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Core features from the best tools
Core features from the best tools


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NEW and Updated Ahrefs report in SEM Compass.

#marketing #seo #inbound  #linkbulding #seotips

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"acquiring customers is hard" a well written free ebook on LTV by Receiptful

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The Cannibalisation of search results continues! Google is now providing explanations of SEO terms in SERPs.

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Are you getting a 6x return on your Influencer Marketing investment?? .. woah. #content #outreach

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An excellent post on what makes a successful LinkedIn post. Over 3000 of the most successful posts on LinkedIn were analysed and these were the results

1. Make your titles between 40 and 49 characters long.

2. Add 8 images to your post. No more no less.

3. Surprisingly don’t add videos or other multimedia assets to your posts.

4. Use “How-to” and List-Style Headlines.

5. Divide your post into 5 headings.

6. Long form content is key. Write between 1,900 to 2,000 words.

7. Write an unbiased, emotionally neutral post to get the most comments and views.

8. Make your content readable for an 11-year-old.

9. Promote via twitter for LinkedIn traction compared to any other social network.

10. Publish your post on a Thursday to your target audience. Most likely your hometown where you have been the most active networking.

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my fav SEO memes and cartoons... 

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Jim Steward is an SEO geek. On the YouMoz blog he outlines how to combine Screaming Frog data and Google analytics data to perform a content audit.

1. which pages are popular and which are not
2. which pages are getting low page views when they shouldn't.

The beauty of combining screaming frog data is you capture all the urls from your site. Google only captures what gets visitor sessions so you can quickly uncover poorly performing pages on your site!

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