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Shouting out into the abyss. Echo!

Okay, that was fun. Back to writing about [Roardacted]
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Should that be Rrwardacted ::shows claws::
Write there with you. (Yes, this is what it's reduced me to.)
Shhh, some of us are trying to sleep.
When you shout into the Abyss, the abyss shouts back at you!
So, we figure that if we don't hear anything about Lion by about now, today, that we won't until noon (eastern) on the 5th at the soonest. And since Adam is visiting a MUG in Chicago on the 6th/7th, we think that it would be much better to put off Lion until the 8th. I doubt, however, that Apple checks the TidBITS calendar when it decides when to release. However, I would be MORE THAN HAPPY to "share" my calendar with 'em. ;-) Meanwhile, I am editing away on Lion material while wondering what kind of party is best for post-Lion release celebrations.
Re my previous reply in this thread, does the universe have an irony meter?
alright, first question: how do i collapse a collection of comments i recently expanded? this one for instance...
Bill, if you haven't already figured it out, just click on the number of comments and the comments collection will collapse.
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Caldwell. That's where my dad and ancestors lived for like, 150 years! In Texas.
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hi serenity.  i heard you talking about apple photos app on mbw.  you may already have discovered this, but i have found that you can create multiple libraries in terms of locally stored photos. they open essentially like a doc would in pages and load up all of the faves, albums, etc. the only catch is that only the system library will share out to icloud. anyway, i thought it was interesting and useful in some cases.
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