensure that Obama's failure is more important than America's welfare.
Maybe the system is not efficient? Maybe we the people should fight to adapt the system so it works in the benefit of the many and does not focus on individuals egos/power/money. But for change there must be a majority of insatisfaction. Are we there yet? 
No matter who you vote for, the government still gets in.
In Serbia, the president left the party he was heading right after he became the president. He's an idiot, but that move was one of the very few correct ones he has made.
Wouldn't a better approach be to accept the result, and allow the winner to govern?

Seems from afar the last 4 years can be characterised by the worlds longest running tantrum at not winning the 2008 elections....

The answer on who to vote for in any US election is always "a third party". And it will remain so, until a third party comes to power, in which case it will stop being a third party.
"And yet collectively 90% of their effort seems to be focused on how to stick it to the other party."
Or, as Lawrence Lessig wrote about in his book "Republic, Lost", how to collect campaign donations:
Probably it would lessen a lot the problem in america if you had more parties in parliament... I am always amazed how you basically only have democrats and republicans and some independents... a sign of a vital democracy is the existence of many points of views and having to reach agreement between parties to having legislation is part of a working political system. 
Web 2.0 people, have a lobby of yours, team up and make happen rational choices. It takes all social networks to find a common ground, it takes wiki-government, not only in patent evaluation, but also in running the state. Maybe it would take building a peer-to-peer citizen (as opposed to individual) social network based on constitution rights to exercise and engineeringly inherent individual protection principles. Because there is already too much influence of authorities in and over the existing social networks.
In most advanced democracies in the world you have at least 4 or 5 parties represented in parliament.
That is the way it should be anywhere in the world. Sadly it's not!
I'm not American, +Sergey Brin but there's nothing more dispiriting about politics than how little ordinary people seem to matter other than what direction they cast their vote; once they're in it's 3 years milking the taxpayer's tit, with the remainder of their time set aside for marketing themselves for re-election. Meh!
+Sergey Brin It is true. The so called oldest democracy (which it is not by far) really has a very outdated voting system. European democracies can only stand by disbelieving when and if we observe the US-american political circus. 
The politics ( a good example could be the Machiavelli's old book " The Prince " ) has always been a really difficult thing ,I think, and as the Esopo's tale tells ( the old father, the young son and the mule ) ...likely, a person will never be completely appreciated by all... in anything he can do. Anyway I agree with your plea, even if I fear it's really difficult to think it can be completely accomplished and seen.
So are you suggesting we write in Cthulhu or Voldemort? Cause the candidates on the ballot are all colossal cluster fucks.
(Tau-Mu, the problem is in the broken patent system, which in turn can be traced back to politicians, too.)
+Sergey Brin do something to stop LG Nexus 4 high price where the Google Play Store Devices not be!
€ 599 ??? So crazy!!!
Build a better voting system ! If Google can't build tools for voting, than who can ? 
Strange that such an observation comes from someone as powerful as u! Here in Uganda, it would tantamount to harmful propaganda...even the script writers for Skyfall thought so!
The US Political model is fundamentally broken, it's a mistake to allow for a executive without support of the legislature, it's a mistake to not directly elect the head of state, and even worst mistake to have the head of state as head of the executive, it's a mistake to give big and small states the same amount of power, and creating 1st and 2nd class citizens and even worst mistake to create 3rd class citizens with the winner takes all system.
The confusion comes from the mistaken idea that the US is a democracy. It's a republic, always has been.
If you don't want to become a communist country and live under syrian law and have most of if not all you rights as a American taken away then you had better vote Romney & Ryan and if you vote for evil then that is exactly what we will get. Now you know "YOU'VE BEEN WARNED"
+Marc Bradshaw no it most certainly isn't the same world wide. I call bullshit and "you don't know what you're talking about".
+Neill Blokland a republic is any state without a hereditary head of state. A republic could be a direct democracy, a psychotic dictatorship, or anything in between, as much as a monarchy. What you are saying is like saying that someone has brown hair not blue eyes, you are talking about apples and oranges.
+Neill Blokland the US is a plutocracy. It hasn't been a limited constitutional republic in decades.
They way things are already looking, the US Supreme Court will again decide this election. So far there are were investigations or lawsuits in 3 states before election day.
+João Santos you are mistaken. A democracy is two lions and a lamb discussing what's for lunch. Nazi Germany is an excellent example of a democracy in action.
+Gabriel T I agree, but we need that in both houses of Congress even more than in the White House
Same over here - but at least we have the freedom post such statements without being prosecuted. But you are right!
The Presidential election is only part of it.  Stop sending the same thieving Legislators to Congress.
+Mark Boyd democracy doesn't necessarily mean tyranny by majority, even in cases you have direct democracy like Switzerland, it only means that the state actions are legitimated by popular vote, which can take many forms, from direct vote (referendum) to indirect vote (legislature and executive - the executive doubly so in many democracies) and you can even have some unelected branch (usually the judiciary). That's what constitutions are for.
There is a big difference between being a politician and being a leader. Our World is clearly sick of politicians. We just need leaders.
There's an important distinction that most people miss.

That is, political infighting and instability is a good thing. A government that is united end-to-end would also be capable of making sweeping changes that would inevitably have a negative inpact on its citizens.

The problem we're facing now is that the parties are too much alike and much too effective when it comes to achieving their true primary goal, influencing the populace.

I don't have a wide enough perspective to see whether this has happened before in history but it's not a promising sign. Our government has gone from a system of balanced chaos that was indirectly influenced by the public to a bipolar organization built on a facade of feigned discourse. It's like the writers of pro wrestling made inroads into politics at some point during the past decade.

What's troubling is how the system was inverted in such a short period of time. It begs the question... What, or more importantly, who was the driving force behind the change?

The founding fathers were smart. They had first-hand experience with the significant negative impact a unified government could have on it's citizens. The conflict and limitations were put in place to check and balance the powers of our leaders.

