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We wanted to thank you for participating in our beta-testing campaign and would like to announce about Store Manager for WooCommerce pre-Alpha release.    
Download Store Manager for WooCommerce Alpha Version at:

We are launching a new tool and appreciate if you evaluate the application and provide some ideas how to improve it. Please, note this is not stable but pre-Alpha version of the application. It is being under testing, what means you may encounter errors, exception or missing features.( It is being made available for testing purposes only, and is intended for web application developers and our testing community). We’ve performed basic testing, though in case you see any bug, please submit it in this group under Bug category at:

At the moment Store Manager is functioning according to CRUD (in programming - Create, Read, Update and Delete are basic functions of a computer database) model and allows to create, view, update and remove products, categories, images, customers. As to orders, there will be the possibility to view them only. More functional possibilities are to be implemented in the future releases.

Pre-Alpha version represents advanced store management tools - database backup, custom SQL for enhanced data management and Raw Table Editor for quick database fields access. If you have multiple stores you can benefit from Quick Connection Switch option - connect to necessary store simply choosing respective store configuration from the drop-down.   

Dockable window support is another Store Manager peculiarity. If you have a dual monitor setup you will find this feature advantageous, since it allows to move windows between monitors and easily restore.

Please, take into note, Store Manager for WooCommerce pre-Alpha version does not include addons. These and other upcoming features are marked with green ‘Coming Soon’ label. It’s been planned that multilingual support will be added, once stable version of Store Manager for WooCommerce is released.

Our team will highly appreciate your wish to contribute to Store Manager development. Testing Store Manager for WooCommerce you can find out the ways to improve and refine its functional capabilities. We will gladly accept all the recommendations and ideas you will leave at

Check our documentation (We're working on it as well)

Visit our website

eMagicOne Team

Beta Testers get 3 month versions of Store Manager for WooCommerce. Hope this experience will bring positive emotions to you, while bugs can be submited here :)

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How to report "A BUG THAT CAN BE REPRODUCED" and get FREE Store Manager for  #WooCommerce  UPDATES for commertial version? (+1 month of usage of Alpha version)
1. Report the bug here, so other users could comment if they face with same problem
2. Download beta version with detailed logs feature (We will provide you the version privately)
3. Reproduce the bug
4. Send us logs with detailed steps how to reproduce it (mail or video)
5. We approve that is it added to our future release (s)
6. Get free updates (+1 month)

How NOT to post bug request in this category?
- If you cannot reproduce it, but you are sure that we should fix it - post such bugs in "Bugs" Category. Note that such bugs doesn't allow you to get free updates or discounts
- If you use any third-party extensions. If you use any modules and our product doesn't support it, you should submit a feature request
- If you do not know how to achieve some results while import/mass changes/ etc. Those are support tickets that should be sent to
- If you want something to be done differently. That is kinda feature request.

We would love to work with you and give you free updates! Hope you're the lucky one who can get it. (If you can be lucky when you found a bug :) )

"Features" category

Bugs that occurred because of third-party extensions may turn into "features" :) that we may consider.

For new features that you would love to be added, please visit our official feature request section (in our support center):

"Bugs" Category
Here you can post bugs that cannot be reproduced, thus fixed. You will NOT get free updates for such reports, though we appreciate if you leave them here, so we may try to do all the best to make sure they won't come back.

You may also post bugs related to latest version of WooCommerce or compatibility with third-party extensions. Such bugs may be moved to Features list. )

Beta Testers Wanted!


Beta Testers Wanted

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Check One Magic Day with eMagicOne :)
Meet eMagicOne team #HaveFunwitheMagicOne !
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