Dear Beta Testers:

Thank you for testing out the first beta version of Send Anywhere 4.0 for Android which we've just released through Google Play store. Your current app will be updated to the beta version when you download it from the store. While you are using the app, keep in mind the following points:

1) The program is not yet finalized and some options are still under development so they may not present in their complete form.

2) If you want to stop using the beta version and go back to current product, simply go to the opt-in url and click "Leave the program"

What's New in Send Anywhere 4.0 for Android

The sample simple product that you've learned to trust and love.
Nothing has changed here, we are still easy to use and reliable.

WiFi Direct Mode
You've been asking for it and we listened. Send files directly between devices without using data.

New Design for a New Product
A complete Material design for a more intuitive, inspiring experience

Preview & Select
Know what you are going to send before you send it

File Manager
Copy, move, and delete received files without leaving Send Anywhere

Your feedback will be extremely helpful in improving the final version of Send Anywhere 4.0.
Please let us know of any suggestions, ideas, or bugs that you encounter and we will use your feedback to improve the final product.

The Send Anywhere Team
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