Unfortunately, the masses are too dumb, ignorant, or easily manipulated to read nuance between the lines. I really, sincerely, hope that I'm not alone in these feelings. It's disheartening to see so many people being manipulated so easily in such a well structured manner. 
+Mark Boyd From wikipedia: "Democracy is a form of government in which all eligible citizens have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives. Democracy allows eligible citizens to participate equally—either directly or through elected representatives—in the proposal, development, and creation of laws."
We all hope that and still know that's impossible. Politics, a collective bullshit made by humans.
Hahahaha, come to Japan and see the politics here friend! It's a million times "better"
Delete the electoral College. Voting 2.0 needs installed.
Well said!
You're also dreading because you want to know whether your  algorithm is right in predicting who's winning. Right?
Isn't Google a political supporter of Obama???
I am from the UK and it's the same here!  Whatever idea is proposed the other party instantly objects.  It's a wonder politics achieves anything.  People are extremely diverse and therefore an idea no matter how good will always be good for some but not others and there lies the problem.  It happens at the local level (towns/villages) to a global level (east/west) and whilst our race has this diverse nature underpinned by fear, war and in some cases stupidity we will always have this problem primarily because at the end of the day, is there another viable and well tested solution?

If you're interested then check-out what is happening in Iceland.  They went bankrupt and the people have kicked out their government, banks and started from scratch with a new constitution.  Mainstream media hides this from the rest of the world for obvious reasons.  It will be interesting to see how Iceland pans out in 5-10 years.
Matt M
We should start w/ a proposition?
Sergey, the partisanship is almost certainly an intended effect. First of all, if you look at what separates the Democratic and Republican parties today, it's virtually nothing. Abortions, gay right and some other minor (in the grand scheme of things, no matter how important to those directly affected) hot-button issues that get people riled up and arguing about those details while the broad strokes don't even see debate. Both parties are pretty locked into the current American way of doing things and in general are more to the right than most of the people. The fact that the presidential debates didn't even have a whisper about something as unbelievably crucial as global climate change is probably indicative of this "business as usual under the surface" mentality.

The biggest issue - one that you're directly involved with via Google in one way or another - is that America is currently a Plutonomy where corporate rule really is more crucial than political power directly; after all, the politicians are for sale, and the corporations have the money.

The problem with partisanship is that it's all BS. Both parties are essentially doing the same thing while giving a minor illusion of vigorous debate in sharply delineated areas - a very tried and true tactic to keep people from debating the real, meaningful issues while thinking they're actually doing so. has a clear-eyed view of what the future holds. Should be required reading. 
PS.  To add an additional note - I think your vote is still important because if you have someone at the top that is moral and cares then he (or she) can have some effect (even if a small one).  If you have a donkey who has no idea what they are doing they will be easier to control by the large corporations and have a greater negative effect.  IMHO.
Completely true sentiment. And this is so relevant, especially considering my country where coalition governments and shaky alliances are the name of the game.
Remember, Remember, the 5th of November :-)
Sergrey .. Please buy Monsanto and save the world ;)
how does translate for a CEO. like dont sponsor a politician if you want them independant ?
Humans as a race will never progress beyond us vs. them. It makes me weep.
Preferential voting systems are worth looking at. In effect, these are a logical model for discouraging absolute binary divisions between groups and drawing out more collaborative behaviours from leaders. While far from perfect, it reduces "all or nothing" political positions: there is strong motive to appeal to multiple interests to gain advantage in a run off...

At a basic level: it is inevitable in a system where you elect one single president to represent a whole country. But it is much worsened by the method used to elect them: via electoral votes, winner-take-all per state. The way to win is to appeal to as many voters as possible, and just be slightly less bad than the alternative on the most important issues.  And only care about those swing states.

.. however: politics in the US is mainly determined by House and Senate who each have the power to hold-up any change, but also to do something new if they so decide. And since they are chosen by gerrymandered districts .. you cannot really expect them to represent any consistent set of ideas. In stead they have to consistently not annoy a certain majority of their voters.  

Proportional representation provides very different incentives for politicians. But that isn't the US electoral system. Proportional representation usually leads to more ideologically more consistent parties, with a better representation for small minorities, giving them a voice in the game too. But most importantly: it forces politicians to form coalitions, make big deals.
Do you expect any different with the way your election is setup? Seriously its 1v1 and your expecting it to change immediately after an election? 
Hear,hear. If nothing else; could we please agree on standards of objective reality so that every statement doesn't have to be challenged by both sides? It's getting wearisome. 
You sure you haven't been reading the news papers in Australia? Not much different here :-)
Very well said Sergey. I love your work.
You guys voted George W twice into office and every non American was shocked, Obama is clearly better VOTE OBAMA
Duverger's law means that there's unlikely to ever be a significant number of independents. Fix your electoral system and the poisonous two party system will go away.
What I fail to understand is that when the economy is still precarious, how come each candidate is willing to spend millions of dollars in campaigning. Where is all this money coming from? 

As long as there are democrats and republicans, there will always be a partisan split at Washington. Romney says that "Govt does not create jobs - I will". What he fails to realise is that when he is elected president, he will be the Govt. 
Any person going into the election for presidency has made too many promises to people and their own party to become independent when that take office.
If you removed lines 3-5 you could apply this post to the elected members of parliament in Australia as well (and ignore that Australia doesn't go to an election today).
If they did that, they'd actually get things done, and then we'd really be screwed.
Why don't you move then? I mean, maybe Canada could use your skills and services what ever they may be. I know Mexico can use all the help they can get and need any skilled workers.
Vote for who ever you like - You will still end up with "The government"
Bill D
Agree with everything so it's up to non-elected Americans to take back the government from career politicians and toadies.  When do we start?
True leaders can make a difference. Maybe the next elections will have one or two
Same concern I had(ve). I'm afraid that these parties have become these huge fraternities where their members are afraid of getting thrown out or ostrisized if they do something that is against party lines. We've all seen how that has worked against common goal in the past 4 yrs. I'm even more afraid knowing who contributed to the parties financially and their expectations and return on investment. 
+Sergey Brin that won't make any difference. It's not the victor it's the losing party. As hard as he has tried, Obama has had most thing vetoed by the republican's bitching about losing. And then trying to use that as a reason not to allow him back in. It's the republican's who need to act in the best interest of the country. If they win, everything they choose will be pushed through, if they lose they will once again try to block everything Obama puts forward, just so in 4 years time they can say "see we told you so"
I do like the concept of a gentleman's agreement on 'disputable issues' as long as the people are left free to correct it after four years.
As a Brit, whose opinion probably doesn't count for much in this election, I view the whole thing with horror. $189M is an obscene amount of money to spend to be elected. You may as well elect the highest bidder and be done with it. You need a third party or block of independents to give the election some balance otherwise you're spot on +Sergey Brin, as to the likely outcome.

