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Senaly Singh
I'm not short...I'm down to earth ;)
I'm not short...I'm down to earth ;)

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RIP Steve Jobs. A truly great businessman. Inspiration to so many. A real Family man. He will be sorely missed.

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hahahaha IT humour :D gotta love it!

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I couldn't find an attribution but saw this on facebook. I traced it back as far as the Columbia Children's Theater.

Ahh at last the world has been let in to our inner circle ;) Welcome newbies :D

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Please help! My profile has been suspended simply because I had my nickname "Cy" alongside my real name "Saidur Hossain".

This is ridiculous that they would suspend an account without warning like this and I am deeply disappointed in the people who created the suspension system.

If you can read this please shout it from the rooftops to bring me back so that I can continue helping the Google+ community by providing more things like the Google Start-Up Guide. And if you can read this please email me at so I know I am heard. (I found a trick to still post)

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question....does g+ have a 'write on ur wall' type feature? Or mentions like twitter? Or inboxes??? How do u communicate with others apart from chats n web chats?
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