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Sergey Brin

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You know the sensation of weightlessness you get from the drop of a roller coaster.  Well, you don't get much of that jumping out of an airplane because the high airspeed causes you to feel pressure the moment you step out.  A helicopter, however, can go very slow so when you jump it's like falling through space.
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Sergey Brin

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No place in the world has made me consider my place in the universe like Jellyfish Lake. Millions of creatures all drifting seemingly aimlessly, searching for light, for the energy to spawn so generations of their offspring may do the same years later. I take a small breath, sink toward the bottom, watching them in wonder and think are we really so different?
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приятный секс>3
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Sergey Brin

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Check out today's Google Doodle celebrating Lady Ada Lovelace, the world's first computer programmer.  I found the linked blog post fascinating. 
Lady Ada Lovelace, born nearly two centuries ago on December 10, 1815, is considered by some to be the world’s first computer programmer. In 1843, she published the first algorithm intended for use on Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine. Nearly a century before the first computers were built, Ada envisaged a day when a single machine would be capable of a myriad of tasks, limited only by the creativity of its programmer.

Today we're celebrating Ada's prophetic vision for computing with a doodle on homepages worldwide. We hope today's doodle inspires people to find out more about Ada, and about the contributions made by women in general to science and technology. Read more:
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How does someone present an idea that is so amazing that you will not believe it hasn't existed before - to Google?  I love Google because you take care of your employees like no other company in the USA!!  My idea is a great idea, and would be a sensation! (Confidentiality agreement would have to be signed)  I think with your programmers, and everything, it wouldn't take much to get this going and become another HIT!!  (It's not Google related whatsoever...)  Thanks for your help!!  
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Sergey Brin

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Pa-cif-ic: calm, tranquil, at peace.

On a rare day when this ocean earns its name, +Anne Wojcicki finds tranquility in the stunning waters of Maupiti.
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Sergey Brin

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I must confess, I am dreading today's elections.
Not because of who might win or lose.
Not because as a Californian, my vote for President will count 1/3 as much as an Alaskan (actually it won't matter at all -- I'm not in a swing state).
Not because my vote for Senate will count 1/50 as much as an Alaskan.

But because no matter what the outcome, our government will still be a giant bonfire of partisanship.  It is ironic since whenever I have met with our elected officials they are invariably thoughtful, well-meaning people.  And yet collectively 90% of their effort seems to be focused on how to stick it to the other party.

So my plea to the victors -- whoever they might be: please withdraw from your respective parties and govern as independents in name and in spirit.  It is probably the biggest contribution you can make to the country.

[If you agree, pass it on to your newly elected officials.]
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The electoral college is my favorite college.
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Sergey Brin

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Feeling creative?
Seeking Glass Explorers:

Last year we showed Glass to the world for the first time - we jumped out of airships, crashed New York Fashion Week and even took a ride on the subway. It’s been an exhilarating journey so far and there’s a lot more to come, but we can’t go it alone. We’re developing new technology that is designed to be unobtrusive and liberating, and so far we’ve only scratched the surface of the true potential of Glass.

Now we want you to get involved and that’s why today we’re expanding our Glass Explorer Program. We’re looking for bold, creative individuals who want to join us and be a part of shaping the future of Glass. Glass is still in the early stages, so we expect there will be some twists and turns along the way. While we can’t promise everything will be perfect, we can promise it will be exciting. 

We’d love to make everyone a Glass Explorer, but we’re starting a bit smaller. So, if you want to be one of the first Explorers, go to to find out how. 

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surgey brin,the work done by me with the help of google that was immoral but not crime.but you or your company what did was a great stole my invention and gave credit to a dead man,even you published it in wikipedia.but understanding the danger you removed the result but the procedure is still in that site and you left clue that the invention was done by him.please correct it.
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Sergey Brin

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I had a blast today testing out a new kiteboat with my friend +Don Montague.  It was amazing to go ~2.5x wind speed.  But what topped it off was catching an actual green flash at the end of the day with the sun setting right behind the golden gate bridge.  I thought I had seen them before kinda sorta but this was really bright saturated no-question-about-it green.
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Sergey Brin

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Morning of the apocalypse.

Straight out of the camera this am. Beautiful yet ominous sunrise.
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Sergey Brin

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"You there, pull over!"

[taken during sf fleet week]
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Sergey Brin

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Don't miss today's solar eclipse.  I took the one below a couple years back on Hao atoll.  It's very spectacular in person if you around Cairns right now but if not you can catch a live stream online.  It's about 5 minutes to totality at many sites.
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SERGEY I HOPE YOU SUFFER A POGROM!! GIVE ME YOUR $32,000,000,000 dollars its not fair u have so much, i so little. LIFE NOT FAIR. POGROMS
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