At least the Chinese don't hide behind a mask of Democracy. Come on USA, get a grip on real democracy and do away with the electoral college, then at least the winner will actually have been chosen by the people.  Rant over
Absolutely. We as citizens need to push our elected officials and hold them accountable like never before. I think the Legislative branch specifically needs help facilitating teamwork and expediting the legislative process.

Mother Nature has clearly positioned global climate crisis as front and center, priority 1. If they don't get busy and come up with an initial action plan soon after the election, we must take action to force them to get it in gear.
Vote Republican. Give them a supermajority and partisanship will be irrelavent.
Sergey, in Brazil is similar. Ask the staff of the Google office in Sao Paulo.
This is stated pretty much as i came over here to say.
We are civilised,we will embrace change.
hahahahaha really, you have to vote for good my dear future generetion.
You are just trying to stay politically correct. With all due respect Sir, that's a shame, even from a CEO of your standing.
The UK has a first past the post system where each constituency votes for a party politician, much the same as the senate. We then have a Prime Minister who is chosen by the elected party members. We still have partisan politic but the Prime Minister is in charge of the largest Party. (Currently we have a coalition  - very unusual in a two party system). It's only been running for 305 years so we're still ironing a few things out but it seems to work. 
And I thought it was only in South Africa since we're a young democracy.

Thanks Sergey.
Get it right guys the world depends on it!
+Fabian Schorp sounds cool in theory, but how would presidents get re-elected of they aren't party members? 
Google (and all other tech giants) should work on a open source government platform that makes it possible to track the movement of every government dollars and track what politicians do and say. 

There is no democracy without transparent and open government. There is no democracy when people become politicians for personal gains and not for the benefit of the people. 
Personally, I think everybody should write in their own name on the ballot in a show of protest against the lack of representation we get from our Congressmen and women.
America should go forward with
obama !
The problem is a racist's priorities, he puts race first & party second. He puts race before religion, race before his own financial interest & race before country.
You guys tell me what party gives refuge for such an asshole?
On foreign policy, both Obama and Romney are of similar minds (American exceptionalism/hegemony, warmongering, invasion/intervention, beholden to Wall Street and transnationals,etc.); so are their respective parties. There are no more centrists in both like decades ago (existed up to 1980s).

I voted for Obama in 2008, very disappointed on broken promises and inability to work with other party (politics requires the art of compromise, not to be read as either/or nor surrender, but of trade-offs). Thus, not much accomplished, i.e. balanced budget, lower unemployment (actually tough since USA has begun de-industrialization back in mid-1970s), so train the unemployed for what kind of jobs(?), most jobs in service-lower average pay versus manufacturing; american transnationals decide to move manufacturing abroad -it's a race to the bottom for maximum profits; that's the logic of capitalism/business; not full employment of Americans (that's passe'). The Republicans promised to again make it difficult for Obama, granted they keep the majority in the House.

I believe and think that the Democratic Party has a bit more heart. I therefore consistently voted for Democrats in presidential and House elections but not this time. 

Although the Republicans are mean and the democrats are sissy, Oh, I absolutely agree with the Republicans on Gun Rights. 

This time I'll go for Romney. Romney demonstrated while MA governor his ability to work with the other party. I hope he wins, but tough to get since presidential election is by the college...... I wish Ron Paul was there instead.

This Electoral College is an anachronistic thinking from the Founding Fathers but needs a constitutional amendment to trash.
Maura W
Thank you. Well said. I agree. For the first time I almost decided not to vote. The focus of most elected officials has been to get back at the other party and work to get reelected. I was just laid off from my job. I knew ahead of time and have spent the last few months trying to find a new job. The economy is in such a state that my bachelor's degree and 3+ years of experience are not competitive. It was very difficult to get the job I just got laid off from. Over three years have past and nothing has changed. Worse for me, my lay off was the result of The Jobs Act passing.
You already know who will win and lose: Obamney will win, and the voters and taxpayers will lose. That is the result of EVERY election.
I like partisanship, its when they get together on things that they really screw us. The less they do the better.
And why hasn't voting evolved? They voted like this 100 years ago because it was the best way to get it done. Now, we have internet, but we still vote like we are in the 19th century. We should all be registered and certified online and be able to vote on the policies ourselves should we wish. They should be required to summarize each legislation succinctly and make it available along with the full version for us to vote from wherever we want. I know people would try to hack it, but I am sure we could manage it.
One of the best election posts! And to an earlier comment that no one ever won by betting against the US... That's like saying no one ever got fired for buying IBM. The US is a wonderful and, IMHO, the best country, that doesn't mean we can't screw it up by the numbers!
The question is not who will do the best, the question is who will do the least worst.
if it help just look at the bush and gore vote. bush lost and still got president. so do you think it really matters what you vote? but remember the rest of the world needs you to vote and Obama is they way we all need you to vote so the world can grow and not take 10 steps back.   
It's almost as if there are no winners as the fight of one against thee other will wage on with no common good of the people at mind what is a beautiful process has bitter results as nobody really ever "wins"
Dear Sergey,

I am sorry, but your statement, although it reflects a widely held positive feeling of hope, is at its roots but wishful thinking. Government does not follow anyone's wishes, neither yours, nor those of elected politicians, nor even the dreams shared by a majority.

Government is a stable phenomenon that has a reality of its own; its laws of behavior are knowable and can be studied scientifically, both qualitatively and quantitatively, both in its historical kinematics and in its causal dynamics. If you're intelligent and you genuinely care, please learn the basics of your topic before you issue opinions.

Regarding Democracy, you may start with the Nobel-prize winning "The Calculus of Consent" by Buchanan and Tulloch and continue with more recent work such as "The Myth of the Rational Voter" by Bryan Caplan.

