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Sense of Wonder

I came across an image I took a few months back, and decided to re-upload a closer crop. You often hear great tips on photography floating around, and some of the obvious ones really ring true. Being closer to the action and filling the frame with your subject is so important, because cropping can be used as too much of a crutch.

I am still learning this whole photography thing, so thank you for bearing with me everyone :)

#D700 #Nikon #50mm #Toronto #Canada
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I've been surprised by what cropping will do.
Nothing wrong with getting croppy :P
Reina Y
Her expression is really so cute!!!! You could get very nice moment:) I felt their love from this pic. I guess will be a really nice today, because I saw this. Thank you for shearing it +Serge Ivanov!
What a great moment you captured, Serge. Perfect crop!
+Robin Griggs Wood - Thanks so much my friend! No idea how I missed your comment. I have been kind of out of it these last few days :)
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