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I was lucky to catch Muhammad Ali's 70th Birthday this past weekend -- an amazing event supporting a great cause -- the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health.
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isn't he born in decemeber?
happy b'day to Muhammad Ali...:)
Yeah, I was lucky enough to drive my <insert expensive car here> over to <insert awesome movie star/sports here>'s. Can't wait for the next party to which I have backstage passes natch. Got mah bling picked out and am going to wear <insert unknown buzzing designer here>. See you there Sergey!
@Derrick if you hate hearing it, unsubscribe from him... I like hearing guys like Sergey, Larry, Tom..etc reap the benifits of their hard work than <insert famous entertainer with a rich daddy>.
I can't believe he's 70... I mean, I remember watching him fight as a kid. He was, is and always will be The Greatest. Inspirational as a boxer, and as a human being.
De Poca madre Sergey brin
Sergej, der Ati wird nie mehr pervers, versprochen! :o) Bitte unternimm zunächstmal nichts gegen ihn.
+Scott Henkle well, it was supposed to be funny, but I guess you're one of those people who likes to argue/findtrolls/debate/etc. Good hunting!
The museum here in Louisville, Ky is really cool. If you come through this way its something worth checking out.
When You caught him was he heavy? Has he lost weight? JK Very cool!
You have an amazing Life ! Enjoy every minute !!!
nice photo - phone photo or slr?
muhammad ali is a boxing legend,, who was not there 2,, chu cho for muhammad ali,
.. indonesia translate ..
muhammad ali adalah petinju legendaris,,yg tiada ada 2 nya,,chu cho for muhammad ali,
foto yang diunggah orang selevel sergey brin hanya di komen oleh 45 orang.. emg yang aktif pake google plus berapa orang sih???
berarti belom banyak mas... mungkin masih trial kali ya
Greattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt Sergeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
I remember watching " Joe and Ali" when i was just a kid. In the future whenever Ali came into a conversation we spoke about the night they fought! "Never forgot that Night"...!!!
My father and I always remembered that particular night..!
Ali, to a young Ivy League idealist looking to make a better world in the mid 60s was an icon. You were a great inspiration Cassius, a great inspiration to this Midwestern, Catholic blue collar white boy. Make no mistake about that! I learned courage from this Kentucky fighter. And Malcolm X, Brother Martin, the Black Panthers, Rosa Parks. Many stepped forward with dignity.
I guess he has MS? for a while they thought it was ring induced parkinsons.
Please don't forget Parkinsons
The Greatest - Best quote ever made.. I got nothing against no Viet Cong. No Vietnamese ever called me a nigger.” Fuck War
Cassius Clay vs Sonny Liston was a great bout and the beginning of it all, if only a reversal of Parkinson's was possible for Muhammad Ali at this stage in the progression.
I am not a pot smoker myself, however, about 18 years ago I saw with my own eyes an old guy with severe Parkinson's, who was given a joint for the very first time, and within 15 minutes his very visible shakes had disappeared. To me it was like seeing a miracle. As I mentioned at the beginning, I am not a pot smoker, but I never forgot that day.
Intriguing shot. Can't decide if its a stadium crowd at night or a neural network. Nice puzzle.
hey +Sergey Brin heard that ur in charge of googles secret project ,project X.

instead of focussing ur efforts entirely on self driving cars and terminator style glasses ,request u to work on those futuristic gadgets ,the flyingcars and flyinbikes just as in sci fi movies.

they not only reduce the traffic congestion but also reduces the usage of fossil fuels if u can create a way to use hydrogen as a fuel instead of nonrenuable fuels.

all the bst for ur future endeavours.
Hi-+ Sergey Brin
Those new projects look great.... and I or really we at NAL have something sweet I would love to get to Sergey if only ????
Sanapala, the new project at Noble, has the potential to be an incredible social media phenom but in a new exciting way as we have all heard before but take it from me this is remarkably different.
Thanks Sanapala huge meetings in Hollywood, in March.
gelmş geçmiş en büyük boksör, Allah şifa versin.
Yeah! Muhammad Ali is a great person. Hope he get good health and you too.
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I am a bit late but I still wish Happy Birthday to Muhammad Ali!
Sergey, what can Google do to support Kony 2012?
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Do you know why our education system is in such deep trouble?

We encourage all our students to become jacks of all trades! As a graduate earns better than a high schooler we try to force everyone to become a graduate. But every single job requires technical expertise so what is a graduate good for? Not much except he is better educated. But better is not sufficient and is not good enough. We must encourage students into vocational studies early on. They do not force everyone especially those not interested in or unable to pursue general studies, to become graduates. It is like our education system forces those who have no singing talent to become singers.

The actual problem is much more serious and much deeper. Students with emotionally challenged brains enter the classroom at a very early age and all we do is brand them as disabled and reinforce their learning disability instead of addressing their handicap. These are children who have been exposed to an unhealthy upbringing. Their handicap can be reversed. What we need to do is introduce a new subject that teaches emotional intelligence.

Human consciousness, the self, runs on two wheels. One is intelligence/mind and the other is emotional-intelligence/brain. We have cutting edge education for the mind and we not only neglect and ignore educating the brain we actually miseducate the brain with phony overconfidence and false beliefs. As a result our brain education is messed up.

We at the 4th R Foundation have come up with a new subject that teaches emotional intelligence/wisdom. It educates the brain, enabling the brain to become super mature.
Sergey.. our True Brother, Thank You for eveyrthing you have done for the World over all these years.. You are Truely a King of Kings.. And you never charged me 1 cent.. Anything I can do for you and the Men and women of Google.. Volunteer work.. I am retired and all..
you scared the crap out of me my name is mohammad ali sulais i was like thinkin i didn't see you there
Nice photos ... but google forcing google+, by replacing picasa over google+. sounds like monopoly .. got to find replacement for picasa.
I haven't seen Google doing it yet ...
sergey brin is this parrot-monkey stole my interest from Google, he is the devil because the devil is the real founder of Google
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