On the other hand, if such statements are all about grandstanding, feeling rightful, and gathering general approval, then it's indeed more helpful to issue opinions based on the beliefs of ignorant people than to learn anything.

The very best thing a man in your position can do is not to take sides, express hopes, or try to take an active role: it is to use the formidable machine you possess to make the reality of government, as known and as knowable, painfully obvious.
False choices false words false policy no president can help the u.s.a its over its only a matter of when
+Sergey Brin I think you should rather make a plea to the losers.  So in the next 4 years they do not hinder the winner but help them. 
The u.s hasnt had a president who gave 2cents for a long time...lots of verbal junk but thats it
David H
We need someone who dosen't belong to either party and get rid of that god awful electoral college.
Wow... Only in America. While everyone has a right to their opinion, it surely doesn't make it an informed one. You can't possibly be that naive. 
Let the government fear the people........
+Adam Koncz sadly it goes both ways. The past four years both sides have been making great efforts at looking like they are trying to get something done, and are quick to blame the other side when nothing happens. I agree with +paul pettersen it's nearly impossible for things to change, unless we have a major change of heart in politics. 
Lies and lies and a few more and loans and more loans war and wars and more wars........
I'm not sure "pleading" with the victors will achieve anything. Instead the system needs to change some how.
There is good reason for the US being a Constitutional Republic and not a Democracy (Demagoguery) 
I have the germ of an idea. It is perhaps reasonable to see modern democracies as mechanisms for delegating design (political decision making) to one person or one small group of people.

The amazing, challenging, part of Darwinism is not that we know how species are created, but the realisation that design does not require a designer. Repetition of a small number of simple rules will do the same job. Wouldn't it be great if we could work out the simple person sized rules that would work for communities. Then we could have politics without politicians. 
We boycott all China's products
yes but i belive that one day someone will win don't warri your self friend all will be well with god
Running as independents won't change how they govern.
none business with me,,,but support you,,Sergey!!
Brad M
Does money buy the presidency?  Do we really believe that politics has anything to do with it? Isn't voting akin to life in the movie "The Matrix"; an illusion of control, nothing else?  Were we all made slaves to the system when the governments of the world behaved in childish fashion by spending more than the GDP of their country was able to support, and taxes were introduced to pay the bankers who funded the spending?  Who really casts the vote?  Certainly not John Q. Public. Isn't the real power placing people under monetary control, so they must follow a given set of rules to live?  Weight the evidence, and conclude what you will, as for me, it is just window dressing for a much larger game.
This will work only if the president is elected for one term. That way they can do the job rather than focusing on keeping the job during first term and then trying to do the job. It will also free up the opposition party from a single point agenda of making someone a one term president no matter what the nation's issues are. 
+Sergey Brin , I completely concur with your statements.  I would add that in order for any politician to become the leader you ask them to be, they first need to know and understand that they are a servant of the people. Yes, they lead our country, but they lead it under the discretion of the people who placed them in office.  

On the other side of the coin, the citizens of this country need to know that they are electing people to serve them, and to make laws that govern how the founding father's believed a free people should be governed.  

Serving the people should be an honor and a humbling experience.  Not a power trip that causes you to feel invincible.  
Political parties are senseless and counter productive. Politicians that agree or disagree with someone (or a group of people) on the basis of party alone is insane, lazy, and extremely reckless.

Great, timely post, Sergey. Stay awesome!
If voting would have the ability to change things, it would be illegal. 
There is a good argument for electoral college.  I read it in an article
Well said, though, nothing is perfect, if anything claims to be perfect, it must be a lie.
Not much different in my country...maybe even worst. 
+Sergey Brin maybe more campaign $$ should have gone to third parties instead of the two that have put the country in this condition. Just maybe.
I have more choices in walmart then in my goverment

truly feel that im losing that as well

Usa = Rome 
We are nearing revolution times I fear.
india is best country in the wourld i m so lucky because i m indian.
Nice thought, I wish it could be that way.
My level of apathy towards this government is at an all time high, and I sincerely doubt that will change until there are mandatory term limits, responsible budgeting and accountability to the people. 
Exactly!  And everyone who believes that should vote some someone not in one of "the two parties", e.g. Gary Johnson (that doesn't mean I agree with or care about his politics).  What we need is to get someone else out there with public funding next time around.
Great sentiment, but the reality is money controls politics - especially after the Citizen's United case. Politicians do as they're told by those who make the most significant contributions. Unless there is significant systemic alteration of the political method, this reality will continue no matter how much the electorate finds disdain in partisanship. 
This its just the reason I'm voting third party, in New York my vote isn't worth much, regardless Obama will win the state, but a contribution to getting more variety in our candidates next time around could make a difference, the duopoly that is American government needs help and votes for non major parties help us end the duopoly by giving more people a chance next time around, wouldn't it be nice to pick someone who's ideals match yours more closely than the 2 choices we currently have?
Sergey! On a different note! Love what you guys are doing with the Nexus line up! 299 for the best phone on the planet! Say goodbye to the $800 cell phone!
All you can do is what feels right for you. 
People keep talking about democracy this and democracies that. We have to remember were are a Republic. And for good reason. We use a democratic system but we are a Republic because the 50 states are really 50 different countries with different lifestyles the one common thing we have is a constitution holding basic rights in place. Each state has different lifestyles traditions and interests. We are a Representative Republic to protect each States individuality. Keeping us together we use a democratic system we are not a democracy and lord help us if we ever become a democracy because after that it's just a mob rules.
As for elections, i know what an American election means to the American people- a great nation! Am not an American of course, but i would rather have Obama win.All the best guys.
As long as any country relies upon a two party government, you're only one party away from a dictatorship and are already beginning to feel the effects. If you have too many parties, you end up making ridiculous concessions, as it happens in Israel. Unfortunately America is still a far cry from what true democracy embodies, and the constitutional laws that are in place make it extremely difficult to change that.
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+James Colin yes, it is a two-party system: there's those who rule and then there's the rest of us.
I was feeling this inside the last few days, but didn't know how to say it. You said it for me and most Americans.
There will always be partisanship for as long as Americans are divided in their ideas on economics, politics, government, healthcare, church, family, etc.
That's because Obama's failure equals America's welfare and well being. 
Brilliant! +Sergey Brin If a third party gets 5% of the popular vote, things change. They get federal funding, equal ballot access. Since my vote as a Californian barely counts anyway, might as well make a statement and work toward change in the future.

