WPML just released a beta (2.4.2) that will display untranslated content.

+Amir Helzer explains it all in his Post, but to illustrate in an easy to understand way: On my +Senlin Online website I receive Testimonials. As those are (mostly if not all) in English, it doesn't make sense for me to translate them into the Dutch language. So on the Dutch part of the website I show the English custom post type "testimonial".

With the new WPML release I can actually "translate" (read: duplicate) these testimonials and they have even thought of Google penalizing duplicate content, so "_the rel=”canonical” tag will point to the URL of the default language_".

Fantastic news, can't wait for it to come out of beta!

oh, the link, of course: http://wpml.org/2011/12/wpml-2-4-2-beta-displays-untranslated-content/
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