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I guess the tortoise needs no description. :)
Very big tortoise! Actually I was just checking whether I can comment next to Sergey. Quite Cool.
Where is this exactly?
Google should have a search function specifically for figuring things out--locations of things, what things are called, etc. that would take bits of your memories and use them in separate or more specific searches automatically for you that would allow you to find things that you can remember numerous small parts of. So I suppose kind of like a specialised google search--you plug in tortoise, mountains, geyser, and it tries to figure out what you are thinking of. G20 questions. :)
Sergey, thats epic - TORTOISE WHAT?
Awesome, I am commenting on Sergey's pics. :)
Love this picture! Why can't I + it?
Good pics as are all the others as well! Keep up the good work Sergey. - Justin Tampa Bay Area, FL
I was just there on my honeymoon last month. It's on Isabela in the galapagos and normally the caldera is so misty you can't see anything
А очень похоже на Россию, Московскую область, вот только черепах там вряд ли увидишь.
Sergey Novikov - А где возле москвы горы?
Sergey, could you please let us know where this was?
Seems, neighborhood Moscow region or central Russia.
I was thinking "Isabela" in the Galapagos Islands. I use to live there.
My caption: "Next thing I knew when I woke up was that there these two guys in the garage next door, working on something they called Google,"
mark a
i'm interested in knowing this tortoises exact age and birthday.
mark a
screw it, i'll just go there and ask him myself.
This guy looks familiar! I was just in the Galapagos too, amazing trip. Here are some pics:
Ave Maria.. Que Bicho enorme!
Ou é efeito?
It's real? oww It's great!
Voce Gostou ágora VOCÊ FAZ Parte do Google VOCÊ FOI 1 adicionado los Nosso circulo. ATÉ Mais Cybeck.
Caption: Lucky for me, that dumb hare doesn’t know this shortcut.
Congratulations is a previlege to be a place end photograph it.
Comme dit Eduardo Hauto, Il a vraiment l'aire d'un dinosaure. Ce sont les secret de la nature. Sans sa cuirasse, on le prendrait pour un broncosaure. Mamamia tutti frutti.
Woww! J'aime la nature.
c'est plus qu'un privilege que vous aveiz eu a le photographie. Congratulation, It's a very nice pic.
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