As long as there is a two party system, at best this country will zigzag from conservative to liberal and make little progress. That needs to stop.

Thanks for voting your heart, and not blindly what your party tells you to.

(BTW, Android 4.2 keyboard is awesome :) )
Ii do like romney bz i am tired from obama all the time yes we can we need money and jobs and free no faight and heall the time hurry for juief people
I agree with you sir the Presidents re never trying to make this country a better place theyre just tryin to stick it to the other party
I wish for a future where Sergey Brin has the same influence over government as the average Alaskan.
I so so so super agree with +Sergey Brin and +Kyle Hanson ..we all want change, but in the current system we are choosing between 2 cars barreling towards the edge of a cliff...they're both going over, just who's going to crush us first!!
Values are imbibed, not forced. Values include not having hatred, but  understanding and being emotive. Values are cherished grossly, not myoscopic way. Values depend on time, place and context. There is no absolute value, but only absolute truth.
I've heard that if Obama wins the Republicans plan to ruin the economy.  I figure they'll ruin it faster if Rmoney wins.
"True Democracy" would be a nightmare.If we changed our flawed but best option system"True Communism" would be a better(and equally un-workable) choice.The simple truth is our system works if we elect people of integrity with a wish to truly serve their country,we use to be able to do this.Unfortunately,our choices our professional,partisan fronts who's agenda has been bought and paid for.The closest our "Leaders" come to integrity is that they stay bought.Vote Libertarian,it will do no good but i refuse to to give approval to the pitiful choices we are offered and hope we can at least keep our personal freedoms,to succeed,to fail,to make "wrong" choices,to drink 32 oz. of soda and smoke a cigar if we choose to.To teach our children what we value. 
Totally agree. As long as people stop voting for parties, rather than issues presented. We will not go anywhere
Give every one of them Google Glass, ask them to record their own lives from their POV and watch it themselves for 4 hours every day. They'll soon reflect and learn to see the point you're making.
It doesn't matter who is going to be president.All presidents are trustworthy to the individuals who contributed much for their campaign.The common citizen has to dig his own way to survive in this cruel world.
Why vote democrat OR republican. But then appeal for them to act independent? How about skipping the middle man and just VOTE independent!
Well put Sergey and is the reason that I think that we're, in the UK too, frustrated with 'democracy' - the voting system feels like a ruse which continues disfranchisement and there doesn't seem to be way to change this predicament.
Sounds great but it can't happen.
Want change? Vote for a independent candidate for president 
+Sergey Brin as a former survivor of the most diabolical societies ever decided by man, you should be afraid if Obama wins, very afraid.
+Sergey Brin , your genuine concern about the future always strikes me. Positively. To most people, you belong to the richest in the world (you rank within one percent of one percent of the one percent). And yet, you know how little that feels compared to the force that is pushing this world... God knows where. This should be striking to everyone but those who ignore us.

Go google!
Seriously, you can't choose between individual or issues. Props only disguise hidden agendas just as the canidates do. True colors are seen after the damage has been done. Our country has been a downward spiral for many many many years, honestly who can pull a rabbit out of the hat & make it better. Our constitution reads'for the people', what a joke!
Until we go to a popular vote my vote here in mass REALLY doesn't count because it's always a foregon conclusion that the democrats will win (for president). I'm still voting of course.
Congress has turned into the latest addition to the Real Housewives franchise. It needs to stop!
Proportional distribution of Electoral votes would be a first step. It's enacted at the State level and therefore much easier to accomplish. But unless all the states do this at the same time it would be a mess. 
+Sergey Brin , the point regarding the politic family of a candidate and his/her allegiance to the party after election, shadows another key question, which is if you have to deal with for instance the Renewable Energy Dept. you or I will choose a specialist or someone invloved, but most of the time, people in charge are not even in the current business.
We had in France a Minister of Finance who was just not even an economist !
... and again your swing state thing looks ridiculous from here just because it really feels like other citizens are out of the electoral process eg out of the democracy ...
They need to be reminded that their only pledge should be their oath of office. Not oaths to Grover Nordquist or big oil or anyone but us.
Well said. Although in the Philippines, we probably have the extreme other end where personal and even familial interests seep in and engulf public service. 
A Piper
Vote for an Independent Party Candidate and make your vote count, then. Any party that gets 5% earns Major Party Status, which would shake the system in a positive way. 
Vote in this so called "Democratic Country?" Tell that to Al Gore in 2000, Gerorge W. & "Bubba Jeb" had a thing going there. Rubbish. America has not right to impose a doctrine of leadership in any country, they cant get it right there.
Beautifully said. Romney is more capable of bipartisanship as proven in his governing of Massachusetts.
Fantastically said. I just wish someone would hear this. It makes sense and would benefit everyone.
Some partisanship is driven by the divide in our values and as we have heard two fundamentally different views about what America should be.  But I could not agree more that when the problems are big, unified solutions are needed. And as we meet these very thoughtful leaders we must remind them over and over that they must work together.
+Sergey Brin, I agree wholeheartedly.  Why not say it in the media in addition to Google+ ? The more people who know you feel this way, the better!
Individuals can be smart and insightful. Collective groups are excessively stupid.

+Joshua Bailey you should probably look at Romney's record as Governor. He vetoes more legislation than just about any sitting governor in the state, and had his vetos overturned almost as often. He fought them tooth and nail, and lost. and is now taking credit for the things they did that he fought against. THAT is his idea of bipartisanship - stealing credit for the good things the other side of the aisle accomplishes.

