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Not good news. But considering buthole which also serves as his mouth that their CEO has it - is no wonder.
We're hearing from multiple sources that Cyanogen Inc. is in the midst of laying off a significant portion of its workforce around the world today. The lay... by David Ruddock in Breaking, News, Rumors

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Great overview of the state of mind in Toronto. I would add village mentality, where people still think they are still in a small town and not in a megapolis and therefore make constantly wrong decisions as they can't evaluate where they live. For most "torontonians" toronto ends at Bloor street, for a few more at Eglinton or Lawrence - everything north of that is Far North with bears and Walmarts.

The most obvious symptom is how media elites and intelligentsia have come to believe their perspective is an objective account of reality, says Cross

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Dilbert 2016-07-17 #simpledilbert

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Good for a bull.
Victor Barrio, a 29-year-old professional bullfighter, was killed when a bull's horn pierced his chest in front of spectators Saturday.

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Why do we keep building rotten foundations?

APIs are like bones: sometimes you have to break them to mend them, and it fucking hurts. It’s not a perfect analogy, but it reflects an observation of (superficially) pragmatic behavioural t…

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If these will sound good, definitely will be quite a good choice for desktop speakers. Can't wait to see this productized. 
Turtle Beach sent out a press release saying it made a breakthrough, and glass-based speakers may be the future of your home audio. as strange as that may sound, the video is slightly more...


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Opus Codec 1.1.3 has been released. Really wish that this will become a new standard, for both VOIP and especially podcasts, which some still encode as 64kbps MP3 - which sounds atrocious. G.711 and G.729 VOIP codecs sound also incredibly poor for 2016 equipment. If will support OPUS I will get a new gateway with Opus support.
Opus Interactive Audio Codec. Overview. Opus is a totally open, royalty-free, highly versatile audio codec. Opus is unmatched for interactive speech and music transmission over the Internet, but is also intended for storage and streaming applications. It is standardized by the Internet ...
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pls notify me when it happens and I'll switch to the same gateway

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War on TV piracy: Are cable companies fighting the right battle?

The cable companies are suiting up in their war on piracy. But in the digital age, where illegal copies of movies and TV shows abound online, a court battle or threatening letters may not do much to curb the problem.

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Oldie but Goldie. 
Alf Watt, former Apple Wi-Fi engineer and creator of iStumbler, joined us on this week's Mac Geek Gab 509 to talk all things Wi-Fi. The episode contains a bunch of juicy Wi-Fi tips and I highly recommend you give it a listen, but we figured we'd take a few of our favorite tips and list them here for you.

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Dilbert 2016-07-09 #simpledilbert

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Wonder if this peace if shit judge is a Catholic, would not be surprised if he was. A very Christian thing to say.
A judge who asked an alleged rape victim why she “couldn’t keep her knees together” is facing a public hearing to keep his job in Canada.

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AOMedia AV1 is a Royalty-free, Open Source Video Codec Aiming to Replace VP9 and Compete with H.265
The Alliance for Open Media, or AOMedia, is a new non-profit organization founded in 2015 by Amazon, Cisco, Google, Intel Corporation, Microsoft, Mozilla, and Netflix, and more recently joined by AMD, ARM, and NVIDIA, whose first project is to develop AV1 royalty-free and open video codec and ...
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No... codec will be finished in 2017.. it is article just about industry finally working on royalty free codec that will be as advanced as what Mpeg Group does.
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I will put out your fire with gasoline.
Known in some circles as Serguei Moutovkin (Сергей Мутовкин). Born in a far far away land of hairy bears and people swimming in the ice holes - Russia, Moscow. Half life ago moved to the villageville - Toronto.
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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Video - Bill Maher, Full Interview Pa...

"Real Time's" Bill Maher stopped by "The Late Show" to talk to Stephen about [bleep], [bleep] and [bleep].

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Service depends on who is helping you. But frequently waiters disappear for long periods of time, with nobody in sight, this artificially prolongs stay. Food is good and beer selection is excellent for a chain (try Muskoka brewery beer). Prepare to wait long time on weekend evenings or jump next door to Alice Fazooli's.
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The best sashimi place in town. Fish is fresh and slices don't require use of the magnifying glass to find. Wound have preferred, if they didn't use colored ginger.
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