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Join the conversation. We're listening.
Join the conversation. We're listening.


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As a brand we have decided to take a stand

+John Ellis started a project out of passion: Bernie2016TV. In less than a month more than 3 live engagement broadcasts have been produced, over 200 people have volunteered to help make Bernie2016TV a reality, and the channel +Bernie2016tv has gotten over 24,000 views collectively. Using our #engagementbroadcasting  technology a conversation being had among a few, is reaching more and more people, incorporating more and more voices. All we did was offer the technology. The people and their vision and passion for change is making it what it is... What it will become.

It just so happens I watched a TedTalk today about taking a stand...

Ash Beckham speaks about deciding when to take a stand and when to let it go ( It may shock you (or not) that in the example she gives, she does both. Ash speaks of duality: The state of having two parts that are in simultaneous existence, which lead her to the conclusion that she can be both an aunt and an activist in the same instance.

So why can't we be a brand and care about social movements?

Why can't we also function in duality? At what point did it become for profit or non-profit? For the people or against them? That's why we have decided as a brand that the current state of our political system, our justice system, our education system... These are things that have been let go for too long, not just by people but by businesses too.

To clarify, we aren't saying as a brand that we specifically support Bernie Sanders

We support the change, the open conversation, and the "let's fix our systems" attitude that his campaign seems to have ignited in not only the U.S., but globally. As a brand we believe supporting such a monumental movement of the people coming together to take a stand is the epitome of being a social business, the epitome of duality. And we are ready to openly accept and embrace our duality. Who wants to join us?
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A live engagement broadcast you will not find in mass media

Bernie Sanders supports have organized more than 3,000 grassroots gatherings today across the U.S. to listen to Sanders speak tonight from a house party in southwest Washington D.C. .. So the volunteers behind Bernie2016TV have collected a number of people in a number of states to talk to leading up to Sanders' speech.

A completely volunteer effort

And untouched by the mass media, this will be an event to witness. With more than 82,000 RSVPs to one of the grassroots house parties this is truly an event bringing passionate people together and a small step toward social change. Join the conversation starting at 5p.m. EST on the YouTube Live page below or using #bernie2016TV  
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Broadcasting our very own Olympics of sorts!

This is an exciting day for Bernie2016tv as it'll be an engagement broadcast that incorporates a lot of canned footage so that this event can actually be "live" all day! It'll be quite a feat to get through.

Join us live if/when you can :D If you want to join the conversation use #nn15  or #bernie2016tv ... I have a feeling it'll be quite the conversation!
Join the Conversation right now using #nn15 or #bernie2016TV on Twitter, or hop into the live chat! We want to know your questions and thoughts about Bernie and the current conversation. Start talking. We’re listening.

Why Bernie TV?

Bernie TV is a volunteer effort  to fulfill a big dream focused on creating  a more informed, engaged electorate, and we have short and long-term goals to get us there. We use live, streaming software combined with social media tools to empower our citizen journalists to create a people-driven news network. We are a counterweight to the corporately controlled media that up until now has driven the discussion by limiting our access to important information and not giving us a direct way to interact. We are the network for the 99. We are here to facilitate the discussion that presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has been encouraging us to have, between real people about the real issues across the U.S.
We are not seeking any monetary donations.  We ask and encourage Bernie Sanders Supporters do more than vote and take action directly in your community, either through volunteer effort or direct monetary donation to the Official Bernie Sanders campaign. 

Today we are featuring the events of Netroots Nation 2015!
The Netroots Nation Town Hall Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona is a meeting of progressive minds meet to “strengthen the community, inspire action and serve as an incubator for ideas that challenge the status quo and ultimately affect change in the public sphere.” Netroots Nation will be streaming the events live on their own. As Bernie TV, we’ll be taking that schedule of live events and facilitating a conversation around them. We want to know what anyone and everyone thinks about what’s happening, what’s being discussed, and what questions you all have! We will also feature original interviews with Arizona State Legislator Juan Mendez, Arizona State Coordinator at Progressive Democrats of America Dan O’Neal, and AZ students 4 Bernie representative Belen Sisa.

A brief schedule of events:

8:30 - 9 a.m. PST Commentary of Netroots with live reporter Eniko Nolan
9 - 10 a.m. PST Interview with Arizona State Legislator Juan Mendez
10:30 - 11:30 a.m. PST Coverage of Town Hall featuring Bernie and Martin O'Malley
5:30 - 6 p.m. Interview with Arizona State Coordinator at Progressive Democrats of America Dan O’Neal
6 - 6:30p.m. Interview Belen Sisa, Latino student of AZ students 4 Bernie
6:30 - 8:30 p.m. Phoenix Rally

For more information about Netroots events:
To share your on-the-scene photos: 
For more information about Bernie TV and Bernie Sanders in general head over to
If you’d like to volunteer and become a part of the Bernie TV movement:

But first things first, join us for this live, all-day discussion using #nn15 or #bernie2016TV ! We want all of you to be part of the conversation!
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"Decriminalize all drugs... BUT take all the money we used to spend on cutting addicts off, disconnecting them, and start spending it on reconnecting them with society."

Sounds right in line with #restorativejustice  to me. With research pointing less and less to addiction and more and more to environmental influence, will we finally create an inclusive rather than exclusive society?
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Copyright your body right now!

Our technology is offering us so many new opportunities... Opportunities to find and grow relationships we would've never had access to before, but also opportunities to harm those very same strangers. With the speed with which this technology is advancing, it's unsurprising that only a few have kept up with it... And our law enforcement is not within that few. 

What ever happened to technology/internet education?

I think that's truly what John Oliver brings up here. Unless you're internet savvy from years of being on the internet or have taken some college courses studying technology, we're going to keep running into the same issues John Oliver mentions here. What do you think? Can education save the day?
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There's livestreaming and then there's engagement broadcasting

They're pretty similar, true. But engagement broadcasting is one step up from livestreaming. It uses livestreaming to have a real time conversation, while incorporating various media to keep the broadcast interesting and relevant.

But these tips from +YouTube Creators​ regarding livestreaming events are_still_ useful if you're interested in engagement broadcasting... So they're a great place to start if hosting live events is a challenge you're ready to tackle!
Go big or go home. Build a livestream strategy to connect with fans in real time. #YTCA
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Might be a cool way to connect with others...

I can see this feature helping certain creators get the attention of and eventually connect with creators they admire and/or want to work with... What do you think?
We just released the all-new Channel Card! Use it to show your fav collaborator you care.
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Broadcasting another live Bernie Sanders rally!

In just a half hour Bernie TV hosts will go live, explaining what to expect tonight, what we see, and what people are saying!

Tune in to see citizen journalism in action. The people are taking the power back... Are you ready?
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When people care...

They can come together, collaborate, and do incredible things. We couldn't be more thrilled with what #Bernie2016TV  has done with our #engagementbroadcasting  technology! Encouraging online conversations during live Bernie rallies, seeing people discuss the issues, share information and respectfully discuss politics... We really couldn't be prouder... And then Bernie TV made it into The Huff Post:

"Supporters of Bernie Sanders are doing everything from starting entire Reddit threads and social media campaigns to creating Bernie TV, so what the campaign is lacking in big donors, it's more than making up in genuine enthusiasm and energy."

I'm so excited to see where Bernie TV goes next!
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It's creativity month!

What will you create this month? +John Ellis​ has been busy getting #creative with #BernieTV2016 and there are a few potential Bernie rallies this month we could do an #engagementbroadcast with... So we'll see!

Keep creating folks!
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