They don't govern for the people like they claim, they go into politics for their own self interest.
Congressmen always vote along their party lines because they are thinking of re-election. If they differ from their parties, they don't get funding.
I believe they should only get one term in office so they can govern independently from their party lines.
I'm all for a party-less system as well or as an alternative, a solution where we would have 3 or more parties with a better distribution than we have now. However, whenever I've asked this question to others, I learn more about the ways the system itself was constructed to not allow these things to happen. Its in the infrastructure of American democracy to be a two party system. Nothing short of another American Revolution is ever going to change this.
As an independent voter in NY, I feel your pain any time I feel the GOP is the way I should vote. This state votes so heavily Democrat, my vote won't count for much. But I still need to do it...just in case enough people feel the same way.
I agree with your sentiment on partisanship. As a visitor to the US, living in NYC for the past 15 months, the partisan atmosphere was both surprising and disappointing in its depth and extent. For all the flag-waving patriotism so evident on the streets of this country, the notion of working for the "common-good" does not seem to extend either to the media or to the political sphere. If politics in the US functions anything like politics in the UK, then issues are driven far more by the media than by anything else, so perhaps your plea should be directed at media pundits rather than politicians? Perhaps you could set up a media-workers advertising segment and try to target them with this message in search & mobile ads?
I think the Independent parties would be the best for the country
Each election seems to bring more divisiveness and hatred. People should be allowed to have differing opinions and priorities without discussions generally always deteriorating into hatred and name calling.

I wish we could all grow up.
Amen, Sergey... but isn't this really the responsibility of the voters? Voters have to put an independent candidate in the White House on their own, rather than waiting for a Dem or a Rep to become independent once they're elected. 
A valid point.i too feel they should serve the public forgetting the party affiliations.
I agree with the party-less system. I think Obama's been limited to what he wants to do because the republicans won't let him
I stopped reading coments ther are to many since I need to leave for work. The American electoral system is purposefully different than that of the rest of the world. Men who put their lives and families lives on the line for true freedom didn't want what they faught for to follow the paths of non-free nations. We are not a democracy. We are a republic. Two hugely different ideas. In our political model less populous areas do have a say in our politicals and rightly. No candidate would care about the vote of Iowa Nebraska Kansas the Dakotas. If they win listen to the population centers and pander to them they win. The small states be damned. Our founding fathers were far more intelligent than any politician today. This equal vote for the populations of the state took a long time to figure out. If you want urban America telling rural America even more how there lives should be scrap the system. 
I think the main issue would be the fear of retribution for elected officials to occasionally pronounce themselves in disagreement with party lines. You need politicians more concerned about doing a good job than their personal career...
Are you also dreading eating lunch? Because, you see, that too will not change congress.
A president can only be in office for 8 years let's make this rule apply to congress and the senate then hopefully this country will be in better shape
U.S. is not a democracy, it is a polyarchy. The elections are meaningless.
I guess it's what you get when there are basically three different instances that can all kind of override each other.

On top of that you in some cases need 60% majority in the instance to make a decision.

Very rarely all three of these will align, so the normal state of the government will be deadlock with productive progress being an exception.
People make government not elected official. All of us are responsible for adding to our states decisions so do not depend elected official to decide for you.
why is there a party system??
I agree with a comment that I just read on Twitter: "Sergey Brin talks party politics on Google+ but I just wanna ask can he solve Chrome's cache issues first?"

The majority of Sergey's customers are not voting simply because they do not live in the United States of America.

Personally I would like to see that he first solves the problem with not being able to accept meeting invitations in Google Calendar when the invitation was sent to a non-Gmail address. The workaround of setting up alternate calendars for every conceivable email alias is an ugly kludge and it breaks for people that actively use the + (or any other configurable character) as a separator in email addresses.
Bob Lai
Have to agree with Sergey on part of this - that 'bipartisanship' is a meaningless word that lets our politicians feign cooperation while knifing each other in the back. 
As it should be, as the constitution was built 
And I would plead to voters: You should also withdraw from your respective parties. The two major parties are sell-outs. Vote for the candidate and party that actually approximates your views, not the party you think can defeat the candidate you hate. 
Do not the immoral person and the natural animal person, vote for their wants & feelings?

I read the 336 lamentations and this "plea" for "independent" "governing".  Absent in both were the Ultimate Authority's moral standards for e pluribus unum,  Given life for purpose greater than himself, man di-vides and de-ceives unto... di-versity.  And celebrates it.

As the poet said, "oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive".  Well, who always gets deceived...first? In the Circle of Life, what goes around, comes around.  So what is Progress or FORWARD in a circle - but the continual wages of deception that are as transparent as they feel good and are pleasing to the eye?

Hmmm... Sandy... houses built on sand... no ancient message for the ages there.  
Both parties are out to screw us no matter for whom we vote.  These guys want power and will say and do anything, including murder, to get what they want.
Right, the POTUS should be like the Amyrlin Seat in The Wheel of Time. That is, of all Ajahs and of none, simultaneously.

On the other hand, the GOP are lying anti-science anti-reality freakizoids. 0_o
 I concur!  BTW, is there an election today?
`.¸.´ Happy
¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)#starwarstuesday!☆¨¨¨¨¨¨°º☆
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.
Well spoken, and I could not agree more
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Good man. Thank you,Sir.
You just became a role model for others with your level of success.
It would be nice to see at least one problem get fixed ...

Hey, at least you have a headset that takes pictures and a car that drives itself, right?

