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Conversion Rate Optimization
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Here is a nice video how to get more conversion rate:

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What would it cost to achieve the same, if you had to pay for it?
Evaluate how much it would cost to do what you do with social media with our new ROI calculator.

See it here:

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What do you think this graph will look like in 3, 5 or 7 years out?
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Full Credit Measurement: Attribution with Google Analytics
Quoting +Justin Cutroni, the best introduction to Attribution Modeling: "As marketers we need to apply different models, review ROI of each model, elaborate hypothesis and create test to validate our hypothesis." 

Read more:
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How Does Google Authorship Impact CTR?
Years ago, eye tracking results showed what is typically called the Golden Triangle on SERPs. It shows that users typically fixate on the upper left side of results and they scan down the results in a predictable fashion. This leads to the CTR decay curve we’re all use to seeing. 

This is no longer the case. Learn more here:

Thanks +Justin Briggs :)
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Nice and Informative post....
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The User Is Drunk
Will Dayble, from Squareweave, talks about designing for users!

See the full video here:
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Tvi vale on swedish
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≋ We hope you are having a good time!

Stay tuned for more and better quality articles about inbound marketing and conversion optimization :)

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The 2013 Link Building Survey (Infographic)

Learn more here:
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A comprehensive collection of data showing what the current link building strategies are. 

As stated in the disclaimer: this is not a recommendation of best practices, it is just a summary of the current trend.

Helpful nonetheless to see what is going on vs what you might be doing.
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What Converts Better: Free Trial Versus Money Back Guarantee?

Learn what works better:
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8 E-Commerce SEO Tips Gathered From A Decade Of Consulting
Thanks +Trond Lyngbø :)

1. Understand The SEO Impact Of Information Architecture & URL Structure
2. Recognize Causes For Duplicate Content & Find Solutions
3. Don’t Waste Link Authority On Ineffective Link Structure
4. SEO Automation Can Be A Good Thing (Sometimes)
5. Smaller Iterative Processes Are Super Effective
6. Implement E-Commerce Tracking
7. Traditional SEO Is Still Relevant To E-Commerce SEO
8. Create Dashboards — And Report In Cash

Read more:
In the comments of my last column about how I doubled e-commerce revenue for clients by focusing on user intent, readers asked for some more specific e-commerce SEO tips that they could apply in their own client work. Today’s article shares some valuable lessons gathered over a decade of SEO work for e-commerce clients. These 8 [...]
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Good #ecommerce info - thanks!
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Sacrificing Trust for Virality
The Negative Externalities of Spammy Mobile Apps

Read more on:
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How Crazy Egg grew to 100,000 users with a $10,000 marketing budget?

Discover how here:
When we started Crazy Egg, my co-founder and I barely had enough cash to support the business. We didn’t have a ton of paying customers, and the business
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CRO: Web Optimization tips and tools for Marketing Professionals by
Articles, tips and tools about conversion optimization, web analytics, SEO, SEM, usability, user experience (UX), design and information architecture.

But.. What is Conversion Rate or CRO? or better, explain me what does it mean? (in plain English)
Is the number of visitors who take the plunge and perform the action you want them to perform, whether that is filling out a form, download a PDF or a multimedia file, purchase some products, read an article or page, navigate through your site (pageviews), or signing up for a newsletter.

Bottom line, conversion rate optimization (CRO) is about understanding the objections your customers face and finding ways to overcome them.

What are the key factors that influence conversion rate? 
In fact, there are so many.. but you can take some steps immediately to encourage your visitor to take the next step by optimizing things like:

- Usability of your site
- Clarity your content, what are the website about
- Urgency of your sales or promotions
- Readability
- Design and layout
- Improve your traffic sources
- Optimize the speed of your site
- Improve your relationship with your clients/customers by genuine-friendly customer service.

Read our blog to stay updated about all the most relevant Conversion Optimization articles, tips and tools.
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