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Learn how to make a DIY window privacy screen with a few pieces of wood, fabric, and hot glue!
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Not every piece of furniture should be painted, but this outdated 80's wood desk was crying for a DIY desk makeover! See its transformation!
Not every piece of furniture should be painted. But see how this DIY desk makeover went from outdated orange wood to a classic stained top and painted body!
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So excited that my commercial just came out! Working with Duluth Trading Company was a lot of fun! Do you spot me? ;)
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Wow, really? Did the commercial make it on national TV yet?

Serena Appiah
Thrift Diving
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See this pretty DIY dresser makeover on a French Provincial dresser from the 80's!
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Got kids? Stop repeating yourself 10,000 times! This easy DIY craft will help get your kids to listen! It really works! It's called The Penny Method!
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See how my #DIY bathroom vanity is turning out! 
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Yes, you CAN remove your old toilet yourself! I'll admit, it can be a stinky job, especially if you have boys in the house. But this isn't a job that needs a professional! Here are step-by-step instructions to remove an old toilet yourself. The next post will be about how to install the new toilet!
Nobody likes talking about toilets, but we all have 'em, right? Learn how to remove an old toilet yourself and save a bunch of money. Here's how.
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Joanna and Chip Gaines do it. Why shouldn't you? Plan your next makeover or renovation with an easy, free 3D model! Here's how.
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You'd never believe this actually started as a thrifted fish bowl from my favorite thrift store! Now it's a DIY candy dispenser for Halloween! :) See how I did it!
With just a fish bowl from the thrift store, wood, and a few power tools, you can create a cute DIY candy dispenser for Halloween! Full tutorial available!
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DIY Blogger, Artist
Hello...I'm Serena and I'm happy you found me here on Google+ where I share posts from my blog, Thrift Diving. Thrift Diving is where I feature furniture makeovers, upcycled projects, crafts, and budget-friendly decorating tips. I've got a writing style and a decorating style that is down to earth. I represent the "DIY underdog," because my house isn't perfect or organized. But I know how to find a good deal when decorating. I'm an avid lover of all-things used and love turning what's ugly into something beautiful. To learn more about me, visit my About Serena Appiah page. 

After you visit my blog, please stop by my YouTube channel, where I post DIY video tutorials to help you transform your home with your own blood, sweat, and tears (well, I won't make you bleed or cry, but I WILL make you laugh!) 

For more information on my blog, here are some helpful links:

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You can also find me blogging over at Get Your Life Straight, my blog about making better money and health choices. Feel free to check out my most popular post Save Money: Get Rid of Cable.

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Juggling three boys (ages 7, 4, and 2) and a husband, while working a traditional 9-to-5 "day" job, not to mention a blog, I'm stretched thin. But you can find me almost any night hunched over my computer blogging, or in my basement with my headphones on, painting thrift store furniture, full of energy and excitement. I aim to inspire people with my words and creativity. It keeps me going, no matter what.
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Infinite energy and creativity!
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