+Peter Hayduk because the population isn't evenly distributed and the political interests of a farmer in the Midwest are far different than a fast food worker on the east coast and a financial planner on the west coast. You'd still have swing areas.
Agreed. I describe it as "the US government has become an obese two-headed monster, and every couple of years they allow us to vote for the other head". Don't vote party lines, find candidates that are not career politicians regardless of party that choose to set their real jobs aside for a while to run for office and try to fix the mess. There are a few of them and we need majorities of these in all branches. Ignore jobs, abortion, gay marriage, even war - we have to focus on bringing intelligence back to government. We got further than you think in 2010, we must keep it up.
If only we could do away with political parties altogether.
If voters agree with +Sergey Brin and this statement then they should vote Third Party. Sadly, the voters play a part in the partisanship too. The only way to send a message is break the 2 Party system. 
I voted 3rd party this morning.
Those of u out there who are wanting to vote for Obama just listen to my point of view. 4 years ago Obama promised to make good change to the economy, but the only change we have is in his pockets. In the debates, he is basically saying exactly what he was saying before he was elected. Romneys pan has five basic steps to put us back on track and to make a better economy: 1 renewable energy, 2 free trade, 3 better education, 4 smaller budget, 5 more smaller businesses. With renewable energy we won't have to spend so much on energy. With that we will have a little more money in our pockets. With free trade we will have more stuff to by and get more resources. With a better education we will have a better chance to get a job. With less taxes we won't have to not worry about getting things like a car. With smaller businesses there will be more things to sell here in the us. Now if u look at the facts that I just put on here it is obvious that Romneys plan is better
I agree. I hope the victor heeds this message.
Obama says that he put the economy back on track when he was president, but from the looks of it the last four years he doubled the deficit and doubled taxes and millions of people lost their jobs. 
totally agree,I think the change we all want all over the world,comes 
in ourselves,!!!
And now we find out why Romney refused to release his tax returns.  It turns out he has been paying near zero in taxes.
What's striking is the unwillingness of so many of today's elected officials to engage in the give and take of making laws.  Whatever one may say about LBJ, Tip O'Neill, Danny Rostenkowski or Ronald Reagan they each enjoyed the melee and worked hard to come up with laws and rules for us as Americans to live by, rather than cower in their corner refusing to engage in the world of governing; all the more obvious here on the East Coast when one sees Gov. Christie and President Obama willing to engage to help people suffering in the wkae of Sandy. Wouldn't it be great if it didn't take a crisis to come up with creative solutions to the economic and social pressures we endure?
+Cody Green I love how you're completely oblvious to the point of the original post. All your so-called reasonable words do is put the divisiveness behind a concerned look, while at the same time being unwilling to accept the statement "a former governor that's being investigated for ethics and tax code violations should not receive a promotion to the office president."

It's not Partisan Politics because people feel they're right . . . it's human nature to feel that your own analysis is right. It's partisan because people are camped out at their opinion where nothing can change their mind.

I'd have been more than happy to vote for someone other than Obama... like for 2000 era McCain or 1996 era Dole. But not for this guy.
U can tell that Obama is lying because of what happened. He says that Romney wants a 5 trillion tax cut, but that is not part of Romney's plan 
It is worse than what you say. In spite of all the rhetoric and partisanship, there is very little real difference in what the presidents actually do - there is a puppet on the left and a puppet on the right, both controlled by the same interests.

"I bought that one hook, line and sinker in 2008 during the last vestige of my disappearing middle age optimism. We got a more intelligent President, but we hardly got change. Healthcare dominated by corporate interests – what’s new? Financial regulation dominated by Wall Street – what’s new? Continuing pointless foreign wars – what’s new?"
Well done everyone.  You've turned a post asking for governing bipartisanship into an argument about who has slighted who more, who is lying more than the other.  Maybe this change doesn't need to start with our elected leaders but with the 99%.  Maybe our elected leaders are taking their lead from us.  Wake up, grow up and be the change you want to see.
I just hate the constant lies and bickering adds.
We are still the Greatest Nation on the planet.
This will sound contradictory, but even though I share most of your sentiments (I'm in Illinois), I still get excited on election day.  After all the disagreements and fierce debates, we vote peacefully with a general sense that the election will be conducted fairly.  Many countries are not so lucky.  But...Scrap the electoral college!!
Introducing Google Government - "Don't be evil!"
obviously the comment area below a post about removing party politics is a great place to post party lines. 
Wasn't Obama a governor befor he was president, and didn't he promise good change 
i do not like either of them they all make promises nothing is done
All they do is argue with one another
Wayne G
We need more people to start registering as independent or non party. That is the best way for our government to stop taking us for granted.
Americans are lucky, they have the right to vote, one man one vote.... We have yet to have such privileges to elect who lead us .... and facing grenades of tear gas just for peaceful marching for our basic rights!!!
Would be great if there was more political cooperation, because the vicious partisanship has made its way north and is ruining our political system as well ... seeing a positive shift in the US may give our Canadian politicians reasons to reflect on the path they're on, with extensive negative ads and staunchly partisan politics.
The Chief Executive of Hong Kong SAR cannot belong to any political party.  Some said it has weakened the power and effectiveness of the government.  It is quite different from what Mr Brin imagines.  But yes,  Hong Kong has a very special political system, perhaps that explains the unique problem in Hong Kong.
Feels we are no longer represented by our elected officials. 
Well said. I think the majority of Americans feel the same way as you +Sergey Brin. It needs to stop and in the near future the people will get fed up enough to demand a change. Vote for those who speak of real change. Unfortunately our choices we have today don't want this radical change that needs to take place. 
Sergey, Californians should vote for Romney, regardless of his politics. We should keep voting for the Republican Presidential candidate, until we get back into swing state status. That is the only way to make CA matter again.
Getting rid of political parties is a great idea. Next up, get rid of" countries"... I wonder what that's like?
I wish to see you on street begging along footpath.
If Romney gets elected its gonna be the end of the middle class... Obama/Biden 2012
Wayne G
+Cody Green check your facts ! Or shut the hell up. Obama was never Governor..
+Sergey Brin In some states you can only vote in primaries if you are registered for that party, so independents don't get to vote in primary elections
Could not agree more that we need to start a movement to shut down the parties, elect people that pledge their allegiance to no one but the people they represent.
+Sergey Brin With genuine respect, you need to study the history of political parties in the US, how they evolved and why, in context, the infighting today is no where close to where it has been
Well the gridlock in Congress is our fault we elected tea party nuts that don't care about finding common ground but destroying president Obama those are not leaders that have the interests of America at heart. I am glad that I voted for Obama in Florida he is the steady leadership that will keep this country on a positive up swing. Obama forward 2012. 
History has a way of repeating itself, and the last time this happened there were Christians being killed. I think no matter which president wins that will happen. If u are a Christian just like me then u would have already seen this comming
Thank god for those Tea Party Nuts who have stopped some of the nonsense that has been going on in congress the last 4 years. Thank you Tea Party. I'm voting for a real change, Mitt Romney.
Thank you for agreeing with me Shon Jimenez
Thanks for making Google different to a certain degree.
What BS. The problem is that both parties spend money like it is some one elses and spend more every year. Is not a 'partisan bonfire.' Its politicians who want to get re elected and put that above the needs of the people.
Reminds me of Einsteins' quote. People, keep accepting these manipulators and expecting a different result, then things will NEVER change
Perhaps it is important to note in the same breath that one party is more responsible for gridlock than the other. Its just not fair to treat both of them the same.
Probably you should run for it, but you surely would align your interest with what or where your wealth comes from - just hope whoever it is, get things a bit better 
Money in politics is the problem.  Candidates, no matter what party, are too dependent on big money.
If ever we could just break the lock of the 2 party system...
Your voting system doesn't allow the existence of party diversity, which is what you really want. You somehow managed to fuck up even more FPTP voting, your country will always be the victim of two party domination until you change it.

You need a system like range voting.

Anyway, this is still childish, because the US hasn't done everything wrong and both parties are pretty different and the fate of the US will surely change, so please DFTVA.
To be Donkey or Elephant, that's the question!
Would be nice to see them come together to Solve problems instead of pointing fingers!
I am a iranian !
and I think its not important who is winner because of the situation does not change with the change of president!
Real change depends on the change in policies is likely to be impossible!
Obama and Romney Two different faces of an object!
 i want to share and  exchange  general knowledge around the world ......waiting for response  
+Sergey Brin when an international worldsite who centralize all world ideas?...
A friend and me have good project,...waiting response for speak about this...
Independent in name and in spirit...

What a huge difference could that make!
A difference that doesn't require any money or new regulations...

It 'only' needs a new vision and the courage to go for it.

Independent in name and in spirit... isn't that the ultimate challenge in life for all of us?

Thank you +Sergey Brin, for this inspiring insight.

Mad Mac
I've read most of the comments on this subject, and I think most of the comments come close to the real reason the country and  the whole world are having problems with their govenments, is the fact that we the people don't have a government that function for us the people.....CORPORATE WORLD has brought out all of the governments of the world and has created a world wide class war.....and for those of you who don't believe there is class warfare, just look to the justice systems, and the medical systems....if you are a member of the elite, then these two systems work a lot different for them, than it does for you and me. No politician no matter what affiliation, they are or where  in the world they are is really working for the working class, just follow the money
I am in Australia and dread US Elections too so do not feel alone there . Good Luck in your quest for a Parliament that works for the People.........
Hi guyz! i am new in this forum.
Whats up with the glasses? i am anxious to know
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and let the fun begin in Australia's Elections.. Kevin 07 just had to change our date to the 7th! WTF?
they are well-meaning and thoughtful, for the most part, as are key influencers in nearly all corporations, and yet, as you stated so well, they seem to get so focused on personally (or for their party) "winning" that they forget to do what is best for the collective (I am not exactly a socialist, per say, but being aware that humans are a collection, if you will, of individuals, is helpful) would go a long way towards the betterment of each individual as well.
nearly all life forms that behave as humans do (quite socially) work much better at "doing" for the greater good than humans do. it sure would be a better planet, and better experience for all involved, if elected officials and corporate leaders were more mindful of the stewardship aspects of their roles, rather than being motivated by greed and other selfishly-oriented goals.

best, jess
Life is the Journey of Transportation, but transportation may be successful by its rights object.
Right object is our senseness of mind, but mind should be use by its positive senser.
Because all is going to be for future and future will be perfect with continuous.
But we should be right shoulder of this because we and our future are doner and accepter for all tenses.

The Right Senser will make The Right Future

Is it not the self serving interest of politicians, above partisanship, that governs government policy and spending? 
I'd like to point out an important detail. Of course, I have no proof that I am right, it's a belief. There was, is and will always be a power struggle in every country in the world. United States is no exception. But, in my humble opinion, this struggle for power has recently (about 10-20 years) overshadowed the desire to make the country better. Democrats and Republicans think about their elections more than about prosperity of Americans. So, whatever happens in the political life I view through this lens. Let's think now. Illegal immigration on the scale we have now represents a demographic shift towards non-European people. Who benefits from it politically? The party that stands for forcing the upper classes (primarily, of European descent) "to pay their fair share" and distributes these money as benefits to those who don't have as much. In short, Democrats. I admit, it's not 100%. I admit, there are Republicans interested in cheap labor, but these are individuals, while Democrats, as a party, benefits from this process. That's why Democrats want to pass "comprehensive immigration reform", which in plain English means giving all voting power to those 20 million of illegal immigrants, while keeping the border open for a constant flow of new ones. Republicans fully understand this desire of Democrats and do not want this type of reform, insisting first on "stopping the bleeding" - closing the border to prevent the new waves of illegal immigration (which seems to me reasonable). Republicans will have to live with the fact that those immigrants who are already here illegally won't have the voting rights, but their children will, so the assimilation will occur, but much slower than Democrats want and the party affiliation of the children is not as obviously Democratic. So, what do Democrats do, if the "comprehensive immigration reform" is on ice? They force a crisis on the border. Yes, I suspect this crisis is artificially called for by actions of our administration. It started right after Obama (without any Congressional involvement) changed the law about deportation immediately before elections in 2012, which helped him to win (among other reasons, of course). Now the question about why these new immigrants came to United States is answered by more than 3/4 of them as "because we were told that we would not be deported". And add another interesting detail. Congress goes on recess now and the president, using "his pen and phone" can issue yet another executive direction to legalize all those who came and open the road for new ones without any "comprehensive immigration reform". Yes, it might be slightly illegal, it might cause another Supreme Court trial, but this takes forever. And all those Republicans would not be able to say anything against this "executive action" because "we had to solve the crisis". And let me finish by repeating it again. I believe that all this wave of illegal immigration is artificially created by the Democrats as a pretext to legalize this flow of immigration under the cover of "addressing the crisis situation" without any legislative action of the Congress. Call me oversuspicious. And, by the way, I have a lot of complains against Republicans as well.
The American empire is imploding, for every action there is a negative reaction, the longer it is stagnant, the more rot grows and the system disintegrates and it consumes itself while a apathetic and disillusioned public looks on, the way you regard an accident as you slow down and can't look away.
+Andrew McFarland

Bug off. On the whole, our country is continually improving. All the while foreign jealousy is out if control 
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